"Karolina, if you're hearing this, it means your mother never gave me the chance to know you. And I so badly wanted to know you. To tell you my side of the story. Every child deserves to know their father."
Jonah's recorded message to Karolina Dean[src]

Jonah's Recording Device is a device that Jonah used to record a message to Karolina Dean.


"I thought there would be something. A piece of him, of our family but there's nothing. No photos, no journal, just nothing. I don't get it."
Karolina Dean[src]

During his stay on Earth, the Gibborim Magistrate fathered a child with Leslie Dean, who was named Karolina. For years, Leslie never told Karolina who her father was, instead claiming that she was the daughter of her husband Frank. Out of fear that Leslie would never let him get close to Karolina, Jonah decided to record a message for her on a recording device. The device was then hidden in the leader's office in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office.

In the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site, during which Jonah was seemingly killed by Nico Minoru, Karolina was heavily saddened by the loss of her biological father. Upon reviewing the Book of Gibborim, Karolina understood that Jonah might have left a message for her. She thus went to the Church of Gibborim's office and, with Vaughn Kaye's help, she managed to enter the office. She frenetically searched through the office until her voice activated a Wizey-controlled system, leading Karolina to the device.

Karolina brought the device back to the Hostel and listened to the recorded message, which detailed the life Jonah had spent since his arrival on Earth and professed his love for Karolina, warning her of her great destiny.[1]


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