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"Evac all civilians. Get me a perimeter around the building."
Everett Ross[src]

The Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building (German: Joint Counter Terrorist Centre-Gebäude) is the headquarters of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre located in Berlin, Germany.


Avengers Civil War

Everett Ross and Sharon Carter in the Building

Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and T'Challa were brought to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in an armed vehicle, while Bucky Barnes was brought to there inside a containment cell. In the building, the three met with agents Everett Ross and Sharon Carter. Ross told them they had to stay in the building and they were not allowed to leave. The Joint Counter Terrorist Centre also confiscated Rogers' shield, uniform and the EXO-7 Falcon.

In order to determine the mental condition of Barnes, the Centre hired Theo Broussard to interrogate him. During the interrogation by the psychiatrist, a power outage occurred and Barnes freed himself. He attacked everyone who tried to stop him, but he overcame them.

Winter Soldier battling against Tony Stark

Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Carter, and T'Challa tried to stop him, only to fail. It was eventually Rogers who stopped Barnes and went into hiding with him and Wilson. After the escape, Thaddeus Ross came to the building and gave Stark 36 hours to bring in Rogers.

After the Battle at the HYDRA Siberian Facility, Black Panther captured Zemo and turned him over to counter terrorist agent Everett Ross.[1]

Former Prisoners

Former Detainees


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