"Look, man, I got to check up in here, man! And look at this big white whale of a couch. Ha! How's a man to sit on a couch like that?"
"You don't. You just stand back and marvel at it. "Oh, my, my, my. Crate and Barrel.""
Roland Duplantier and Choo Choo Broussard[src]

The Johnson Residence was the place of residence of Otis and Adina Johnson and their two sons Billy and Tyrone in New Orleans.


Darkforce Manifestation

Tyrone, Otis and Adina Johnson returned home after a basketball game during which Tyrone had gotten into a fight with another player. Adina told Tyrone to go to bed and once in his bedroom, Tyrone heard his parents arguing over his behavior and elected to listen to music so he would not hear them.

In the next night, Tyrone silently returned from a party in which he had encountered Tandy Bowen, which had caused the first manifestation of both their powers. As Tyrone lied in bed and wrapped himself in his blankets, his powers were activated once again and he teleported away from his bedroom, ending on a roof in New Orleans.

Tyrone managed to go back home in the evening and began investigating on Detective James Connors, who he had seen, but Adina confronted him in his bedroom about the fact that he had skipped classes the whole day, leading to an argument since Tyrone felt overprotected by his parents since the death of his brother Billy.

Angered by this argument, Tyrone went to bed, but he teleported one more time, this time ending up in Connors' car. After Connors chased him, Tyrone wrapped himself in a tarp, which triggered another teleportation which brought Tyrone safe in the Johnson Residence before Connors could shoot him.[1]

C&D102 Cloak in his bedroom

Tyrone Johnson meditates on his newfound powers

Tyrone spent the night thinking about this strange ability he could not control yet. In the morning, he tried to teleport away using the tarp, but his attempt failed. Thus, Tyrone prepared to go to school and joined his parents for breakfast. While Adina was busy with a phone call from work, Otis gave his son a little pep talk about basketball.

Tyrone went back home late that night and found his mother Adina in the living room. They discussed about how she had managed to put her life and her family's back on tracks after the death of Billy. Adina then kissed her son on the forehead, but the contact with Tyrone triggered his powers, and they both had a vision of Adina's deepest fear. This left them quite disoriented and Tyrone told his mother to get some rest on the living room's couch, covering her with a blanket.[2]

Voodoo Bath

Evita Fusilier, who had taken an interest in Tyrone Johnson, decided to help him to cope wits his problems. To that end, she accompanied him to the Johnson Residence to perform a voodoo ritual. Entering the house, they carefully avoided Adina Johnson who was on the phone and went upstairs to the bathroom. There, Tyrone took a bath with various herbs, which triggered a vision in which he found himself in an empty house. Tyrone eventually woke up from his vision and Fusilier helped him to catch his breath. They then left the residence so that Fusilier could go back home.[3]

Family Tension and Memories

One day, as Tyrone Johnson was on the verge of leaving the Johnson Residence to go to school, his father Otis invited him to join him and Adina Johnson for breakfast, but Tyrone refused, claiming that he was too busy. When he returned home, Otis confronted Tyrone and correctly accused him of having stolen a pair of bolt-cutters. Infuriated with his son's attitude, Otis decided to introduce his son to the Wild Red Hawks to give him focus.[4]

Right before the basketball finals, Tyrone heard his mother having another of her Roxxon Corporation related phone calls. Once the call was ended, Tyrone and Adina talked about Billy Johnson and his old friends, who the Johnsons kept a picture of and Tyrone wondered what they had become. When Tyrone went back to the house's stairs to put the picture back in its place, his powers manifested once again and he teleported to Buildwell Wood Shop which belonged to Duane Porter, one of Billy's friends.

C&D105 Cloak and Evita Morning Kiss

Tyrone Johnson and Evita Fusilier after spending the night in the Johnson Residence

After the game, Tyrone's girlfriend Evita Fusilier sneaked into Tyrone's bedroom and waited for his return. Fusilier then spent the night with Tyrone and left in the morning. Right after she left, Tyrone involuntarily teleported away from the residence again, arriving in Buildwell Wood Shop one more time.[5]

C&D107 Cloak Childhood Memories

Tyrone Johnson retrieves some childhood memories

Following a successful mission to save Ivan Hess with Tandy Bowen, Tyrone returned home and retrieved a box containing various items of his childhood reminding him of Billy he kept in his bedroom. He then called Bowen to make her listen a tape he and Billy had recorded years ago.[6]

Dagger's Thievery

"Well, why did you stop by today, Tandy?"
"Um, today, I guess. Yeah, my dad died the same night as Tyrone's brother. So I just thought I'd come check on Ty."
Adina Johnson and Tandy Bowen[src]

On the anniversary of the death of Billy Johnson, Otis Johnson informed his wife Adina that he had invited over the Wild Red Hawks to the Johnson Residence so that they could finish their costumes for the Mardi Gras parade. While they discussed the matter, Tyrone Johnson heard knocking on the door and went to open it, discovering that the visitor was no other than Tandy Bowen.

Tyrone and Bowen talked about the special day for both of them before being joined by Tyrone's parents. Bowen introduced herself, explaining that her father Nathan Bowen had died the same day than Billy. She then apologized for disturbing the Johnsons in the middle of breakfast and invited Tyrone to join her and her mother Melissa for a little memorial in the evening. Before departing, Bowen managed to do what she had come to do in the first place: stealing Adina's badge to infiltrate a Roxxon Corporation building.[7]

Wild Red Hawks Visit

Wild Red Hawks - CD108

The Wild Red Hawks come to finish their work at the Johnson Residence

"They've never been to my home in all these years. It's my turn to host. And we could all use some space to spread out and finish our work."
Otis Johnson to Adina Johnson[src]

Later that day, the Wild Red Hawks arrived in the Johnson Residence following Otis Johnson's invitation. As it was the first time they visited the place, they expressed amazement at the house and its furniture. They then spread out across the living room and began working on their Mardi Gras costumes. Roland Duplantier approached Tyrone Johnson and they briefly talked about Billy Johnson's cloak, which Tyrone was now finishing.

While the Wild Red Hawks worked on their costumes, Tyrone found his father alone, crying over Billy's cloak. Tyrone comforted Otis, who asked for a moment before joining his friends.[7]

Chase of Tyrone Johnson

C&D109 Police comes to arrest Cloak

The NOPD arrives in an attempt to arrest Tyrone Johnson

"Tyrone Johnson! You are under arrest for the murder of Officer Fuchs! Come out with your hands up!"
―Police Officer[src]

Tyrone Johnson went back home after a very rough day and was welcomed by his mother Adina. Both of them had an intense and emotional talk about the Assassination of Billy Johnson, with Tyrone being as determined as ever to make Detective James Connors pay for the crime despite his mother's attempts to persuade him to move on. However, their conversation was interrupted due to the NOPD assaulting the Johnson Residence in an attempt to arrest Tyrone for the Assassination of Kenneth Fuchs, forcing Tyrone to run away through a window, notably leaving his cloak behind him.[8]

Later, the NOPD returned to the Johnson Residence to interrogate Tyrone's parents Otis and Adina, as well as his teacher and priest Francis Xavier Delgado who was also present in the house, to determine Tyrone's whereabouts. Hearing noise from upstairs, Adina went to Tyrone's bedroom and discovered that clothes had been taken from the drawers, indicating that Tyrone had briefly and silently returned to take some of his stuff to begin a new life as a fugitive from the police.[9]


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  • The address of the Johnson Residence is 1344 Solomon Place, New Orleans, LA70119.


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