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"Nadeem escaped. He's in the wind."
"Then find him!"
―Johnson and Kingpin[src]

Agent Johnson is a former FBI agent who was working under Tammy Hattley's command. As the FBI had begun working with Wilson Fisk in order to take down the Albanian Syndicate and other criminal groups within New York City, Johnson was one of agents who were coerced by Fisk into working for him. Eventually, Fisk's criminal conspiracy was exposed, so Johnson was arrested by New York City Police Department.


FBI Agent

Relocating Wilson Fisk


In the wake of the Ambush on the FBI Convoy, Johnson, as well as other FBI agents, met Ray Nadeem and Benjamin Poindexter at the Presidential Hotel. Nadeem and Poindexter brought Wilson Fisk to the hotel, informing agents about the attack perpetrated by the Albanian Syndicate and passing through Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee. Johnson, Doyle, Arinori, O'Connor, and Wellers escorted Fisk to his suite, while Nadeem asked Poindexter to report to Tammy Hattley.

Hattley assigned Johnson to work on Fisk's protection detail, in order to gain information about the criminal underworld of New York City. However, while Johnson was stationed in the hotel, he became corrupted and even began working for Fisk directly, alongside other FBI agents.[1]

Investigation of Matt Murdock

Johnson joined Ray Nadeem's investigation, as Wilson Fisk informed FBI that he was working closely with Matt Murdock. The agents broke into his apartment, however, it was empty, since Murdock went missing for several months. Nadeem ordered Johnson and Fremont to find Karen Page who could know about Murdock's location. Johnson and Fremont apprehended Page at the street and brought her to Murdock's apartment before returning to examining the place.[2]

Attack on the New York Bulletin Building


Later, the FBI was informed that Matt Murdock was found at the New York Bulletin Building, together with the witness who was able to expose Wilson Fisk. Tammy Hattley ordered Johnson to join Ray Nadeem and head to the Bulletin to deal with the situation.

However, as the agents were at the stairways, they were confronted by the man wearing Daredevil's suit. "Daredevil" engaged in a fight with the FBI agents, knocking Johnson out before fleeing.[3] As the agents entered the office, they found out that "Daredevil" murdered multiple New York Bulletin employees.[4]

Kingpin's Orders

"Pull over. Get rid of the body."
"Yes, sir."
Kingpin and Johnson[src]

Johnson and other FBI agents on Kingpin's payroll gathered at the New York City FBI Office where Tammy Hattley stated that Ray Nadeem had joined their "team". Hattley then informed the agents that Fisk ordered them to apprehend several criminal bosses across New York City. Group of agents led by Benjamin Poindexter and Nadeem went through the city, arresting Rosalie Carbone, John Hammer, Everett Starr, Latimer Zyl, and Sophia Carter, and brought them to Red Fish Blue Restaurant.

DD309-Kingpin's Orders

Together with Nadeem and Arinori, Johnson stayed at the restaurant to keep an eye on the detainees before Fisk arrived at the place himself. Fisk offered them a deal to use the protection from federal prosecutions, however, Starr declined the offer, which resulted in his death by hands of Poindexter. As Fisk noticed that Daredevil did not go to the restaurant, he ordered the agents to return to the Presidential Hotel.[5]


Once Fisk was prepared, Johnson and Wellers had joined him alongside Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee as they stepped outside of the hotel in order to greet the protesters. Johnson stood silently as he guarded Fisk, as he watched closely while Fisk gave a speech to them in which he proclaimed his innocence as he claimed that Daredevil was the true public enemy.


Johnson then joined Fisk as he returned into his suite and was updated on his current legal situation by Hattley. Once Hattley had been dismissed, Johnson stayed alongside Wellers as they had listened on while Fisk had gotten his updates from Donovan and Lee about where Vanessa Marianna currently was, learning that she was on her way back to New York. Hearing this, Fisk then decided to personally demand that Esther Falb sell the Rabbit in a Snowstorm back to him, as Johnson and Wellers had followed Fisk to his car in order to take him to Falb.


Johnson and Wellers then drove Fisk to the Falb's Residence, staying close by as Fisk and Falb discussed the Rabbit in the Snowstorm that Fisk wanted to be returned to him. However, he had eventually he made the decision that Falb was more deserving of the painting as he left with Wellers and Johnson. As they were driving back to the hotel, Wellers informed Fisk that Karen Page had been taken by the NYPD, instead of the FBI, and it was Nadeem's decision. Enraged Fisk then murdered Wellers and ordered Johnson to stop the car and get rid of his body.[6]

Johnson drove Fisk to the helipad for his long-awaited reunion with Marianna, before he was informed that Nadeem managed to survive the attack and escaped. Fisk demanded Johnson find him, so he cooperated with fellow FBI agents and gave the order to search for Nadeem.[7]

During the wedding of Fisk and Marianna, Johnson and O'Connor were tasked by Hattley with checking the CCTV in order to secure the event. However, Poindexter betrayed Fisk and sneaked inside the hotel, evading the FBI security protocols and attempted to kill both Fisk and Marianna before he was stopped by Daredevil.

FBI agents then confronted them and while Poindexter was fighting against the agents, Daredevil headed to the security room where he was attacked by Johnson and O'Connor. Daredevil easily defeated both of them and asked Shelby to shut down the elevators, so NYPD could not interfere in his fight with Fisk. Eventually, the ESU officers led by Brett Mahoney stormed the hotel and arrested Johnson for assisting Fisk, using Nadeem's dying declaration as evidence.[8]



Johnson with Kingpin at the Presidential Hotel

  • Presidential Hotel: Wellers was stationed at the hotel by Tammy Hattley to work on Wilson Fisk's protective detail, together with Ray Nadeem and other FBI agents. Fisk manipulated Wellers and, eventually, made him one of his subordinates within the FBI. Together with Wellers, Johnson stayed alongside Fisk while he was giving a speech to the press and enraged protesters.





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