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"I know how this works. You don't have a drink with me and just keep my seven bucks. I don't wanna give you this money. I want you to have a drink with me."
―Johnny to Beth Quinn[src]

Johnny is a patron of Lola's Roadhouse.


"I must be if I thought you were worth my time... skank."
"That's classy."
"I'm sorry, did you say something?"
―Johnny and Frank Castle[src]

Attending Lola's Roadhouse, Beth Quinn served Johnny who asked her to take a pint for herself and drink with him. As Quinn thanked him, Johnny complimented Quinn's appearance, in a more harassing way. Quinn refused to drink with him but Johnny grabbed her hand and insisted her to say her number and name.

However, Johnny was confronted by Frank Castle who demanded Johnny to let her go. Quinn tried to calm Castle down, noting that Johnny just a drunk. Johnny then came to Castle and started to annoy him, forcing Castle to break his fingers and demand him to leave. Johnny then attempted to attack Castle, however, he was grabbed by Ringo and kicked out of the bar.[1]




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