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"Now you ya mangy shite. How's the view up Nesbitt's arse."
―Johnny to Grotto[src]

Johnny was a member of the Kitchen Irish who was killed by the Punisher alongside several other mobsters.


Kitchen Irish

Massacre at the Burren Club

Johnny was among the members of the Kitchen Irish who were called to the Burren Club for a meeting. While there, Johnny mocked Grotto for eagerly going to get Nesbitt a drink upon his arrival, rudely claiming that Grotto was a kiss ass to Nesbitt. Johnny then sat down beside Cullen as Nesbitt gave a speech in which he claimed that it was time that the Kitchen Irish retook their place as the criminal leaders of New York City now that Wilson Fisk was locked up in Ryker's Island.


Johnny and Cullen are killed by the Punisher

However just as Johnny got behind Nesbitt's plans, a bullet fired by the Punisher killed Nesbitt before the room erupted in gunfire. Although Johnny drew his gun and fired back, he and almost everyone else was soon shot and killed by the Punisher.[1]


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