John Raymond's Hideout is a rundown apartment that he decided to rest after accepting an architectural project for Midland Circle Financial.


Raymond Case

After a mysterious caller warned Jessica Jones not to take the Raymond case, she decided to do some thorough research; through Malcolm Ducasse, she learned that the origin of the call was in a shady area Ducasse used to venture. Eventually, she was led to the apartment building he was last seen living in. Approaching the door, she knocked and asked to speak with Raymond. When no response was given, she broke the knob and let herself inside. Dimly lit, the apartment was empty, a television still on. With no presense of Raymond, Jones looked around and discovered boxes of bombs. Suddenly, a quake rattled the entire building, Jones standing in the room as it passed.[1]

Jones, later, phoned the police and informed them of her discovery. Stuck there for four hours questioned by the officers, she is given a leave. Jones briefly conversed with Misty Knight before stealing a document on Raymond's last project. Though Knight attempted to catch her before leaving, she was too late.[2]


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