"I know damn well what is happening here; I know too much. And next, they'll come after my family."
"Who's "they"? Who do you think is after you?"
"I can't tell you, I... This... this is not me. I'm a good man. Make sure you tell her that."
―John Raymond and Jessica Jones[src]

John Raymond was the husband to Michelle Raymond and father to Lexi Raymond. He was hired to build Midland Circle. During this time, however, he learned what was deep within the hole and gradually made plans to destroy the structure in itself to keep the secrets buried. He killed himself upon being hunted down by the Hand.


Hired by Midland Circle Financial

John Raymond was hired by Midland Circle Financial to design the Midland Circle, a building that covered a large cavern. However, John learned about the Hand and their plans for Midland Circle.[1]

When his wife Michelle and their daughter Lexi turned to Jessica Jones to find him, he phoned her from a payphone and warned her not to accept the case. This, in turn, convinced her to do so. Eventually, she met John in her apartment/office, taking Malcolm Ducasse hostage while vaguely warning Jones that they would know he was there and that they were going to kill him if he spoke a word, refusing to elaborate on who "they" were. Elektra, however, slashed the door locks and burst into the apartment. Lifting John from the floor ready to kill, he commited suicide, firing a bullet into his head.[2]






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