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"I was a sinner. But I've been born again. And now I'm with the people who will inherit the earth."
―John Pilgrim to Kusack[src]

Robert, also known as John Pilgrim, is a former assassin for the Aryan Brotherhood who, upon finding religion, attempted to rebuild his life again only for Anderson and Eliza Schultz to manipulate him into committing a series of murders to protect their son's image in the media. However, as Amy Bendix had managed to escape Pilgrim's crusade of violence, he found himself being plunged further into darkness as he continued killing any other witnesses in New York City while his past life came back to haunt him. Once his wife had passed away and with the Schultzes holding his two sons as hostages, Pilgrim found himself without hope of finding redemption from all his past sins, until the Punisher, who had been protecting Bendix, spared Pilgrim's life and rescued his sons from the Schultzes who were executed, allowing Pilgrim to live a peaceful life.


Early Life

Criminal Career

"Long enough to get me into trouble at a bar with a man who didn't like my tattoos or my politics. Cost him his life and nearly mine. Staring at the floor of a jail cell, I thought my life was done, but then God sent a man that showed me it wasn't a coincidence, my breaking down over there. I wasn't lost, I was found."
―John Pilgrim to Kusack[src]

Robert joined the Aryan Brotherhood in his early life, getting tattoos to display his religious beliefs, and became known by Kusack for his extreme white supremacy rhetoric. He was jailed one day after nearly killing a man with opposing beliefs in a bar fight, and was fortunately rescued by the heads of Testament Industries, Anderson and Eliza Schultz. With their help, Robert turned his life around by converting to Christianity, removing his tattoos, and becoming a pastor named John Pilgrim.

Family Times

As the newly converted "John Pilgrim," he met a woman named Rebecca and fathered two sons with her, Michael and Lemuel.

Chase for Amy Bendix

Meeting Beth Quinn

"He's just a guy I met at the bar. We spent one night together. You know how it goes. You know?"
"Yeah. Yes, I know how it goes. This is the wages of sin. He brought this on you, but that all can end here. What is his name?"
"Pete. Okay? He said his name was Pete. That's all I know."
"There's something you're not telling me. I can see it in you, Beth. A vow before God is not to be taken lightly. Whatever happens when I leave this room cannot be taken back. Do you understand? You owe this man nothing."
Beth Quinn and John Pilgrim[src]

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Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

"Did you take an oath, Sheriff?"
"Excuse me?"
"An oath. Did you take an oath when you came into office?"
"I did. Before God. I'm not about to break it."
"I respect that. I, too, made a promise before God. No need for anyone to get hurt if they don't have to."
"I'm sorry, I don't think I got your name."
"Hosea 8, verse 7 "He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.""
―John Pilgrim and Roy Hardin[src]

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Return to New York

"I believe your faith is strong enough to pass through any storm, even a return to New York."
"It's an unclean place."
"But you have given me a good man's life. I will do what needs to be done."
Anderson Schultz and John Pilgrim[src]

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Meeting Dinah Madani

"We have a mutual acquaintance from Ohio. Frank Castle? Would you prefer Peter Castiglione? A man has to earn a new life, Agent Madani. A new identity. What did Castle do to earn his? I can keep your secret. If you tell me where to find him. And the girl."
"Maybe I arrest you now, huh? See what shakes loose?"
"On what charge? Guilt and shame will eat you alive, Dinah. Unless you face your actions before God and truly repent."
―John Pilgrim and Dinah Madani[src]

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Attacked by Old Friends

"You know the price for betrayal. You know how this has to go down. To be redeemed... you gotta pay for your sins in full."
Kusack to John Pilgrim[src]

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"You gotta understand your own true nature. And you gotta use it. You gotta understand, really understand, what is that you have to change. Who among us can look at themselves without shame?"
―John Pilgrim[src]

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Visited by Eliza Schultz

"She was my wife. I should have been there, not here."
"I know the promise you made Rebecca. She knew you would've been with her if not for your work here."
"She wanted the last thing that she saw in this world to be me."
"You mustn't blame yourself. These people who are trying to harm us, they are why you weren't with Rebecca. This man, this Castle, he is the reason."
"Yeah? He never did anything to me."
―John Pilgrim and Eliza Schultz[src]

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Ambush on Amy Bendix

"You know, there was a time not so long ago, I would have judged you before even sitting down with you, before speaking with you. Just a glance, and I would have seen you as unclean, a dishonest man. Less than human. It was a brutal life. I've put that behind me. But here, now, I can see you clearly, without hate. And while I admire your bravery I do not believe you. This is not a place where people live. This is a place where people hide. And while I respect what you're doing, protecting a friend..."
―John Pilgrim to Curtis Hoyle[src]

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Capture of Amy Bendix

"Frank Castle has kidnapped David. David was never meant to be part of this. Castle took him because you have the girl. Is the girl still alive, John? John, do you have the girl?"
"...Yeah, she's with me."
"Good. You have to do whatever it takes to make David safe. You have only one path now, John, but Michael and Lemuel have two. You understand?"
Eliza Schultz and John Pilgrim[src]

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Showdown with the Punisher

"You're really planning on going after him in this state? You're crazy. He's gonna kill you."
"Yeah, maybe. Or I'll kill him. God will decide which of us is righteous."
"You honestly believe that? He's the Punisher. He's gonna, like, righteously pull your spine out of your throat."
Amy Bendix and John Pilgrim[src]

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Spared by the Punisher

"Wait. When you kill them... don't hurt my boys. I know who you are. You're the whirlwind."
―John Pilgrim to Frank Castle[src]

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"Brotherhood is a hall of mirrors... looking back at you, reflecting your own self back at you. But there comes a time... you gotta smash the mirror... and look inside and decide, “Who am I? What kind of man am I?” You gotta understand your own true nature. And you gotta use it. You gotta understand, really understand, what is... that you have to change. Who among us can look at themselves without shame?"
―John Pilgrim[src]

Being a ruthless and cruel killer for Aryan Brotherhood early in his life, John Pilgrim later became a quiet and restrained man as well as a loving husband and father. Kusack noted him for his extreme belief in white supremacy, and Danny viewed him as an unscrupulous devil without a conscience.

Despite being forced to return to his violent nature during the chase for Amy Bendix, he did not seem to feel any pleasure doing so. Instead, he carried out his mission without any display of emotion at all both when killing people and when suffering heavy injuries himself.

However, Pilgrim now seemed to despise violence as he sought to avoid it at several opportunities, for instance when he tried to convince the police captain guarding Frank Castle and Bendix to give them up in order to avoid any further bloodshed. With his faith in God, Pilgrim values life very much although he would not hesitate to use violence and even deadly force if he considers it necessary for achieving his goals, hoping to return to his wife and sons as soon as possible.


"Blessed are the merciful... for they shall obtain mercy."
"That's nice. You have no mercy coming."
"I wasn't talking about me."
―John Pilgrim and Kusack[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Pilgrim is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as in the use of several melee weapons such as knuckledusters and knives. He manages to take out Kusack and his men despite them being armed with a variety of melee weapons themselves. Also, Pilgrim holds himself up in a fight with Frank Castle for a long time even though being heavily injured due to the fight with Kusack's men and the fight with Curtis Hoyle and Amy Bendix. Pilgrim also shows a somewhat pain-resistance, as he does not give up to fight against both Kusack's men and Frank Castle despite having suffered several heavy injuries. His complete lack of emotional reaction to any injuries, however painful they might be, discourages enemies from further attacking him such as the last survivor of Kusack's crew who chose to run instead of facing Pilgrim. Nevertheless, said survivor was shot to death by Pilgrim.
"If you go for that shotgun, I'm gonna put a bullet in your kneecap, okay? And trust me, that doesn't feel too good."
―John Pilgrim to Curtis Hoyle[src]
  • Expert Marksman: Pilgrim is extremely skilled in the use of a wide variety of firearms. He is also extremely accurate, managing to shoot Nikolai Poloznev in the head along with his two bodyguards. He also shot down Danny as he was running away.
  • Tactician: To be added
  • Interrogator: To be added
  • Investigator: To be added


The Punisher Promo S2 20

Pilgrim killing Nikolai Poloznev and his guards

  • SIG Sauer P320: The SIG Sauer is Pilgrim's signature sidearm when dealing with his targets, and usually has the suppressor attached to it.
  • TDI Vector: Pilgrim used the submachine gun during a car chase against Dinah Madani, losing it in the process. He later uses another Vector during his firefight with Frank Castle.
  • Battle Arms Development Tanker: Pilgrim had the assault in his weapon bag, but it was taken by Castle during their standoff.
  • Czech Small Arms SA vz. 58: Pilgrim wielded the weapon to eliminate one of his targets with a suppressor and scope attached to it.







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  • John Pilgrim is based on the Mennonite, a violent assassin who left his work to be with his wife Mary. Desperate for money to save his wife, Mennonite was hired by the Mafia to kill the Punisher.


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