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"We could have had so much fun together, son."
―"John Mackenzie" to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The John Mackenzie Chronicom was one of the Chronicom Hunters who disguised himself as John Mackenzie.


Undercover Mission

Murdering the Mackenzies

"What'd you do with my parents?"
"They've been gone a while. I harvested their skins."
Alphonso Mackenzie and "John Mackenzie"[src]

To prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from destroying Project Insight and ensuring that HYDRA succeed, the Chronicom Hunters, kidnapped Alphonso Mackenzie's parents, John and Lilla, killed them, and took their faces to infiltrate the Lighthouse and pretend to be prisoners, so that Mackenzie wouldn't flood the Lighthouse and focus on saving what he believed were his parents.[1]

Manipulating Alphonso Mackenzie

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