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"We could have had so much fun together, son."
―"John Mackenzie" to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The John Mackenzie Chronicom was one of the Chronicom Hunters who disguised himself as John Mackenzie.


Undercover Mission

Murdering the Mackenzies

"What'd you do with my parents?"
"They've been gone a while. I harvested their skins."
Alphonso Mackenzie and "John Mackenzie"[src]

To prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from destroying Project Insight and ensuring that HYDRA succeed, the Chronicom Hunters, kidnapped Alphonso Mackenzie's parents, John and Lilla, killed them, and took their faces to infiltrate the Lighthouse and pretend to be prisoners, so that Mackenzie wouldn't flood the Lighthouse and focus on saving what he believed were his parents.[1]

Manipulating Alphonso Mackenzie

Alphonso Mackenzie saw his 'parents' on the security feed, and believing they were real, and decided to cancel the mission and focus, with Rodriguez's help in rescuing her parents, exactly as planned by the Chronicoms.

"Lilla" was very scared of all this, but "John" assured her they would get away with it, but they got scared when a hole was being made in the wall and Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez came in and she said not to be scared, that they are here to save them and Mack, after seeing his "mother" for the first time in years, hugged her, much to his confusion and John asked him if he had gone mad and Mack politely apologized to them for letting go. Lila asked who they are, and Mack introduced himself and Rodriguez, saying she was his girlfriend, but she stopped him, saying they wouldn't care about their personal business and apologized for his partner, telling them that he was very happy that they were safe.

Lilla said they were shopping and that a man came straight to them and kidnapped them, but they didn't understand why and Mack replied that they did it to blackmail them. John didn't understand why, as they were nobody, but Mack replied that they were important and that he wanted to explain it well and said that hopefully they will manage to avoid the people who took them and Yo-Yo replied that they were cowards. and he does not know what they wanted and said that their plane was close and that they will be safe there

After walking down the corridors and avoiding the people, Mack said that they have arrived, but Lilla said that this is a dead end and that they must look for another way, but Mack said they are in the right place and John said aggressively that not that was where he had to be and Mack said he had carefully chosen the safe path to take and asked him to trust them and John replied that he would when he is not blocked by that automatic door that weighs three tons.

Lilla apologized for him, saying that in reality he is not angry with him, but with himself, since they had children to look after. Mack replied that he would never be able to fix that problem, but he knows that if they couldn't fix one thing they would fix another, to which John agreed; and he said, above all, that the steel door locks resemble brakes that are used in a car when it has to brake and John sensed that they hook into the door, to which Mack said yes and that if they would break they would swiped the panels and they would go away. John sensed that the force would be useless against the rotors, and that to open the door they would have to try to remove the hydraulic line and Mack replied that it could work.

While John and Lilla pulled the strings, Mackenzie and Rodriguez tried to push the door and Lilla nicknamed him "teddy bear", while Rodriguez said she called him a "tortoise", since it was a slow lent who had conquered the latter and John said that whoever goes slowly goes healthy and goes far. Suddenly they heard noises and John hurt his arm, after the fright he got and Mackenzie gave him the gun, also ordering Rodriguez to open the door and Lilla asked him where he was going, to which Mackenzie replied that he was keeping busy. who tried to get close to them.

Meanwhile, Lilla and John waited for Mackenzie, while Rodriguez successfully opened the door and waited for Mackenzie to arrive, whom they saw nearly killed by a Chronicom, before being rescued by someone who turned out to be General Rick Stoner and Melinda May. Rodriguez then said to go to the Quinjet, beckoning Lilla to follow her, while Mackenzie asked John if he was okay with her arm and the latter replied that he would feel better as soon as he got home. While Rodriguez buckled Lilla, Mackenzie asked May where Coulson was and she replied that he didn't make it because he sacrificed himself in an attempt to destroy the Chronicom Time Ship but she had faith that he would come back and that he always comes back, before taking off with the Quinjet.

While they were flying the Quinjet, John admired its capabilities and engine, commenting on, for example, its 60,000-pound propulsion capabilities, to which Mackenzie said these pounds were in both turbines and also replied that this little gem screams, when they take it to heaven, before going to chat with Lilla and Rodriguez. John, after being alone with May, told her that he wanted to thank them for saving them, to which she reciprocated.

John then went back to her wife, asking what they were talking about about her, and she said that Mackenzie had advised her to get her kids some toy Quads to keep them from destroying half the house.[1]

Identity Discovered

Unfortunately, for him, when he touched May, he had not realized her powers of empathy, allowing her, thanks to the latter, to deduce that he was a Chronicom, not feeling her emotions, so he decided to fly in circle. John asked what was going on and Mackenzie asked the latter to see the arm, although John denies not wanting to show it and Mackenzie insisted on seeing it, even though Lilla asked him to go alone, but John stopped her, saying it was okay and showed him her arm, despite saying it was a scratch, but, to Mackenzie's horror, he found that John and Lila were Chronicom all this time and the two attacked the team.

Mackenzie asked "John" what they had done to his parents and he replied that they were long dead and, during the fight, he enjoyed making fun of them for picking up their skins and that they could have fun together, if not. had discovered them; but Mackenzie, not wanting to hear insults to his parents, freed himself from his grip and gave him violent punches in the face and Rodriguez took the opportunity to get behind him and break his neck and his body was thrown from the Quinjet when they opened the hatch.

Later, her colleague Chronicom was also dropped to her death by Mackenzie, despite her last attempts to manipulate him, even calling him "Alfie".[1]


The death of Mackenzie's parents and the pain of killing their impostors, emotionally paralyzed Mackenzie, to the point that he went to mourn alone and for the difficult choice he had to make, getting stuck in 1982 and, taking advantage of it, went to his parents' house and tried to distract himself by building cars, watching television and drinking alcohol to drown the pain of his parents' death, so much so that not even Deke Shaw, who was also blocked in 1982, was able to console him.

Fortunately, thanks to the latter, together with the Deke Squad and Phil Coulson, Mackenzie was able to regain his fighting spirit and his old confidence, managing to come to terms with the death of his parents and helping the Deke Squad to fight Sibyl and its robotic hunters.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Chronicom Physiology: As a Chronicom, "John" is a synthetic being and naturally possesses physical capabilities beyond any human being.
    • Superhuman Strength: Being a Chronicom, "John" possesses a strength superior to that of a human, but on par with a human of a strong build like that of Mackenzie, managing to almost defeat the latter and keep him in a vice, if he had not freed himself and attacked the Chronicom out of anger.
    • Superhuman Durability: Being a Chronicom, "John"'s body is much more resilient than that of a human being and can withstand the blows inflicted on him by Mackenzie without feeling any discomfort. However, he is vulnerable, if there are any delicate parts that his enemies could take advantage of, as happened when Rodriguez deactivated him by breaking his neck and his circuits.
    • Longevity: Like all Chronicoms "John" was immune to aging and disease, and his life spanned thousands of years.


  • Master Combatant: Being a hunter, "John" was a far superior fighter than normal humans, managing to match very well trained and stronger humans such as Mackenzie, May and Rodriguez, taking advantage of his Chronicom Physiology.