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"First time I came down here was to lock up Johnny Horton. Ever heard of him? He somehow gave himself these lion's paws for hands. Can you imagine?"
John Garrett[src]

John Horton was a prisoner of The Fridge arrested by Agent John Garrett.


Arrested after attaching lion paws to his hands, John Horton's arrest was the first time that John Garrett came to the Fridge.

During the HYDRA Uprising, Garrett and Grant Ward raided the Fridge, freeing all the prisoners. Garrett described Horton while freeing them.[1]


  • In the comics, John Horton is a super-criminal known as the Griffin, a feline/avian supervillain with the head, paws, and feet of a lion, the wings of a bird, and a spike-covered tail whose transformation was done by a surgeon that was employed by the Secret Empire. He is also the father of Yo-Yo Rodriguez, a member of the Secret Warriors.
  • In the Framework, when Phil Coulson tried to have a conversation with a Guardian, he mentioned an Inhuman with a lion's paws instead of hands, a possible reference to the Framework version of Horton.[2]


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