"This some bullshit. What are we waiting for?"
"We'll know when it happens."
"You know something about what's going on?"
―John Hammer and Rosalie Carbone[src]

John Hammer is a criminal figure in New York City who was coerced by Kingpin to become part of his criminal network.


New York Criminal

Wilson Fisk's Offering

"John Hammer, you're coming with us."
Benjamin Poindexter to John Hammer[src]

Hammer is arrested by Benjamin Poindexter

John Hammer was working with his gang at their garage before it was stormed by the FBI, led by Benjamin Poindexter. While his subordinates were arrested, Hammer refused to surrender and attempted to run away. His escape attempt was prevented by Poindexter who grabbed a wrench and threw it at Hammer, hitting him in the head. Hammer fell on the ground and Poindexter kicked him before he was arrested.


Hammer is brought to a criminal boss meeting

FBI brought Hammer to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant, alongside Everett Starr, Rosalie Carbone, Latimer Zyl and Sophia Carter. While Ray Nadeem, Arinori and Johnson were watching for them, Hammer asked agents what are they waiting for. Agents ignored his question and Carbone noted that they took them without any press attention and brought them to the restaurant instead of the headquarters what means that FBI needs something from them.


Hammer listening to Wilson Fisk's offer to him

At that moment, Wilson Fisk revealed himself in front of criminal bosses, much to Starr's surprise. Taking his seat, Fisk offered them his protection from the federal prosecution, as he managed to coerce several agents to work for him. However, his offer was met with skepticism, as Hammer commented that is probably a sting operation planned by the FBI to arrest them.

Carbone then asked Fisk about the cost of his offer what he replied that they need to pay him twenty percent of their profit what surprised Hammer. Starr refused to believe to Fisk's offer and attempted to left the restaurant before he was killed by the man in Daredevil's Suit. Fisk then simply stated that the tax was increased to twenty-five percent since this moment. As they were too scared to refuse, Hammer and other bosses reluctantly accepted Fisk's condition.[1]

Kingpin's Wedding


Hammer arriving at Wilson Fisk's wedding day

"Well, he's really starting to piss me off."
"Oh, relax. Here, have some champagne. You'll live longer."
―John Hammer and Rosalie Carbone[src]

Hammer was contacted by Wilson Fisk who coerced him to attend his wedding with Vanessa Marianna. Outside of the Presidential Hotel, he met with Rosalie Carbone and Latimer Zyl who expressed his discontent of Fisk who forced them to submit. Hammer endorsed his discontent while Carbone handed him the glass of champagne, noting that he better to accept it and enjoy the event.[2]






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