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"The SSR is under my command now. Be grateful you're in the room and not being brought up on charges of insubordination."
―Colonel John Flynn to Peggy Carter[src]

Colonel John Flynn was a member of the United States Army. He was assigned to Project Rebirth and the Strategic Scientific Reserve under the command of Colonel Chester Phillips. Following his death, he became head of the SSR and sent Captain Carter on multiple missions, doubting her ability to be as good as a man, yet taking credit for her success.


Project Rebirth

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Hunting HYDRA

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"Women aren't soldiers, and they sure as hell don't fight on the front lines. They might break a nail."
―John Flynn to Peggy Carter[src]

Flynn exhibited a patronizing attitude to Peggy Carter. Flynn's behavior towards her speaks volumes for his misogynistic view on women in the workplace and saw her as unfit for field work, thus seeing the Project Rebirth an "absolute failure" despite its success.


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