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"Nobody is above protocol. Not even Captain America's old flame."
―John Flynn[src]

John Flynn was a senior agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


"If they wanted me to feel useful, they wouldn't have made me work with you."
Peggy Carter[src]

John Flynn was one of the commanding officers of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, running one of its offices in New York City after the end of World War II.

Flynn with SSR agents

When Flynn's phone line rang, an assignment would be given to him and Flynn would deploy the recommended number of agents to complete the assignment. The agents, seeing Flynn on the phone, would stand at attention at their respective desks with a briefcase filled with various items, ready to be sent. Though Peggy Carter was among these agents, Flynn never chose her for a mission in the three months that she was stationed under him.

One night, Flynn and his colleagues went out to get drunk at a bar, leaving Peggy to clean up the office when his phone line rang. The caller directed her to the location of "Zodiac" and suggested she draft 3 to 5 agents.

Flynn informs to Peggy Carter that she will co-head the S.H.I.E.L.D.

After Carter recovered "Zodiac", Flynn attempted to belittle and discipline her for insubordination until the phone rang with Howard Stark on the line. Stark said the mission was more a notch in Carter's belt than a feather in her cap and informed Flynn that he and Carter were to run S.H.I.E.L.D. together.

Flynn was to inform Carter and "let her know you're honored to bring her the news". Carter refused his offer to carry her things out of the office.[1]


Flynn exhibited a patronizing attitude to Peggy Carter. Flynn's behavior towards her speaks volumes for his misogynistic view on women in the workplace, believing that she was only assigned to his office out of pity after Steve Rogers' presumed death, and saw her as unfit for field work, always assigning her to do code-breaking and analysis. Flynn took advantage of her at work by making her work overtime filing papers inside the SSR office while he and his male colleagues, who he showed more respect towards, went out for drinks.

Nonetheless, Flynn would do anything to appease to his superiors, placing his job and relationship with his superiors over his prejudice against Carter. Flynn was dismayed and hesitant, but reluctantly went through with Howard Stark's orders for him to announce to Carter her reassignment in S.H.I.E.L.D..




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