"Lincoln, what's going on?"
"I'm in a little bit of trouble."
"You are killing me with these details."
―John Donnelly and Lincoln Campbell[src]

John Donnelly was a good friend of Lincoln Campbell who saved him from a suicide attempt years earlier, considered by Campbell to be one of his most trusted friends.


Early Life

"You didn't call to have me talk you off a ledge-"
"Not this time, anyway."
―John Donnelly and Lincoln Campbell[src]

John Donnelly first met Lincoln Campbell when he was attempting to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Donnelly was able to convince Campbell not to jump and saved his life. The pair remained close friends and Campbell often went to Donnelly for support in times of need.[1]

Helping Lincoln Campbell

"Have you been drinking?"
"I wanted to, instead, I called you. You're the only one I trust."
―John Donnelly and Lincoln Campbell[src]

Donnolly attempts to assist Lincoln Campbell

Years later, Donnelly received a call from Lincoln Campbell asking for his help. Without hesitating, Donnelly made the journey and picked Campbell up from a bar, although Campbell insisted that he had not been drinking. Donnelly drove Campbell back to his apartment to hide out while Campbell slept during the drive. Once at his home, Donnelly asked for an explanation, but Campbell would only say that he was in a little bit of trouble and assured him that he had done nothing wrong. When Campbell requested to buy Donnelly's car, Donnelly accepted without question and offered Campbell a shower and a nap.[1]

Calling the ATCU

"They'll be here any minute."
"Who did you call?"
"I called the hotline. They said that you're dangerous. Lincoln, they said that you killed people."
"I never killed anyone, I swear."
―John Donnelly and Lincoln Campbell[src]

However, shortly after Campbell's arrival, Donnelly watched a news report where Campbell was announced to be an alien responsible for several murders. Horrified by the report, Donnelly made the decision to call the Advanced Threat Containment Unit and tell them where Campbell was hiding. When Campbell awoke from his nap, Donnelly tried to play the situation off casually but became nervous and fearful around his guest. When Campbell asked what was going on, Donnelly grabbed a baseball bat and threatened him.

Donnelly dies from Lincoln Campbell's mishap

Donnelly confessed to calling the ATCU and told Campbell that they would arrive shortly to arrest him as he was now convinced that Campbell was an alien and a murderer. Campbell tried to convince Donnelly that he was not a threat but Donnelly refused to listen, ordering him to stay back and await his arrest. Frustrated, Campbell left the money for Donnelly's car and fired a bolt of electricity at Donnelly which knocked the bat from his hands. The shock of the power caused Donnelly to have a heart attack; despite Campbell's best efforts to restart his heart, Donnelly died.[1]




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