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"Is there something I can do for you, Wanda? Do you want something changed?"
―"Herb" to Wanda Maximoff[src]

John Collins, also known as Herbert or Herb, is a neighbor of Wanda Maximoff and Vision.


Early Life

John Collins is one of the citizens from Westview, New Jersey. Shortly after the Blip in 2023, he became enthralled by Wanda Maximoff and was part of the Hex.[2]

Westview Talent Show

Collins at the Neighborhood Watch meeting

In the Hex, Collins became known as "Herb". One day, he attended the Westview Neighborhood Watch meeting, where he first met with Vision. The group spoke about new ideas and Vision helped with that. Herb offered Vision some gum, not aware of what could happen to him afterwards.

Herb was part of the audience for the Westview Talent Show, he helped Vision with one of his magic acts. Herb enjoyed the show and clapped along with the crowd.[1]

Enthralled by Agatha

Collins using a sledge hammer

One day, "Herb" greets Vision while he uses a sledge hammer to cut the wall separating their houses to which Vision found strange.

Collins is entralled by Agatha Harkness

On the same day, Herb is enthralled by Agatha Harkness. Both are then overheard by Vision who walks over to talk to them and Harkness reveals Geraldine's secrets, with Herb telling Vision that Geraldine doesn't live there and makes him suspicious, but Harkness cuts him off before he can continue. When Harkness leaves, Herb is released from the spell.[3]


Collins on Halloween

While watching over the neighborhood in Halloween, "Herb" meets with Wanda Maximoff and has a talk with her. Herb is contacted by someone and is told about people messing up with stuff. Later asking if Maximoff wanted him to change anything he's done so far.[4]


Collins confronts Wanda Maximoff

Collins was released from being enthralled by Agatha Harkness along with the other Westview civilians. Collins then confronted Wanda Maximoff and begged for freedom. However, Maximoff got overwhelmed by the situation and suffocated Collins and the citizens with her powers, but was soon freed and witnessed the Hex breaking apart. After the Hex was down, Collins, still mad at Maximoff, and others watched as she left Westview.[5]


"It's purely for mastication."
"Oh, nah, I don't do that."
Vision and Herb[src]

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