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"I own this restaurant. My father owned this building. Tell Mariah Dillard I am not contributing to her complex. We voted for her and gave her money before. And I respect Mr. Stokes. But no. No more. I can't."
―Jin Lin to Zip[src]

Jin Lin is the owner of Genghis Connie's.


Harassed for Money

One evening Jin and his wife, Connie Lin, were visited at Genghis Connie's by Zip and his gang. One of them, Koko, told the Lins that even though they have been in the United States of America for a long time they were still unable to speak English. Jin Lin reacted that his English is fine. Sugar told them to give money to support Mariah Dillard. Lin told them that he owned the restaurant and his father before him, and that even though he has given money before and had voted for Dillard that he was unable to give more money and contribute to the Crispus Attucks Complex. Zip angrily told the Lins to give them money.

At that moment Luke Cage, who had just entered the restaurant, told them that he did not like his tone and that they were being disrespectful to the Lins. The Lins where watching in fear while Zip and his gang try to fight off Luke Cage, something they were unable to do. With the thugs taken our Connie Lin offers Cage payment, while Jin was worried that Cage made it worse and that the thugs would return. Cage refused the money it and assured them that, even though they cannot hire him, he will support and protect them.[1]


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