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"You're gone now... You ever walk back in here again and you'll leave in pieces. Nod if you understand me. Take him out back, show him how we feel about lawyers."
―Jimmy the Bear to Foggy Nelson[src]

Jimmy "The Bear" is the leader of the Dogs of Hell in New York City. He and the rest of his gang became a target for the Punisher due to their role in the gang war in Central Park against the Kitchen Irish and the Mexican Cartel, that took the lives of Frank Castle's family, sparking his crusade of violence. He was later arrested after a fight with Daredevil while hunting the Punisher.


Dogs of Hell

Massacre at Central Park

Jimmy the Bear was part of a drug deal between the Dogs of Hell, Mexican Cartel and the Kitchen Irish, where they would begin working with the Blacksmith, organized by Dutton. However before the deal could go down, the Blacksmith did not show up leading to a gunfight. Jimmy escaped but several people were killed, including Frank Castle's entire family in the shootout.[2]

Punisher's Target

Questioning the Lawyer

"Is this funny to you?"
"No sir!"
"Cause I am two seconds away from slitting your throat."
―Jimmy the Bear and Foggy Nelson[src]

Jimmy the Bear meets Foggy Nelson

While inside his Dogs of Hell clubhouse in New York City, Jimmy the Bear was greeted by the Tattooed Doorman who presented him with Foggy Nelson, who was there looking to speak to his old friend Smitty who he had gone to school with years earlier. Knowing that Smitty had been killed by the Punisher a few days earlier, Jimmy had his men throw Nelson hard against the pool table as he wished to know why Nelson was involving himself in their business.


Jimmy the Bear questions Foggy Nelson

Nelson introduced himself, claiming he and Smitty had been friends who had lost contact as they went down different career paths, and that he was not a cop but a lawyer at Nelson and Murdock. This revelation only angered Jimmy more as Nelson tried to convince him to give him just five minutes to speak with Smitty. Jimmy however refused and instead warned him to never return to their clubhouse, before sending him out with Leon, ordering him to be beaten up for even daring to show his face there.[1]

Finding the Punisher


Jimmy is targeted by the Punisher

"There he is!"
"What the hell's going on?"
"Shoot him!"
―Jimmy the Bear and Jerry[src]

While in the clubhouse with the rest of the Dogs of Hell, Jimmy the Bear heard a load explosion from outside, as their motorbikes had been hit with a grenade. Jimmy ordered his men to collect their weapons as they matched outside looking for a fight. Finding their bikes in a burning heap they searched for the culprit, only for the Punisher to turn on a large light from the opposite rooftop and aim his sniper rifle at Jimmy and the rest of his now dazed and confused crew.

Jerry 7

Jimmy the Bear is attacked by Daredevil

Charging into the building, Jimmy and his men found a unconscious Punisher being carried to the elevator by Daredevil, however just as they were reaching him, Jerry walked out of his home and blocked them. Jimmy ordered his men to kill the man, which forced Daredevil to step out of the elevator and confront the gang, grabbing Jimmy and aiming a gun at the back of his head. Once he had ensured Jerry was safe, he attacked the Dogs of Hell, hitting Jimmy on the back of the head before later forcing one of his own men to shoot Jimmy in the leg, taking him out of the fight before being arrested.[3]



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