"You said we'd be together forever, remember?"
"I said I'd be with you until the end. This is the end!"
―Jimmy Mackenzie and Lorelei[src]

Jimmy Mackenzie was the just-married husband of Nicole Mackenzie.


"She's your bride?"
"Yep. Since yesterday morning."
"And you prefer her to me?"
"Well... yeah. I prefer Nicole to pretty much everyone. That's why I married her – together forever."
Lorelei and Jimmy Mackenzie[src]

Jimmy Mackenzie and his wife Nicole were traveling through Death Valley the day after their wedding.

While Nicole entered a motel to ask the owner for a map, a mysterious woman called Lorelei approached Jimmy. When she asked if all of Midgard was as desolate as the desert she had just crossed, Jimmy didn't understand the reference.

Lorelei was seeking a way for traveling, and was able to enthrall Jimmy and make him forget about his wife in spite of the fact that he was deeply in love with Nicole.

As Nicole exited the motel, she saw Jimmy leaving with Lorelei in their car, while Jimmy swore to protect Lorelei even before asking her name.[1]

Jimmy soon made a stop at Rosie's Desert Oasis in Nevada. Lorelei, upon meeting and enthralling Rooster, the leader of the Dogs of Hell Motorcycle Club, abandoned Jimmy. When Jimmy objected, she killed him with her superior Asgardian strength.[2]





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