"I had to get out. I figure there was a way to get my mind right. Get good at life. The army. Infantry. Do shit. "Army Strong". Right on. Then, poof... discharge... other than honorable."

Jimbo is a United States Army veteran who attended Curtis Hoyle's group therapy sessions.


Discharged from Military

"High school sucked. You know, my dad was, um... is... whatever... an asshole. You know what I mean? And I don't want to stay in Mastic. You been to Mastic? Uh-uh. No way. Whole town full of losers."

Jimbo lived in Mastic, New York with the strong hatred to this town and his abusive father. Getting tired of his unenviable life, Jimbo enlisted the United States Army. However, he was soon wrongfully discharged, as he believed.[1] Moving to New York City, Jimbo had nothing, living in his car and being unable to buy glasses for himself, due to his bad eyesight.[2]

Group Therapy Sessions

"Now you have no excuse not to fill out those papers I gave you. And maybe we can get you out of living in your car."
"One thing at a time, man. Right now, I'm gonna go over there and eat my chili."
Curtis Hoyle and Jimbo[src]

Befriending Curtis Hoyle, Jimbo attended his group therapy session for military veterans in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church where he told about his life and discharge from the military. Hoyle then said that he can appeal his status in the military, much to Jimbo's surprise. However, Jake Nelson interrupted them to question Dinah Madani's presence.[1]

At the next session, Hoyle organized a free providing of food for low-income citizens. Hoyle handed Jimbo a bowl of chili before asking him to talk. To Jimbo's joy, Hoyle gave him a pair of glasses that he bought for him. With his new glasses, Jimbo was able to see much better as he could read the board on the wall. Getting emotional, Jimbo embraced Hoyle to say thanks before Hoyle said him to fill the papers that he gave to him earlier to finally get a job. Jimbo cheerfully replied that he can do one thing at a time and left Hoyle to eat his chili.[2]

Help from Billy Russo

"I was shit-faced. I saw him taking my car and then the guys just went into action, man. Boom! It was done before I knew it. Jake's buddy, the dude with the messed-up face, he told me to take off."
―Jimbo to Curtis Hoyle[src]
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Together with Jake Nelson, José, and Bobby, Jimbo attended McFeeney's where they were joined by Billy Russo. Despite his awkwardness, Jimbo managed to find a common language with Nelson and other fellow veterans, making them laugh. While drinking with them, Jimbo found out that his car where he lived was towed, much to his horror. He returned to the pub where he asked Russo and others for help.

Outside of the pub, they saw a tow truck with Jimbo's car driving away, however, Russo decided not to leave it like that. Russo ordered José and Bobby to follow the car while Russo with Nelson and Jimbo will cut it off. Following the truck, Russo asked Jimbo to distract the driver. Standing at the road in front of the truck, Jimbo pretended that he ties his shoes, forcing the driver to stop.

Taking advantage, Russo, Nelson, and Bobby got the driver out of the truck and Russo then brutally beat him before he was stopped by Nelson. Jimbo then drove Russo and others out of there before Russo said him to leave New York City and drive to Texas, changing plates of his car. Jimbo agreed before thanking Russo and his crew and driving away.[2]

Getting Arrested

"I didn't tell the cops about anyone else who was there. Did I do right, Curtis? I figured it wouldn't help me get my car back."
"No. Sit tight. Look at me. Don't tell them anything, all right?"
―Jimbo and Curtis Hoyle[src]
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En route to Texas, Jimbo decided to take a nap in order so no one could pull him over for drinking. However, the New York City Police Department found Jimbo's by his car's plates and arrested him. At the precinct, Jimbo decided not to tell the police about Billy Russo or anyone else who helped him to reclaim his car.

Instead, he called Curtis Hoyle as the only one he could trust and told him everything about that night. Hoyle said that he will find a place for him and wanted him to tell about Russo. Jimbo then asked Hoyle did he do right when decided not to tell the police about him and anyone else and Hoyle replied that he did and needs to keep it a secret before leaving him.[2]


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