"This little girl thinks she can fight me?"
―Jim Pierce[src]

James "Jim" Pierce is one of the many fighters that Colleen Wing goes up against in her the underground fights.


Cage Fighting

Daughter of the Dragon Challenge

"You ready for the fight of your life? You better be! Hey! You better be! Because the Daughter of the Dragon has returned! But she doesn't think the Duke here is enough of a challenge. So, on her request, she wants a little two-on-one action. And I got just the guy for her. Jimmy Pierce, you still here?"

Upon Colleen Wing's return to the ring, Pierce was called out by Ringmaster to join the fight upon the request for two fighters. He partnered with Duke whom was quickly defeated in the match. Dueling by himself, Pierce proved to be challenging but was eventually defeated too by Wing, his left arm dislocated.[1]


  • Combatant: Pierce is skilled in some form of fighting, proven to be strong in his match against Wing.






  • In the comics, Jimmy Pierce was a special forces officer turned vigilante, who briefly impersonated the Punisher before assuming the identity of Hitman.


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