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Jim Ng portrayed Chinese Soldier #2 in the Iron Fist episode Black Tiger Steals Heart.

He was also a stunt performer in the Daredevil episodes Stick, The Ones We Leave Behind, Regrets Only, Guilty as Sin, A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen, No Good Deed, The Devil You Know and Aftermath, the Jessica Jones episodes AKA You're a Winner!, AKA The Octopus , AKA Three Lives and Counting and AKA Camera Friendly, the Iron Fist episode Eight Diagram Dragon Palm, Felling Tree with Roots, Black Tiger Steals Heart, The Fury of Iron Fist and The City's Not for Burning, The Defenders episode Take Shelter and The Punisher episode Gunner.

He was also a pre-viz-stunt performer in the Jessica Jones episode AKA I've Got the Blues, the Daredevil episode New York's Finest, The Punisher episode Danger Close and the Luke Cage episode The Main Ingredient.

He was also a stunt double for Meng Ai in the Daredevil episode World on Fire, Peter Shinkoda in the Daredevil episode Speak of the Devil, Robert 'Toshi' Chan in the Daredevil episode .380, Takeo Lee Wong in the Daredevil episode The Dark at the End of the Tunnel and David Sakurai in the Iron Fist episode Immortal Emerges from Cave.


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