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"Guten tag[2], boys. All right, nice and calm. No sudden moves, or we'll tie a blasting cap to your... Hey, Dugan, what's the German word for nuts?"
―Jim Morita[src]

Private James "Jim" Morita was a member of the Howling Commandos in World War II, and the team's communications officer.


World War II

Jim Morita was a Japanese-American soldier who was born in Fresno, California. Originally he served in the US Army Nisei Squadron as a Ranger under the command of Captain Happy Sam Sawyer.[3] However, by October 1943, Morita had been captured by the Germans and sent to the weapons facility run by HYDRA in Austria.

Rescue Mission

"What, are we taking everybody?"
"I'm from Fresno, Ace."
Dum Dum Dugan and Jim Morita[src]
Commando Recruitment 1

Morita agrees to join the Howling Commandos

In November 1943, Captain America infiltrated the facility and liberated the prisoners. Morita and his companions broke free with Captain America's help, although he then made sure to tell Dum Dum Dugan after the latter implied that he may have been one of the Imperial Japanese members and thus one of the Axis soldiers that he was actually from Fresno, California, and thus American and of the Allied Powers, also showing his dog tags to prove it. He and the others then wreaked havoc on the HYDRA soldiers, with Morita teaming up with Jacques Dernier who used a gun powered by the Tesseract to destroy parts of the base. Morita joined the rest of the freed soldiers and returned to the Allied military base in Italy immediately after.

Gabe Morita

Gabe Jones and Morita intercept a HYDRA radio signal

Shortly after their break-out, Morita and his comrades were invited to join a special elite squadron led by Rogers himself. Morita accepted, despite the perspective of coming back to the front-line immediately after merely escaping with his life. Along with the other Howlers, Morita took part in every assault against HYDRA, he was able to intercept a HYDRA radio message allowing them to locate Arnim Zola. Captain America, Bucky Barnes and Gabe Jones attacked the train but only Rogers and Jones returned with Zola.

During the attack on Johann Schmidt's fortress, Morita and the other Howling Commandos were the first to attack. Morita called the rest of the army unit to attack and they were able to capture the fortress. Morita was put in charge of the radios and was able to receive a call from Rogers. When it became clear that Rogers intended to crash the plane to prevent it from reaching America, Chester Phillips told Morita to leave the room so only Peggy Carter could listen. Rogers crashed the plane and went missing in action.[4]

Capturing Werner Reinhardt

Shadows promo 3

Morita recovers the Obelisk

"These things can't simply be boxed up. Someone needs to establish a permanent unit during peacetime."
"To keep dangerous technology contained."
"And watch over people like Stark who are toying with it."
Peggy Carter and Jim Morita[src]

Morita, along with SSR agent Peggy Carter and fellow commando Dum Dum Dugan, then captured the last known HYDRA base in Austria, along with HYDRA General Werner Reinhardt and an artifact of unknown origin known as the Obelisk due to its shape.[5]

After the War

Morita died after the war, as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files given to Steve Rogers when he awoke in the 21st century reported Morita's status as deceased.[6] His descendant, the principal of Midtown School of Science and Technology, kept a picture of him in his office.[7]


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James Morita likes a good joke and is somewhat cocky in battle but serious when he needs to be.


  • Expert Marksman: Morita's training with the United States Army gave him great ability in firearm usage, being able to kill multiple HYDRA soldiers in a small span of time with relative ease.




Morita raids HYDRA Research Facility Number 4






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  • In the comics, Morita was a Nisei soldier who assisted Nick Fury on several occasions with his team, and got rescued from a Nazi prison camp by the Howling Commandos and soon joined the team.
  • Jim Morita, Gabe Jones, and Dum Dum Dugan are the only original Howling Commandos from the comics to appear as members in Captain America: The First Avenger.


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