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"We're kings. We own this city and all I gave you was each other. This. Us."

Jigsaw's Crew was a group of US Military veterans turned to criminals and led by Jigsaw.


Crew Inception

"You ever wonder what would happen if we all just stood up right at the same time and gave the entire world the finger?"
Billy Russo to Jake Nelson[src]

Jigsaw inspires his crew to begin fighting back

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Robbery of ReadyQuick

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New Purpose

"I am talking about an army, not a gang! I am talking about a brotherhood. I am talking about not taking any more shit! From anyone! Enough of us fighting for each other. We could be gods."

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Ambush at the Valhalla

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Name Position Status
Billy Russo/Jigsaw Leader Deceased
Jake Nelson Alive
Bobby Deceased
José Alive
Mike Deceased
Todd Deceased
Geno Deceased
Anton Reed Deceased
Moke Deceased
Phillip Deceased


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