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"You know, you remind me of someone I knew growing up. Jack Kem. Yeah, but everyone knew him as Jiggy."
Ray Nadeem to Wilson Fisk[src]

Jack Kem, also known as Jiggy, is a well-known wealthy citizen who financially helped his neighbors in order to cover his illicit activities.


"But Jiggy was a helper, too. He was always helping out folks on the block. Annie the single mom needs a new car. Jiggy's got it. The Hoffmans are desperate for rent. No problem. Ten-year-old me thought this guy was a hero. But it turned out Jiggy had hidden ten kilos of heroin in the trunk of Annie's sedan. Another five in the Hoffman baby's room. Guess who the cops arrested when they tracked down that powder?"
Ray Nadeem to Wilson Fisk[src]
Living in New York City, Jack Kem was known by all of his neighbors as Jiggy. Kem was wealthy enough to live in big two-family house by himself. Most of citizens from his block knew Kem as a good samaritan who financially helped everyone, like single mother Annie who needed a new car, or Hoffman family which were unable to pay their rent themselves. Kem assisted them, and most of his neighbors, such as Ray Nadeem thought he was a hero. However, Kem used to hide heroin in his gifts for neighbors leading to their arrests. His illegal actions then were exposed to everyone.[1]




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