"By the look of you, I can tell you know what this thing is and what can do. And if that's true, I'm sorry to tell you I don't play out of bargain."
―Jiãó ào Zhànshì to the Ancient One[src]

Jiãó ào Zhànshì is the leader of the Dragon Raiders.


Jiãó ào Zhànshì and the Dragon Raiders raided the village of Guizhou, China, looking for the Bow and Arrow of Apollon. Zhànshì found it, and the Raiders beat a man while the villagers watched in horror, before a group of them bowed to him. Zhànshì destroyed several homes in the village using the bow and arrow, threatening to cause more damage if the village did not obey him. The villagers pledged loyalty to him, and Karl Mordo received news about this.

Mordo and the Ancient One went to Guizhou and discovered the damage that Zhànshì had done with the bow and arrow, confronting the Dragon Raiders. The Ancient One tried to reason with Zhànshì, who refused and instead fired at the Ancient One. She deflected it, so a shocked Zhànshì ordered the Raiders to attack her and Mordo. The two easily defeated the soldiers and demanded the arrow be given to the Ancient One, and Zhànshì eventually gave it to them.[1]



  • Bow and Arrow of Apollon: Jiãó ào Zhànshì, having already found the bow, raided a village in order to find the Arrow of Apollon. He used it to threaten the villagers into obeying him. However, when he fired his arrow at the Ancient One, she easily deflected it and defeated his other soldiers. He eventually gave the weapon to the Ancient One.






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