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Jessica Jones is a comic set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is set before the events of the TV series Jessica Jones.[1]


Jessica Jones, a former costumed super hero, is now the owner and sole employee of Alias Investigations, a small private investigative firm. But dark secrets from her past haunt her, affecting her relationships and happiness.


Jessica Jones is looking for Turk Barrett in order to get money for his family. She finds him at Metro-General Hospital, beaten up by Daredevil. Three hours before, Barrett forced his way into a private poker game, collecting his money which he lent to one of the players and threatening to kill him. Suddenly, Daredevil burst into the room and started to beat up the players. Barrett ran away but Daredevil stopped him and made sure that the police were able to catch him for his latest criminal activities.

Temple and Jones Comic

Jones, approving the beating done by Daredevil, explains she was hired by Barrett's family to make sure he would provide for his kids. She takes his money and when Barrett threatens to kill her, she violently pulls his infusion out. Hearing Barrett scream from pain, the nurse Claire Temple enters the room and Jones leaves. Almost outside the building, two guards call for her, but Jones quickly steps outside and jumps up to the roof. With Jones hanging on the ledge of the building, the two guards are completely surprised by her sudden disappearance.









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