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  • In AKA WWJD?, Kilgrave uses his power to have police officers leave their posts. He says “We can go about our business, move along. Move along.” This is an almost direct quote from when Obi-Wan Kenobi uses his Jedi mind trick in Star Wars: A New Hope. Jessica then refers to Kilgrave as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Jessica Jones Set 2
  • Filming began in New York City under the production name "Violet" on February 4, 2015.

Episode Titles

  • The title of episode 1.01, AKA Ladies Night, is a reference to the promotion that Luke Cage uses to make Jessica Jones enter inside his bar.
  • The title of episode 1.02, AKA Crush Syndrome, is a reference to the medical condition that Kilgrave suffered following an accident, and that allowed Jessica Jones to learn about his weakness.
  • The title of episode 1.03, AKA It's Called Whiskey, is a reference to the alcoholism developed by Jessica Jones to cope with her PTSD.
  • The title of episode 1.04, AKA 99 Friends, is a reference to the claim that Jessica Jones makes about having 99 gifted friends only in Manhattan, in order to discourage a couple who was trying to hunt gifted people for revenge.
  • The title of episode 1.05, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me, is the answer of the first little girl that Jessica Jones saved, due to the sandwich costume Jones was wearing.
  • The title of episode 1.06, AKA You're a Winner!, is a reference to a scam that Jessica Jones commonly uses to lure out people in hiding.
  • The title of episode 1.07, AKA Top Shelf Perverts, is a reference to the way used by Jeri Hogarth to describe the inmates of a supermax prison, and how Jessica Jones describes herself after beheading a corpse with her bare hands to be taken to that prison.
  • The title of episode 1.08, AKA WWJD?, is an acronym that usually means "What Would Jesus Do?". In the context of the episode, it means "What Would Jessica Do?", as she struggles in trying to harness Kilgrave's powers for good.
  • The title of episode 1.09, AKA Sin Bin, is a reference to a term used in rugby, one of Kilgrave's hobbies as a child, and that allows Jessica Jones to track his identity.
  • The title of episode 1.10, AKA 1,000 Cuts, is a reference to a method of torture, and the way to kill Jeri Hogarth that Kilgrave instructs Wendy Ross-Hogarth to use.
  • The title of episode 1.11, AKA I've Got the Blues, is a reference to the blue Combat Enhancers, and that Will Simpson keeps in order to prevent Trish Walker from taking a red one.
  • The title of episode 1.12, AKA Take a Bloody Number, is a reference to the answer that Kilgrave gave Luke Cage when he revealed that he wanted to kill Kilgrave, and that indicates the large number of people that wanted to see Kilgrave dead.
  • The title of episode 1.13, AKA Smile, is a reference to one of Kilgrave's everlasting wishes for Jessica Jones, that she smiles. Coincidentally, it is the last word that Jones says to Kilgrave.
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