"What happens to our dreams when we realize they’re never going to come true? They turn into nightmares."
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The Second Season of Jessica Jones premiered on March 8, 2018 on Netflix.


New York City private investigator Jessica Jones is beginning to put her life back together after murdering her tormenter, Kilgrave. Now known throughout the city as a super-powered killer, a new case makes her reluctantly confront who she really is while digging deeper into her past to explore the reasons why.


Super-powered private investigator Jessica Jones has become known as a vigilante hero around New York City since she killed her tormentor Kilgrave. Trish Walker, Jones's best friend and adopted sister, attempts to convince Jones to investigate her past and IGH, the company that gave her abilities, but Jones is not interested. Walker is dealing with declining ratings for her radio show Trish Talk, and sees her ex-boyfriend Will Simpson—who was also experimented on by IGH—following her. Pryce Cheng, another investigator, seeks to absorb Jones into his company at the request of lawyer Jeri Hogarth. When Jones attacks and injures Cheng, he plans to sue her with Hogarth, who is already facing a lawsuit from her former assistant and lover. Jones is approached by Robert Coleman, who also calls himself "Whizzer" and was given superspeed by IGH. When he is killed in an apparent construction accident, Jones traces his medication to an abandoned building which she remembers being taken to and experimented on.

Jones goes to the home of Miklos Kozlov, the IGH doctor who had experimented on Simpson. She finds a shiva for Kozlov, who has died in a "freak accident". One of Kozlov's army patients believes that Simpson is behind this, and Jones suspects that he also killed Coleman. Walker asks Malcolm Ducasse, Jones's neighbor and work partner, to help her rather than further involve the reluctant Jones. Walker confronts Max Tatum, a director, about the sexual relationship they had when she was a child actress working for him, threatening to publicly reveal this unless he helps her get access to records at Metro-General Hospital. After Tatum refuses, Walker runs into Simpson. Jones also arrives, having tracked Walker down when she did not answer her phone. Simpson claims that someone else who was experimented on by IGH has killed Kozlov and Coleman, and that he is just there to protect Walker since she was noticed investigating IGH. This other person soon appears and kills Simpson while Jones gets Walker to safety.

Hogarth is diagnosed with ALS, and her law-firm partners Steven Benowitz and Linda Chao plan to buy her out based on a clause in their contracts. Jones agrees to investigate the other partners to find blackmail material for Hogarth. Jones receives an eviction notice from her building's new superintendent Oscar Arocho, who fears Jones's abilities. She also discovers the name Leslie Hansen in the abandoned IGH building. Hansen was a doctor at the hospital where Jones was taken following the accident that killed her family. Jones and Walker find Hansen's apartment empty, and a charred human head in the basement. Walker uses her radio show to ask the public for information on Hansen, and receives a call from a woman claiming to be Hansen. Jones meets with her, and learns that she died after the accident but was brought back to life by IGH; the superpowers were a side-effect. Jones angers the woman who escapes using abilities similar to Jones'. DNA analysis shows that the charred head belongs to the real Leslie Hansen.

Hogarth looks into ways to painlessly end her life, which her doctor does not support. Cheng fires Hogarth for no longer prioritizing him and his lawsuit, and also offers Ducasse a job at his company; Ducasse turns down the role, and Jones promises to work with him better. Jones and Walker try to find out who the mysterious woman posing as Hansen was, and Jones scares Tatum into getting the IGH files from the hospital. In addition to Jones and Coleman, there is a file on Inez Green. They find her living on the streets, where she explains that she was a nurse at the hospital who was seriously injured by the mysterious woman. Jones and Walker promise to keep her safe. Cheng sends one of his men to steal all of Jones's research from her office, hoping to find something to use against her. The man is attacked by the mysterious woman, who tears him apart. When Jones arrives, she is arrested for the murder. Walker tries to help her using an IGH performance enhancer she took from Simpson, but is also arrested. Ducasse takes Green to safety.

Jones spends a day at the police station before Hogarth convinces her to tell the truth. Detective Eddy Costa believes Jones, and releases her with the promise that she will keep Costa informed of her investigation. Walker, bailed out by her mother, struggles with after-effects of using the IGH drug. Her new boyfriend Griffin Sinclair asks her to marry him, but Walker turns him down. She takes the IGH drug again. Ducasse takes Green to Hogarth, who agrees to protect her. Hogarth asks Green about IGH's experiments. Jones meets with David Kawecki, an inmate at a mental hospital serving time for the murder of Green's fellow nurse, who was actually killed by the mysterious woman. Jones learns of a shared interest in octopuses that Kawecki has with an IGH doctor, and visits the aquarium. She recognizes the doctor, Karl Malus, in a new memory from after the accident. He meets with the mysterious woman, who upon discovering Jones surveilling them, smashes the glass enclosure of an aquarium in order to create a commotion to cover their escape.

Walker becomes addicted to the IGH drug, and starts looking for criminals to attack. Security footage from outside the aquarium shows Karl Malus drugging the woman and forcing her to leave with him, despite the pair appearing to be a loving couple before. Jones sends Ducasse to his old university—where he was suspended for his previous drug habit—to investigate Malus; they learn of Justis Ambrose, who attended university with Malus and appears to have been paying for all his personal expenses for years. Jones confronts Justis Ambrose, who explains that his son Eric was born with a fatal genetic defect which Malus cured with his experimental treatments. Eric appears to have no special abilities, and Jones threatens him to gain Malus' location. Green realizes that Hogarth has ALS, and tells her that there was an IGH patient that could heal people by touching them, and he saved her life after the woman had attacked her. Jones goes to the location, where she finds Malus and the woman living together. The latter claims to be Jones's mother.

Years earlier, after Brian Jones and his son Phillip are killed in an accident, his wife Alisa and daughter Jessica are rushed to hospital. Dr. Leslie Hansen secretly takes them to IGH. Jessica is saved and returned to hospital in 20 days, but Alisa's injuries are severe and her treatments take years, altering her looks and causing increased strength and extreme mood swings. Jessica is adopted by the Walkers, but grows away from her foster family over time especially after her adopted sister Trish becomes a drug addict at the beginning of her pop star career. Intent on seeing Jessica, Alisa escapes IGH by killing a nurse and severely injuring Green. She finds Jessica living with a new boyfriend, Stirling Adams, but sees him apparently attempt to exploit her and kills him in a fit of rage. Returning to IGH, Malus promises Alisa that he will cure her of the side effects. Adams' death leads to Jessica re-connecting with Trish, helping her become sober. Now, Jessica refuses to forgive Alisa and attacks her; Malus renders Jessica unconscious with a sedative.

Trish sleeps with Ducasse, and he notices that she has become addicted to the IGH drug. When she refuses to admit this, he leaves and decides to continue Jessica's investigation into Hogarth's partners. He discovers that Benowitz is secretly gay, and frequents a gay bar unbeknownst to his wife. Ducasse tells Benowitz that Chao had hired him, and Benowitz gives Ducasse blackmail material that he has on her. Outside of the gay bar, Ducasse is attacked by homophobic thugs. Trish rescues him, and gives him some of the IGH drug to help him heal, but it is too much for Ducasse and he runs off. Hogarth visits Shane Ryback, the man who can heal people with his hands. He is in prison, but she takes him on as a client. Jessica calls the police to Malus' house, and he flees. Alisa decides to stay with Jessica and hopes to prove that she is the same person who raised Jessica, despite looking different and having extreme mood swings. They go to Jessica's apartment, where they are shot at from outside. Jessica is hit, enraging Alisa.

Wanting revenge for the death of his man, Cheng tries to kill Alisa. Shooting at her from across the street, he only hits Jessica. Alisa races to find and kill Cheng, but Jessica is able to render him unconscious first, and convinces Alisa to find a solution other than murder. Ryback is released from prison, and attempts to heal Hogarth, but cannot promise that it will work. During a live broadcast of her radio show, Trish, under the influence of the IGH drug, rails against the superficiality of her show's programming and quits. She is offered a desirable job on television, but realizes that she has run out of the drug. Arocho, whose relationship with Jessica has become less hostile and more romantic, comes to Jessica when his ex-wife kidnaps their son Vido. Jessica and Alisa race to save Vido, using their abilities for good. Alisa sees the potential of a life with Jessica doing good like this, but still wants to protect Jessica by killing Cheng and running away. Jessica frees Cheng, and when Alisa gives chase she is confronted by police, and surrenders to them.

Hogarth arranges a plea deal for Alisa, where she can avoid the Raft, a superhuman prison, if she gives up Malus. Alisa agrees when Jessica promises to keep Malus safe. Trish struggles with withdrawals during her television audition, where she overhears that the super-powered killer has been caught. Jessica explains everything to Trish and Ducasse, but tells them to stay away. She finds Malus and convinces him to go to a country with no extradition so Alisa can talk about him without fear of him being caught. He first waits for a new passport provided by Arocho, and also tells Jessica that he never treated Ryback. Hogarth does not believe Jessica when she says this, but arrives home to find Inez Green and Ryback have robbed her (and thus realizes she was not cured). Trish and Ducasse decide to track down Malus themselves, while Jessica discovers that Alisa is being tormented by one of her guards, Dale Holiday. Investigating him, Jessica finds evidence that he has murdered inmates before. He attacks her, and she accidentally kills him in self-defense.

Jessica makes Holiday's death look like suicide, and begins having hallucinations of Kilgrave. Trish knocks Ducasse out and restrains him, and asks Malus to give her abilities like Jessica's. Jessica arrives with the passport from Arocho to give to Malus, to find him gone. She tracks them down just as Ducasse escapes, but Trish manages to get away with Malus. With Holiday dead, Alisa gets a new guard who treats her well. Jessica berates Ducasse for not trusting her, and for taking advantage of their working relationship. They both agree that he should no longer work for her. Malus takes Trish to the old IGH facility, where he begins to put her through the same process that changed Jessica and Alisa. Jessica arrives and stops the procedure, and then is almost convinced by her hallucination of Kilgrave to murder Malus. She stops herself, but he decides to end his own life. Malus destroys the facility with himself inside it, while Jessica gets Trish to the hospital. Alisa learns of Malus' death via a news report, kills her new guard and escapes from prison.

Alisa goes looking for Trish, blaming her for Malus' death. She terrorizes the Trish Talk studio, before seeing Trish's mother in an interview discussing why Trish is now hospitalized. She finds Jessica protecting Trish at the hospital, but still attempts to kill the latter. When Costa and his partner, Ruth Sunday, arrive they try to arrest Alisa. Jessica tries to talk Alisa down, but Alisa grabs Sunday and jumps out of the hospital, letting Sunday fall to her death. Costa tells Jessica to stay out of the way of the police, but Jessica secretly organizes to meet with Alisa at Trish's apartment. Meanwhile, Trish is angry at Jessica for stopping the procedure early, but soon begins to have violent convulsions. Hogarth tracks down Green, and tells her a fabricated story about Ryback secretly conning multiple women. Giving Green a gun, Hogarth watches her confront Ryback and shoot him. Hogarth then calls the police. At Trish's apartment, Jessica considers killing Alisa, but is unable to do it. Alisa knocks Jessica out and kidnaps her.

Jessica attempts to resist Alisa, but eventually decides to work with her. They drive towards the Mexico–U.S. border, saving a family caught in a traffic accident on the way. Jessica meets with Arocho to arrange new papers so they can cross the border, but he is followed by the police. Jessica and Alisa then drive towards the Canada–U.S. border, but are confronted with police road blocks. They then go to the nearby amusement park Playland, where Alisa decides to wait until the police arrive. Trish sees a news report on the traffic accident and talks to Costa about the road blocks. Remembering that the Jones family had visited Playland before the accident, Trish goes there and kills Alisa. Jessica takes the blame, but does not forgive Trish. Trish later discovers that her reflexes appear to be heightened. Ducasse gives the blackmail material he found to Hogarth, allowing her to leave the law firm with enough money to start her own. Ducasse then begins working for Hogarth as part of Cheng's agency. Jessica embraces some aspects of normal life with Arocho.


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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Jj1 AKA Start at the Beginning 2.01 March 8, 2018 Melissa Rosenberg Anna Foerster
While Jessica deals with a rival PI and a paranoid would be client, Trish digs up a medical file who could unlock the mystery of Jessica's powers.
AKA Freak Accident AKA Freak Accident 2.02 March 8, 2018 Aida Mashaka Croal Minkie Spiro
Jessica sets out to find Dr. Kozlov and makes a startling discovery. Trish recruits Malcolm for backup as she visits a figure from her past.
Jj3 AKA Sole Survivor 2.03 March 8, 2018 Lisa Randolph Mairzee Almas
As her visions intensify, Jessica visits an abandoned clinic, where she stumbles on a new lead. Jeri faces an ultimatum after her secret gets out.
Jj4 AKA God Help the Hobo 2.04 March 8, 2018 Jack Kenny Deborah Chow
Between anger management classes and tabloid scandals, Jessica and Trish track down a third patient linked to IGH. Oscar extends an olive branch.
Jj5 AKA The Octopus 2.05 March 8, 2018 Jamie King Millicent Shelton
Backed into a corner, Jessica's forced to share her intel on the killer. A groggy Trish tries to pull herself together before an important meeting.
Jj6 AKA Facetime 2.06 March 8, 2018 Raelle Tucker Jet Wilkinson
Jessica gate-crashes an exclusive country club on the hunt for the killer, and Trish's new addiction begins to spiral out of control.
Jj7 AKA I Want Your Cray Cray 2.07 March 8, 2018 Hilly Hicks, Jr. Jennifer Getzinger
Flashbacks shed new light on the aftermath of the family's car accident and reveal a painful turning point in Jessica's adult life.
Jj8 AKA Ain't We Got Fun 2.08 March 8, 2018 Gabe Fonseca Zetna Fuentes
While Jessica debates her next move, Malcolm confronts Trish about her erratic behavior, and Jeri makes contact with a healer.
Jj9 AKA Shark in the Bathtub, Monster in the Bed 2.09 March 8, 2018 Jenny Klein Rosemary Rodriguez
The shooting forces Jessica to rethink her plans. Meanwhile, Oscar asks for help with a family crisis, and Trish's frustrations finally boil over.
Jj10 AKA Pork Chop 2.10 March 8, 2018 Aida Mashaka Croal Neasa Hardiman
Jeri finagles a deal for her new client in exchange for Karl's location. Trish forges ahead with her own investigation. A prison guard crosses a line.
Jj11 AKA Three Lives and Counting 2.11 March 8, 2018 Jack Kenny & Lisa Randolph Jennifer Lynch
Shocked by her own actions and haunted by visions of Kilgrave, Jessica worries she's turning into a monster. Trish's plans for Karl become clear.
Jj12 AKA Pray for My Patsy 2.12 March 8, 2018 Raelle Tucker & Hilly Hicks, Jr. Liz Friedlander
As Jessica and Dorothy wait anxiously for updates on Trish, a call from Costa brings alarming news. Jeri hatches a plan to get her revenge.
Jj13 AKA Playland 2.13 March 8, 2018 Melissa Rosenberg & Jesse Harris Uta Briesewitz
Waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, Jessica once again finds herself torn between two worlds and facing an impossible choice.


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