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"I want you to accept what you fear the most... that your family died for nothing. You believed they were sacrificed in exchange for your gifts. That they died so that you could save the world, one person at a time. And now you pretend like you never wanted it? You're terrified you've already failed them. And you have. Because you are not, and you never will be, a hero."
Gregory Sallinger to Jessica Jones[src]

The Third Season and "The Final Season" of Jessica Jones premiered on June 14, 2019.


When Jessica crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath, she and Trish must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down. But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas of heroism and sets them on a collision course that will forever change them both.


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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Jessica Jones bar Season 3
AKA The Perfect Burger 3.01 June 14, 2019 Melissa Rosenberg Michael Lehmann
As Jessica focuses on helping the helpless, Dorothy Walker shows up at Alias to beg for help finding a missing Trish.
AKA You're Welcome 3.02 June 14, 2019 Hilly Hicks, Jr. Krysten Ritter
Tensions run high between Jessica and Trish as Trish hones her catlike skills and scours the city for a chance to be a hero.
Jessica Jones - 3x03 - AKA I Have No Spleen - Jessica
AKA I Have No Spleen 3.03 June 14, 2019 Lisa Randolph Anton Cropper
Itching to get back out on the streets and find her attacker, Jessica defies her doctor's advice. Jeri reconnects reflects with her college flame Kith.
AKA Customer Service is Standing By 3.04 June 14, 2019 Jamie King Liesl Tommy
Jessica learns there's more to Erik than meets the eye as they track down three potential attackers. Malcolm digs up dirt on Kith's husband.
AKA I Wish 3.05 June 14, 2019 J. Holtham Mairzee Almas
Teaming up with Trish to take out Sallinger, Jessica makes a startling discovery. Jeri's plot to expose Peter yields unexpected consequences.
Malcolm attacking Gor
AKA Sorry Face 3.06 June 14, 2019 Jesse Harris Tim Iacofano
As the police sift through the gruesome crime scene, Jessica and Trish race to find Sallinger's latest captive.
Trish-Jessica-Episode 3x07
AKA The Double Half-Wappinger 3.07 June 14, 2019 Nancy Won Larry Teng
Jessica and Trish go on a road trip to dig into Sallinger's past and unearth a horrifying discovery.
Jessica Jones New interview
AKA Camera Friendly 3.08 June 14, 2019 Scott Reynolds Stephen Surjik
When Sallinger posts a video teasing his next crime, Jessica responds with her own media play. Jeri demands that Malcolm identify the masked woman.
Jessica Jones Cop Season 3
AKA I Did Something Today 3.09 June 14, 2019 Lisa Randolph Jennifer Getzinger
After a shocking blow, Jessica's forced to choose between protecting Trish and destroying Sallinger. Jeri seizes her chance to get back in Kith's life.
Jessica Jones reading letters S3
AKA Hero Pants 3.10 June 14, 2019 Hilly Hicks, Jr. & Jamie King Sanford Bookstaver
Jessica wrestles with her emotions as she tries to untangle herself from a murder investigation.
Trish-Jeri - AKA Hellcat
AKA Hellcat 3.11 June 14, 2019 Jane Espenson Jennifer Getzinger
Trish revisits her troubled childhood with Dorothy while plotting to stop Sallinger and stamp out evil across the city.
AKA A Lotta Worms - JJ312
AKA A Lotta Worms 3.12 June 14, 2019 Scott Reynolds Sarah Boyd
As Trish makes a move on Sallinger, Jessica intervenes - and ends up caught in a harrowing dance with the killer.
Jessica - AKA Everything
AKA Everything 3.13 June 14, 2019 Melissa Rosenberg, Lisa Randolph and Nancy Won Neasa Hardiman
An old friend visits Jessica as she sets out on an agonizing mission and learns the true cost of being a hero.




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