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"There’s dirt everywhere. You just have to know where to look."
Jessica Jones[src]

The First Season of Jessica Jones premiered on November 20, 2015 on Netflix.


Ever since her short-lived stint as a Super Hero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic, badass private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Plagued by self-loathing, and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need... especially if they're willing to cut her a check.


Jessica Jones and Trish Walker promise each other to keep their respective secrets

Years ago, Jessica Jones lost her parents and younger brother Phillip in a car accident when her father Brian took his eye off the road to chastise Jessica because she was mean to Phillip. When she awakened from her coma, Jones was adopted by Dorothy Walker whose daughter Patricia ("Patsy"/"Trish"), studied with Jessica and was the star of the highly popular television show It's Patsy.

As the two grew up together, Trish discovered that Jones had superpowers, and despite Jessica wanting to keep it a secret, she eventually came to save Trish from the exploitation of Dorothy, who debased and insulted Trish while seeking publicity and money with every opportunity her daughter could have.

As adults, Walker became the host of a successful radio talk show, Trish Talk, while Jones could not find a job that did not bore her while dismissing Trish encouraging her to be a superhero and protect people, Trish's own deep desire. One night, however, Jessica used her super strength to save the life of a little girl who had stepped into traffic; this experience made her decide to try to be a superhero.

In her travels, Jones came across Malcolm Ducasse as he was being beaten and robbed; Jones saved him from certain death. The manipulative Kilgrave witnessed the heroic act and chose Jones as his equal, enthralling her to be his life mate.

Kevin Thompson undergoes testing on his brain

Kilgrave, though, felt love for Jones as best he understood it. Born with a degenerative neural disease, his parents, Albert and Louise Thompson, did experiments on their son Kevin since he was ten, in hopes of finding a cure. Their experiments created the side effect of mind control which the child used to his full advantage, having his parents cater to his every whim. Sometime after Kevin had a tantrum and caused his mother to burn her own face with an iron, the Thompsons fled, leaving the boy, who chose the moniker of Kilgrave, to raise himself. Though he sought them, the Thompsons constantly changed their names; the only clue to their identities was a videotape they had made of the experiments they performed as professors in the University of Manchester.

After six months of having Jones as his unwilling mate, Kilgrave came across Reva Connors who had a copy of the experiment on a yellow USB and buried it at a construction site. Kilgrave had Jones uncover the hidden item and had her "take care of" Connors; Jones interpreted it as to kill her and hit Connors with such might that she broke Connors' ribs and cracked her head on the pavement. That incident on that January night was so traumatic to Jones that she was able to resist the power of Kilgrave and escape his thrall. Kilgrave, attempting to reassert his power, was hit by a bus driven by Charles Wallace; the telepath was believed by Jones to have died.

Jj101 3476.jpg

Trying to recover, Jones became a private detective from her apartment called Alias Investigations. Andre hired Jessica seeking evidence his wife Gina was being unfaithful. Jones does find out Gina having an affair with Luke Cage, the well-built owner of the bar Luke's. Jones and Cage eventually go on to have sex, but upon finding Reva's picture in Cage's bathroom, she leaves unsettled discovering she was romancing the widower of her victim. The next morning, Jones receives a case from a couple, Bob and Barbara Shlottman, seeking their daughter Hope, a college student who disappeared. During the investigation, Jones finds similarities between her time with Kilgrave and Hope's actions. Deciding to flee, Jones breaks months of silence with her adopted sister Walker and contacts her seeking money. Jones' conscience causes her to check one final spot for Hope; Jones finds and rescues the young lady in the Plaza Hotel, the place Kilgrave constantly raped Jones. Unexpectedly, a hidden coercive suggestion causes Hope to savagely shoot her parents when they come to get her. Jones chooses to fight Kilgrave to save Hope from taking the blame for the double homicide.

Luke Cage demonstrates his powers to Jessica Jones

Jones goes after her lawyer friend Jeri Hogarth of Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz and asks her to take on the Shlottman case, but Hogarth claims to have problems of her own given her wife Wendy Ross-Hogarth is asking for a divorce after discovering Jeri is having an affair with the secretary Pam. Hogarth also tells Jones that she will not sully her winning reputation by backing the defense of "brainwashing" and "mind control", but Jones' conviction makes her take the case, but only if Jessica can get proof that there were other circumstances behind the double homicide.

Due to Jones' apartment being near the crime scene, it is raided by New York City Police Department Detective Oscar Clemons, who was assigned to the Shlottman case and takes away the pictures Jessica took of Cage and Gina. Andre eventually finds out about his wife's affair and brings his rugby team to beat up Cage, leading Jones to go save Luke at his bar. After the fight, Cage admits to Jones that he too has superpowers. Finding companionship in one another, the two begin a relationship, but Jones' guilt overtakes her and she breaks it off. Cage, though, truly loves Jones, but does not know her part in the death of Connors, as he believes that she died in the bus accident.

Jeri Hogarth is seduced by Pam

Jones arranges to have Shlottman on Trish Talk. Walker insults Kilgrave on the air, leading the former enthraller to call the show in dismay. The radio interview leads to the creation of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group of former victims, but Kilgrave also sends NYPD officer Will Simpson to assassinate Walker. Jones stops Simpson and follows him to find Kilgrave, who she plans to have the powers nullified with the anesthesia Sufentanil and get a confession that would free Shlottman. Kilgrave escapes the heroine but she discovers that she has been pursued by a Kilgrave spy that is taking pictures of her for him.


Despite Walker's increased fear and paranoia after the murder attempt, she delivers an apology to Kilgrave on her program and develops a friendship with benefits with Simpson - who believes that Kilgrave should die, since Humans are not equipped to deal with enhanced individuals. After Jones has a brief altercation with Audrey Eastman, a client who tries to kill Jessica for the death of her mother during the Battle of New York and is blaming all enhanced people, she combines the testimony of former Kilgrave victim Donald to video surveillance footage she gained from Simpson and discovers the spy: Malcolm Ducasse, the drug addict who lives down the hall.

Kilgrave has a meeting with Malcolm Ducasse

She follows Malcolm to discover Kilgrave's appointed meeting location and asks the help of Walker and Simpson to devise a plan to capture Kilgrave and place him in a hermetically-sealed room to invoke a confession. However, the trio did not know that Kilgrave has paid bodyguards to protect him in case his powers are not enough; those bodyguards defend their client. Kilgrave calls Jones though and asks her to send to him pictures herself; in exchange, he will leave Ducasse alone. Jones, after making Ducasse a member of the support group and helping him wean from drugs, agrees.

Ruben is forced to violently commit suicide

As Jones and Ducasse try to find a plan to get Kilgrave, Kilgrave devises a plan to have Jones love him. He finds and buys, for twice its worth, her childhood home and has it reproduced down to minute details to resemble how it looked as the Jones lived there - all under the watch of Simpson, who has begun to track Kilgrave. Meanwhile, in the Northeastern Correctional Facility, Shlottman finds out she got pregnant, and tries to correct her own problems by paying Sissy Garcia to viciously assault her; Hogarth, who does not see Kilgrave as evil, gives Shlottman an abortion-inducing pill, but pays the jailhouse doctor to allow her to keep the fetus. Cage hires Jones to help him find a man running from the loan shark Len Sirkes, since finding him will get Cage a clue to the bus driver's identity; Jones admits that she killed Connors to keep Cage from killing Wallace. Cage curses her and tells her to never see him again.

Jessica Jones facing an incoming subway train

Kilgrave has an enthralled servant find an old journal Jones kept and enters Jessica Jones' Apartment Building to hide it for his love interest to discover. While there, Kilgrave encounters Ruben, a young man who has a crush on Jones, and has him commit suicide in Jones' bed due to jealousy. Pressured by Hogarth to help with her divorce, Jones almost causes the death of Ross-Hogarth by dropping her onto subway tracks as a train approaches, in an attempt to force her to sign the divorce papers. After saving Ross-Hogarth, Jones contemplates, with so much occurring, to commit suicide herself by allowing the train to hit her, but she jumps to safety. Jones comes home to see the body of Ruben.

Jessica Jones returns to her childhood home

Deciding that it was the last straw, Jones goes on a farewell tour where she says goodbye to different people important in her life. She encounters her adopted mother Dorothy and tells her to stay away from Trish; when she goes to see Cage, he is not at Luke's, but she gets advice from his bartender Roy Healy to leave the heartbroken man alone. Though Ducasse and Walker clean the apartment and dispose of the body; Jones retrieves the head of Ruben and takes it to the 15th Precinct Police Station to have herself arrested. Kilgrave does not allow this and takes the whole precinct hostage to free Jones. Exhausted, Jones surrenders to Kilgrave and Simpson watches as she moves in with his former enthraller.

Jessica Jones watch a WHiH World News report

Simpson plants a bomb in the basement of the Jones Residence, but when he attempts to save Jones before detonating it, she, after proving that she is not enthralled, reminds him that Kilgrave is needed alive to help Shlottman. As Simpson leaves to get his commando friends to help him deal with Kilgrave, Jones tells Kilgrave about the bomb and he begins to trust her. Using that trust, Jones has Kilgrave accompany her to a hostage situation where a man is threatening to kill his family. Kilgrave uses his powers to diffuse the situation, but Jones must constantly monitor the sociopath for him not to kill anyone. Kilgrave tries to get Jones to understand that he has no moral compass because of what his parents did to him. Pretending to be sympathetic, Jones finally gets to tranquilize her adversary. She keeps Simpson and his friends from killing Kilgrave by carrying him away, but Elizabeth De Luca, an enthralled, nosy neighbor who garnered the ire of Kilgrave with her quest for self-importance, detonates Simpson's bomb, killing his friends and severely injuring him.

Jessica Jones watches Kilgrave and his parents with Jeri Hogarth, Trish Walker and Oscar Clemons

Jones takes Kilgrave to a hermetically-sealed room with a live wire immersed in water to get a confession, while Walker takes Simpson to Metro-General Hospital to see Miklos Kozlov, a doctor with specially colored pills, to tend to his injuries. Hogarth tells Jones that a forced confession is inadmissible, so Jones attempts to get a video recording of Kilgrave using his telepathy. Failing to do it herself, Jones discovers that "Betty" in the Kilgrave Victim Support Group is actually Louise Thompson, Kilgrave's mother, and convinces her to confront her son for his crimes. However, Kilgrave has the ear of Hogarth, who becomes desperate to appease Pam when the secretary denies sex to the lawyer; without warning the others, Hogarth cuts the electrical fail-safe, so when the Thompsons enter the chamber, Kilgrave enthralls them to commit suicide. In the ensuing chaos, Kilgrave escapes with Hogarth.

At the Hogarth Residence, Kilgrave enthralls Ross-Hogarth to stitch his wounds and orders her to kill Hogarth with 1,000 cuts as a revenge tactic for the pain she felt; Pam kills Ross-Hogarth to defend her lover. However, when she ultimately learns of Hogarth's machinations in trying to get Ross-Hogarth mind-controlled to sign the divorce papers, Pam, though in jail on suspicion for murder, wants nothing to do with her any longer.

Will Simpson burns down the facility

Back at the facility, Albert Thompson decides to exploit Jones' immunity to Kilgrave by producing a mind-control antidote using her blood, and he and Walker go do it in his hotel apartment while Jones tries to find about Kilgrave's whereabouts. While Clemons is cleaning up the warehouse, Simpson returns, and he is downright sociopathic due to the effects of his pills. After finding out where Trish was, he kills Clemons and then burns down the facility. Simpson goes to the hotel and confronts the elderly man, but Walker is able to stop her former boyfriend from killing the man; she also steals the Combat Enhancers from Simpson's pocket. When Jones returns home after going to Ross-Hogarth's place, Kilgrave is already there and tells her he arranged for Shlottman's release from prison, while requesting his father in return. Jones knocks Kilgrave out and binds him.

Simultaneously to Jones calling Shlottman saying she will meet her during her precinct release, Ruben's twin sister Robyn learns her missing brother was actually murdered once she hears it from Malcolm in a Kilgrave Victim Support Group meeting. She convinces Jackson and Donald that Jones is withholding information and they confront her, knocking Jones out. When Robyn sees the bound mind-controller whom she had never met, she frees him and all are captured.

JJS01E10 Hope bleeds.png

When Jones wakes up, she goes to the Precinct and finds Shlottman was already released - and an officer informs her Kilgrave wants to exchange her for Albert. She goes with Thompson to Niku, where everyone else is brainwashed and in a hanging trap. The antidote spray Thompson created is ineffective and Kilgrave enthralls his father. Shlottman commits suicide, to remove herself from the playing field, hoping that this allows Jones to kill Kilgrave without her status being a repercussion. However, Kilgrave escapes with Thompson, by forcing Jones to save the others from hanging.

Jones covers up Kilgrave's involvement in Shlottman's death and starts searching for Albert's body at morgues as a lead to find out where Kilgrave might be. Because of her lack of sleep, while searching for Albert, she is injured in a car accident. Resting at Trish's house, she gets a text from a worker at the morgue, saying that they "have another body". She learns that the body is Clemons, and deducts that Simpson has killed him. They meet at Jone's apartment, which quickly turns into a fight.

Jessica Jones fighting against Will Simpson

As Jones is injured, she is overpowered. Walker arrives and takes one of Simpson's colored pills, then defeats Simpson. She later requires medical attention as her brain is not used to the pills. As Walker is recovering in the hospital, Kozlov takes the unconscious Simpson. Kilgrave warns Jones that he has found Cage. Jones arrives at the bar to see it explode with Cage still inside.

Cage survives the blast and reveals that he was controlled by Kilgrave to blow up his bar. Walker discovers that Kozlov works for a company called "IGH", who also paid for Jones medical bills in the car accident that killed her family. Cage recounts the events leading up to the blast, that being following Jones to confront Kilgrave. They realize that Kilgrave is keeping Albert alive to boost his abilities. While they look for Kilgrave, Cage forgives Jones for killing Conners. They find the nightclub where Kilgrave has been testing his powers.

The night club

They confront Kilgrave there, and he reveals that Cage was under his control the whole time. He tries to use the microphone to control Jones, but finds out the enhancements haven't worked. He then tells Cage attacks Jones while he escapes. Police arrive but are beaten by the controlled Cage. Jones manages to get hold of a shotgun and is forced to shoot Cage in the head at point-blank range.

Jessica Jones tricks Kilgrave

Jones takes the unconscious Cage and brings him to Metro-General Hospital, where they meet Claire Temple, a nurse that tells Jones that Luke is "not her first" gifted patient. Temple takes care of the unconscious Cage inside Jone's apartment, while Jones sets out to find Kilgrave. She discovers that Albert has been using the fetal that Hogarth kept to enhance Kilgrave's powers. Using Cage's phone, she tracks Kilgrave to an apartment, arriving just in time to see Albert die. Jessica, with Walker's help, confronts Kilgrave at the dock. Kilgrave takes Walker hostage and forces her to kiss him, and when Jones allows this, Kilgrave believes that he has control over her again. Kilgrave tells Jones to smile, which she obeys. Believing she is now under his control, Kilgrave tells Jones to say "I love you", Jones looks at Walker while saying the command, she then grabs his face and snaps Kilgrave's neck, killing him instantly. Jones is then arrested for murder, but is set free by Hogarth. Jones reunites with Walker and goes back to her apartment where she receives many voicemails from people who now want her help. She sifts through them convincing herself that if people believe that she is a hero, than she could convince herself as well.


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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
Ladies Night.png AKA Ladies Night 1.01 November 20, 2015 Melissa Rosenberg S.J. Clarkson
Jessica Jones is hired to find a pretty NYU student who's vanished, but it turns out to be more than a simple missing persons case.
Crush Syndrome.png AKA Crush Syndrome 1.02 November 20, 2015 Micah Schraft S.J. Clarkson
Jessica vows to prove Hope's innocence, even though it means tracking down a terrifying figure from her own past.
Jessica and Simpson.png AKA It's Called Whiskey 1.03 November 20, 2015 Liz Friedman & Scott Reynolds David Petrarca
It won't be easy to acquire or deploy. but Jessica thinks she's found a weapon to use against Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica bond over their similarities.
Jessica and Jeryn.png AKA 99 Friends 1.04 November 20, 2015 Hilly Hicks, Jr. David Petrarca
A new case demands attention as Jessica tries to find out who's spying on her for Kilgrave. Trish's radio show yields unexpected consequences.
The Sandwich Saved Me.png AKA The Sandwich Saved Me 1.05 November 20, 2015 Dana Baratta Stephen Surjik
Despite Jessica's objections, Trish's new friend Simpson gets involved in the hunt for Kilgrave. Jessica recalls a pivotal moment in her life.
Luke's Bike.png AKA You're a Winner! 1.06 November 20, 2015 Edward Ricourt Stephen Surjik
Luke hires Jessica to help him find someone who may have skipped town, but she fears he'll learn too much about her history in the process.
Purple Grin.png AKA Top Shelf Perverts 1.07 November 20, 2015 Jenna Reback & Micah Schraft Simon Cellan Jones
Malcolm, Simpson and Trish go rogue to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.
Lil kilgrave.png AKA WWJD? 1.08 November 20, 2015 Scott Reynolds Simon Cellan Jones
Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.
Kilgrave-begging-glass.jpg AKA Sin Bin 1.09 November 20, 2015 Jamie King & Dana Baratta John Dahl
Just when Jessica has Kilgrave right where she wants him. Hogarth's involvement complicates the situation. Details of Kilgrave's past emerge.
1000 Cuts.png AKA 1,000 Cuts 1.10 November 20, 2015 Dana Baratta & Micah Schraft Rosemary Rodriguez
A discovery has the potential to change the entire game -- if Jessica can refuse Kilgrave's offer.
I've Got the Blues.png AKA I've Got the Blues 1.11 November 20, 2015 Scott Reynolds & Liz Friedman Uta Briesewitz
Jessica searches morgues for clues. Trish goes all out to keep Simpson from getting in Jessica's way. Malcolm has an epiphany.
Jessica Jones Promo Netflix.png AKA Take a Bloody Number 1.12 November 20, 2015 Hilly Hicks, Jr. Billy Gierhart
The hunt for Kilgrave reunites Jessica with Luke. Trish receives some unexpected information about Simpson and Jessica.
Smile.png AKA Smile 1.13 November 20, 2015 Story by Scott Reynolds & Melissa Rosenberg

Teleplay by Jamie King & Scott Reynolds

Michael Rymer
Jessica and Luke get help from someone else in the neighborhood. Kilgrave gears up for a major test of powers against Jessica.


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