A collection of quotes from the television series Jessica Jones.

Season One

Episode 1.01: AKA Ladies Night

"The big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that. Clients hire me to find dirt. And I find it, which shouldn't surprise them, but it does."
Jessica Jones[src]
"God damn it, Malcolm. You scared the shit out of me."
"What are you doing in my apartment?"
"This is my apartment."
Jessica Jones and Malcolm Ducasse[src]
"Hard day at the office?"
"They're all hard."
"Pops always said, if you don't feel good going to work, you should find new work."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.02: AKA Crush Syndrome

"I'm life-threatening, Trish. Steer clear of me."
"I don't do that."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.03: AKA It's Called Whiskey

"Can you punch through a wall? Can you stop a moving car?"
"A slow moving car."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]
"You're a good person, Jessica Jones."
"You're high."
Malcolm Ducasse and Jessica Jones[src]
"What if there is someone else out there, but his ability was to make people do whatever he wanted."
Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.04: AKA 99 Friends

Episode 1.05: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

"This job was sucking my brains out through the air vent."
"You're bored because you're overqualified for all these crappy jobs."
"Yet I'm uniquely unqualified for anything else."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
"Here I am, just debating where to eat, and then, bam, there you are! Performing feats of heroism. Come here, let me look at you. Come on. Jesus you're a vision. Hair and the skin. Appalling sense of fashion, but that can be remedied. And underneath it all, the power. Just like me. Though not quite as good, of course. Tell me, did you enjoy beating those thugs?"
"Yeah? Why?"
"Because I helped someone. I made a difference."
"Well, how noble. What's your name?"
"Jones. Jessica Jones."
"No, no, no, your superhero name. You must have one."
"Just Jessica Jones."
"Really? Hmm. Rather prosaic, but it's fine. Fine, Jessica Jones, fine. There's a fantastic Szechuan place around the corner. You like Chinese. Come on. Come on. I have to know everything about you."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]
"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. So rare... for me to feel powerless. Well, I would have felt it, had I been conscious. But in retrospect, it's exhilarating. My life was literally in your hands. And I have the bruise to prove it. Which means you want me alive. Tell me why. I could just turn up on your doorstep and make you tell me. Oh, you're mad about the junkie, aren't you? That is completely unfair. I didn't make him do anything he didn't want to do. He was... he was an addict waiting to happen. Come on, Jessica. Come on. Don't play the hero with me."
Kilgrave to Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.06: AKA You're a Winner!

"You are a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman, but you are not a piece of shit."
Luke Cage to Jessica Jones[src]
"If you light that thing, I'll make you put it out in your eye."
"I'd like to see you try."
"Assholes try. I just do. Put that out."
Kilgrave and Harvey[src]
"I don't know what just happened there, but you're gonna sit down and give us a shot to win our money back."
"I've got a better idea. Let's see how long it takes you to put your head through that post. Go on."
Harvey and Kilgrave[src]
"May I help you?"
"I like your home. Nicest on the block."
"And the neighborhood, the big trees, grass, birds. Wish I'd grown up somewhere excessively normal like this."
"I'm sorry, what is it you want?"
"Yes, I've always been bad at small talk. I'm used to just saying things and they happen. It spoils you."
"Well, what a burden."
"You have no idea."
"Well, I need to go."
"I'd like to buy your house."
"It's not for sale."
"I've done some research. I believe it's worth just over $600,000."
"Like I said, it's not for sale. Now, move your foot."
"You are going to-- I want to show you something. This is $1.26 million. I'd like to give this to you in exchange for your beautiful home."
"You can't be serious."
"I am."
"But you could buy two houses with this much money."
"I know. Exciting, isn't it?"
"I mean, is this even legal?"
"Completely. I've had a real estate agreement drawn up."
"I'd have to show this to a lawyer."
"Mmm, feel free, I want everything above-board and binding. Avoid seller's remorse. There is one condition. You have to have moved out of here by the end of day tomorrow... if you chose to sign."
Lin and Kilgrave[src]
"Tell me, are you happy with our deal?"
"You bet. Absolutely. I mean, I didn't think we'd get everything packed up, but the kids made a game of it--"
"Leave now."
Kilgrave and Lin[src]

Episode 1.07: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

"I'm the only one who matches you... who challenges you... who'll do anything for you."
"Who are you? And what are you doing in Jessica's apartment with all the lights off?"
"The lights are off to suggest no one is here. But you couldn't take a hint."
"Because someone is here. But not Jessica?"
"Tell me, who are you?"
"My name is Ruben. I'm her neighbor. I made her banana bread."
"Because I love her."
Ruben and Kilgrave[src]
"Oh, everyone, calm down, you're killing the mood. Jessica. You're not surprised to see me. You had to know I'd come for you. Not this fast? I...I will admit to keeping eyes on you. Spies are easy to come by... for me."
"Do whatever you're going to do to me, but let them go."
"Well, I have to protect myself, so..."
"Then control me, not them."
"I have absolutely no intention of controlling you. I want you to act on your own accord."
"Act how? Suicide?" Is that why you've been torturing me?"
"Oh, my God. Jessica, I knew you were insecure. That's just sad. I'm not torturing you. Why would I? I love you."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.08: AKA WWJD?

"He set up a house. My house. Trippy psycho-drama bullshit. Nightmare Barbie's Dreamhouse bullshit."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]
"I once told a man to go screw himself. Can you even imagine?"
Kilgrave to Jessica Jones[src]
"You've killed more people as an afterthought."
"I've never killed anyone."
"You use your powers to compel murder."
"Oh, tomato, to-mato."
Jessica Jones and Kilgrave[src]
"You can't kill him."
"No, but he can kill himself. The man's clearly insane. He is never gonna be a productive member of society."
"That is not for you to decide."
"He will go to prison and feed of the tit of the taxpayers--"
"You've never paid a goddamn tax in your life."
"Fair enough. All right. What would Jessica do?"
"Make him turn himself over to the police."
"Shotgun's too messy, anyway."
Jessica Jones and Kilgrave[src]

Episode 1.09: AKA Sin Bin

Episode 1.10: AKA 1,000 Cuts

Episode 1.11: AKA I've Got the Blues

Episode 1.12: AKA Take a Bloody Number

"Cross the street, face that fence, and stay there forever."

Episode 1.13: AKA Smile