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Jessica Jones and Sonia[src]

Jessica Jones' Apartment Building is a building located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, that houses the office of the Alias Investigations private investigation agency.


Violent Husband

At the Alias Investigations Office, Jessica Jones revealed to a husband that his wife had been cheating on him as he had claimed. Enraged, he became violent to Jones, whom retaliated to his threats and knocked him through the glass window; she also reminded him that he needed to pay her for the private investigation services.[1]

Hope Shlottman Case

One day, Jones was visited at her apartment-office by Bob and Barbara Shlottman, whom requested the services of Alias Investigations to investigate the disappearance of their track-star daughter Hope Shlottman.

Returning to her apartment, Jones comforted a frightened Hope, as her parents arrived to take her home. As Jones prepared to gather her baggages and leave alongside them, she witnessed as an enthralled Hope pulled out a revolver. Unable to reach them in time, Jones quickly scaled the stairwell, shots ringing out. Jones watched as the bleeding bodies of Bob and Barbara linger out of the elevator doors, Hope still pulling the trigger and turning to her rescuer, taunting, "Smile." Residents heard the cries for help, while a disoriented investigator walked outside by a cab before collecting herself and pushing to defend Shlottman.[1]

Unexpected Visit from Luke Cage

Jones returned to her dim apartment. Without warning, Cage voiced his skepticisms witnessed at the bar days ago; he stated that he had watched as Jones tossed a man twice her size with one hand. Though she tried to play it as a delusion, Cage grabbed a power saw and pressed it against his abdomen, displaying his bulletproof skin. As Jones approached him and rubbed his skin, he told her that she could not fix him. The two then engaged in sex, Ruben informing them that Robyn could hear them.[2][3]

Unexpected Intrusion And Fatal Reminders


Kilgrave visited Jessica Jones's Apartment. As he looked around and left her a gift, he was seen by Ruben, whom held a plate of banana bread. When Kilgrave requested to know his identity and why he was there, Ruben revealed himself and informed the man that he wanted to give Jones a plate of bread, confessing his love for her. In his irritation, Kilgrave ordered Ruben to lie in bed and commit suicide via slashing his throat before leaving.[4]

Traumatic Revelation

Heavily drunk, Jones was carried by Ducasse back to her apartment. While he went to fetch her some water, Jones retreated to her bed, finding herself lying in a pool of blood. As she climbed out and turned, she leapt out and wailed at the sight of a deceased Ruben.[4]

Will Simpson

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Unconscious Luke Cage

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John Raymond Case

Initial Pleas

Arriving on her floor and to her apartment, Jessica Jones was approached by Michelle Raymond, whom pleaded that she accept the case on investigating the disappearance of her husband John Raymond. When Jones rebuffed that he was only cheating, Lexi Raymond tried to persuade her mother that the private investigator cared little and that the visit was a waste of time. Despite rejecting the offer, Jones called out to Michelle and expressed hope that John was found.

Walking inside, she received a message from an anonymous caller, warning her to not take the John Raymond case; when she attempted to connect with them, the line was gone. Peaking her curiosity, she turned to her laptop and began to research John Raymond, Malcolm Ducasse entering the apartment against Jones's wishes and peeking over her shoulder. During her research, Ducasse recommended that she tried to trace back the call's origin. Eventually, he added that the location was near a building that he had previous wandering during his enthrallment for drugs. As she left, Jones requested that Ducasse left her apartment.[5]

John Raymond

As Jones returned Trish Walker's call, she saw as her apartment door was left ajar. Concerned, she ended her call and walked slowly until she saw Malcolm Ducasse standing in the middle of the room. Sighing, Jones began to scold him before John Raymond revealed himself, holding a gun to her neighbor's head.[6]

Strange Signatures

Stressed, Jones turned to a bottle of whiskey and deleted the images she had previous taken of documents. As she ventured through, she noticed the signatures on some of the papers were too similar to one another, each one signed by a woman with an "A" in her name.[7]

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Calmer Times

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Chase of Whizzer

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