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"Don't try to be a hero. It's a shitty job."
―Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Campbell Jones is a private investigator from New York City. After becoming orphaned at a young age, Jones was taken in by Dorothy Walker and developed a deep friendship bond with her adoptive sister, Trish Walker. Shortly after being adopted, Jones discovered she possessed superhuman abilities due to the fatal car crash that took the lives of her parents and eventually decided to pursue a career as a superhero. However, a fateful encounter with Kilgrave, a vicious man with mind controlling powers, derailed her superhero career and she spent a torturous tenure as Kilgrave's sex slave before finally breaking free of his control. The experience left Jones suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, prompting her to hang up her secret identity and open her own detective agency.

Trying to remain an average person and keep a low profile, she would take on minor cases for cash, while caught in a spiral of despair and destructive behavior. However, the return of Kilgrave and the victims he left in his wake on her behalf forced her to put aside her trauma and stop him. Jones had multiple grueling encounters with Kilgrave, but with the help of Walker, Jeri Hogarth, Claire Temple, and fellow superhuman Luke Cage, Jones finally killed the maniac, conquering her demons and prompting her to continue her superhero career.

While on the job, Jones received a case which ended when John Raymond was driven to suicide by the Hand, prompting her to continue the investigation and her being recruited by Stick to join Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, to destroy the Hand, ending with the apparent sacrifice of Daredevil. With her victory over both Kilgrave and the Hand, Jessica was held in considerable notoriety by the New York community and her detective business' success skyrocketed.

As her job was going full throttle, Jones' life took another unexpectedly dark turn when she began investigating IGH, the organization responsible for giving her her abilities while she was comatose following the car crash at her adolescence. Focusing on her investigations, Jones soon realized that her mother, Alisa Jones, was actually alive and had undergone experiments that gave her powers similar to her daughter's, but also left her dangerously unstable. Once Jones turned over her mother over to the police and attempted to secure for her sentence, Jones met Alisa after her escape and the two flee north in order to avoid being fugitives. At Playland, Jones witnessed her mother's death at the hands of Trish Walker and cut ties with her.

After meeting Erik Gelden, Jones found a lead on Gregory Sallinger. Reconciling and teaming up with the newly enhanced Trish Walker along the way, Jones tracked Sallinger and realized that he was able to outsmart her. After a cat-and-mouse game, Sallinger was finally exposed, only for Jeri Hogarth to step in and defend him, causing the public to turn against Jones and other powered individuals. When Jones was finally able to corner Sallinger, he retaliated by killing Dorothy Walker, sending the already unstable Walker into a downward spiral. While Jones put together the last pieces of the puzzle to put Sallinger in jail for life, Walker entered a killing spree, ending by killing the now in custody Sallinger, and forcing Jones to chase and imprison Walker for her crimes.


Early Life

Chaotic Family Life

The only daughter of Brian and Alisa Jones, Jessica Jones often spent most of her time alone in her room and getting annoyed at overly nosy neighbors like Elizabeth De Luca. She also liked to watch people, writing her notes in a diary. Although her younger brother Phillip often pissed her off, Jones was incredibly protective of him, whom she described as a great boy.[28]

Death of her Family

"The powers were a side effect. A rare interaction with certain DNA."
"Lucky me."
"You're damn right. You were brought back from the dead. Literally. You died on the table. Your body shut down. No one thought you'd make it. It was a miracle."
Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones with her family before the crash.

During a car trip with her family, an argument between her and her brother about a Gameboy distracted her father long enough for the car to hit the back of the truck in front of them, resulting in an accident that apparently killed everyone else in the car. leaving Jones orphaned.[28]

Treatment from IGH

To be added

Adopted by Dorothy Walker

Jones learns her family are all dead

While recovering in the hospital where she had fallen into a coma, Jones was adopted by Dorothy Walker as a publicity stunt to promote Trish Walker's television show, It's Patsy. As Jones began to wake up from her coma while lying in bed, she overheard the Walkers discussing the death of her parents. This being the first time Jessica had learned of their death, she begins crying as the Walkers realized their mistake. Unbeknownst to her, IGH paid off Jones' hospital bills.[11] They also erased seventeen days out of Jones' time in the hospital to cover up how she experimented with gene editing therapy, that would eventually cause Jessica to develop enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, mobility, and resilience, as well as a limited form of flight.[4]

Living with the Walkers

Jones discovers her new incredible powers

"When we released her, we knew your recovery was a long way away. She needed a home. We arranged for another family to adopt her."
Karl Malus to Alisa Jones[src]

As they prepared to leave Jones Residence where she had grown up, Dorothy Walker refused to allow her to search for her journal which she had lost. Much to Jones' annoyance, Walker proved to be very forceful and would often push Jones to say please and thank you to the point of rude judgment. As Jones sat in the car, she noticed that Trish Walker had bruises on her neck which were inflicted by her mother.[8]

Jones speaks to Trish Walker in private

While living in the Walker residence, Jones would often overhear the Walkers having huge arguments about their daughter's television show. During one of these arguments, Jones locked herself in the bathroom and accidentally broke the sink made out of marble. Shocked by her own strength, Jones discovers that she could also lift the heavy sink above her head with one hand. She was spotted by Trish Walker, who was shocked at her incredible strength, but the pair agreed to keep each others' secrets from the world.

However, when Jones witnessed Dorothy forcing her daughter to vomit in the toilet in order to lose weight, Jones lost her temper. She grabbed her adopted mother and, with an incredible feat of strength, threw her across the room to protect her new sister. Dorothy ran downstairs while Jones helped Walker back to her feet and the pair struck up a friendship which would last for decades. Although Walker often pushed Jones to use her gifts for good, Jones preferred to keep them a secret.[11]

College Years

Relationship with Stirling Adams

Jones finds Stirling Adams murdered

"You're my only family now. I gotta protect that."
―Jessica Jones to Stirling Adams[src]

Jones enrolled in college, paid by Trish Walker against Jones' desires. One night at a bar, Jessica Jones met bartender Stirling Adams, who flirted with her. Later, he called Jessica and asked if she would like to join him for a whiskey. Eventually, they started to dating. She dropped out and moved in with Adams who hoped to open his own place called "Club Alias," while Jones used her strength for the occasional shoplifting, including her signature leather jacket, and stealing from automatic teller machines to support herself. Over the next month, she started to drift apart from Walker as she continued to abuse alcohol and drugs, helped by her sister continuing in the artistic life by attempting to become a singer. After Stirling was murdered by someone who repeatedly bashed his head against a wall, Jones decided to go after Walker, and found her about to have sex with Gus before Jones beat him up.[4]

Crappy Jobs

Jones prepares to quit an early bad job

"This job was sucking my brains out through the air vent."
"You're bored because you're overqualified for all these crappy jobs."
"Yet I'm uniquely unqualified for anything else."
―Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Jones began working at an office job within New York City for a few weeks and despised it. When her boss continued to discredit her work and make sexist remarks towards her, Jones used her detective skills to then blackmail her fraud-committing boss into giving her six months severance and a glowing recommendation for her next job. As she was leaving, the boss insulted her, and in the process mentioned her parents. Out of rage, she knocked over the many filing cabinets and walked out of the door.

Jones humiliates a sexist man in a bar

Later at the bar, Trish Walker tried to convince her to use her gifts to become a real superhero and protect innocent people, but Jones remained reluctant at the idea. As they were speaking, a man came over and tried to flirt with Walker, noting he remembered her as a child star on It's Patsy. When the man then made crude sexual jokes towards Walker, Jones challenged him to a strength competition, agreeing if she won he would buy all of their drinks and if he won she would have sex with him. Jones then wins the challenge and gets the money, while also forcing the man to apologize. Jones then uses the money to buy shots for everyone in the bar.

Jones after saving a little girl's life

Jones got another job, working at a cheap sandwich shop where she was forced to wear a large sandwich costume and hand out fliers to the uninterested bypassers. Clearly hating the job and feeling utterly humiliated by the stupid uniform, Jones put little effort into her work. However, while on the street, Jones witnessed a young girl run into the road and into the path of a taxi; Jones ran out and used her own strength to stop the taxi and saved the girl. Hearing the girl's gratitude and knowing she had made a difference had a big impact on Jones' mentality towards becoming a hero and saving more lives.

Jones mocks all of Trish Walker's ideas

Back at Trish Walker's Apartment, Jones continued to be pushed about the idea of her becoming a superhero like the Avengers, with Walker even having mock-up costumes made and pitching the new moniker "Jewel" as her own superhero name; however, Jones only mocked the idea more and refused to get involved. When Walker put on the mask to show it off, Jones simply turned it around to prove how easy it was to be blinded, so Walker suggested she fight crime naked instead. In the back of Jones' mind, she did consider the idea and decided to help people whenever she could, but didn't intend to take on an alter ego to do so.[1]

Kilgrave's Influence

Living with Mental Torment

Jones first falls under Kilgrave's power

"If you don't listen to me, what is the point in having ears? Answer me!"
"To listen to someone else."
"You never appreciate anything I do for you. If you can't listen to me, you don't need ears. Cut them off."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]

While walking one day, Jones came across Malcolm Ducasse about to be killed by muggers, whom she quickly overpowered in order to save him. This action was spotted by Kilgrave, who clapped enthusiastically, marveled at her powers. Using his own abilities, he enthralled her, and Jones immediately fell under Kilgrave's mind control powers, answering his questions and revealing her name. Kilgrave complimented her on her beauty before ordering her to join him for dinner, with she accepted due to his power.[1]

Jones being controlled by Kilgrave

Over the next few months, Kilgrave kept Jones as his own prisoner, constantly using his powers to force her to spend time and have sex with him, which she always knew was rape despite Kilgrave believing it was a real relationship. When Trish Walker would call Jones to check that she was all right, Kilgrave ensured that Jones explained that everything was fine. Kilgrave would treat her to dinner, specifically at an Italian restaurant called Il Rosso, and use his vast wealth to stay in a five-star hotel; however, it would constantly be his powers keeping her there, not Jones' own free will.[2]

Jones attempts to escape from Kilgrave

It quickly became clear that Kilgrave's powers would only last twelve hours until he would need to give a new order. One day, no order was given and Jones became free of him for a few short seconds, finally offering her a new chance to escape from his power. She considered jumping off the balcony and escaping, as she does that, Jones imagined a white horse below which was there to take her from Kilgrave, but before she could, Kilgrave ordered her to step down, putting her under his control again. When he questioned why she initially had not listened to him, he decided to punish her by ordering her to cut off her own ear, which later was revealed by Jessica to have a scar where he forced her to self-harm. When she began to obey, Kilgrave changed his mind and hugged her.[9]

Breaking Free

Kilgrave becomes aware that Reva Connors was previously in possession of a hard-drive which he wished to gain ownership of for unknown reasons. With Jones by his side, Kilgrave put Connors under his power and discovers that she buried the hard-drive under concrete. Kilgrave orders Jones to uncover it and after hours of digging, which leads to her hands bleeding, Jones finds the hard-drive and gives it to Kilgrave.

Jessica resisting Kilgrave's commands

Satisfied that he had gotten what he desired, Kilgrave and the women step outside the warehouse. Kilgrave orders Jones to handle Connors, which Jones obeys by mustering all of her strength and punching Connors in the chest, stopping her heart and killing her instantly.[7] However, the trauma of committing murder horrified Jones so much that she walked away from Kilgrave, ignoring his commands, successfully breaking away from his control. As Kilgrave screamed at Jones to come back to him, a bus swerved to miss Connors' body and instead hit Kilgrave, seemingly killing him.[29]

Jones experiences PTSD flashbacks

Jones receives a death certificate which confirmed Kilgrave had been killed in the crash and returned to Trish Walker for comfort. However, the prolonged experience of being under Kilgrave's control left Jones suffering from PTSD and she gave up all hope of becoming a hero. Jones moved from Walker's apartment and found her own place, deciding to use her gifts to open Alias Investigations and earn a living investigating people, mainly men, and women having affairs. Jones became addicted to whiskey and avoided human contact as much as possible, even from her own adoptive sister.[2]

Alias Investigations

Working for Jeri Hogarth

"The big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that. Clients hire me to find dirt. And I find it, which shouldn't surprise them, but it does."
―Jessica Jones[src]

During her time as private investigator Jones started to work on jobs for Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz. So far Jones had finished eight jobs that no one could deliver on. The way she handled these jobs got several people to complain about her to Hogarth, who ignored them and kept Jones her methods a secret. When Jeri Hogarth asked her to become the private investigator for their law office, Jones, who preferred to work as a freelancer, declined.

Jones smashes her client through a door

Jones was hired by a man to stalk his wife to see if she was cheating on him. She tracked the woman down and found her having sex with another man. When Jones showed her client the photos at her office, he began to get angry that his own wife was cheating on him with his brother. When he began to get violently aggressive, Jones tossed him through the door, breaking it and its window, still demanding her payment.[2]

Visiting Turk Barrett

Jessica Jones interrogating Turk Barrett

"What happened to you, Turk?"
"D-Devil, the Devil in Hell's Kitchen, he's everywhere."
―Jessica Jones and Turk Barrett[src]

Jessica Jones was hired by a former lover of Turk Barrett to locate him and force him to give money in order to raise the child he had with her. When Barrett was attempting to get money from an old client, he was immediately ambushed by Daredevil. The brawl resulted in Barrett being brought to Metro-General Hospital, where Jones found him. Once she had established what had happened, Jones took Barrett's wallet to give to her client and disconnected his IV before leaving.[30]

A Loosened Pole

Jones speaks to Jeri Hogarth

"You're not protecting me, you need my methods. I'm not going to beg you for a case, I will ask you though, very strongly."
"I need a summons served to the owner of several gentlemen's clubs, his name his Gregory Spheeris."
―Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth[src]

The next day, Jones walked into the offices of Jeri Hogarth. Jones asked Hogarth for a case, with Hogarth pointing that she had already hired a company private investigator. Hogarth called Jones out on her many flaws, only for Jones to point out that she had solved every single case that none of the other private eyes could. Hogarth gave Jones the assignment of serving a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris: an owner of numerous gentlemen clubs. One of Spheeris dancers apparently injured herself on a loosened pole. When Jones suspected she had an ulterior motive, Hogarth admitted several of her other clients were interested in taking Spheeris property.

Jones secretly spies on Luke Cage's life

At her apartment, Jones contacted Spheeris secretary Magda Simms under the guise of Karen Accord, one of Simms' old friends. Simms revealed to Jones the location that Spheeris was meeting an associate. Jones later tried to get some rest but found herself unable to sleep. She took her camera and began spying on a man named Luke Cage. Jones spied on Cage and a woman he was with and watched as he and the woman went up to his apartment to have sex. When she dozed off, she began to have a brief flashback of Kilgrave. She then proceeded to use the coping mechanism her therapist taught her.[2]

Hope Shlottman's Case

Jones visited by Bob and Barbara Shlottman

"You are Jessica Jones, Private Investigator?"
"Yes, I'm a private investigator."
"I'm Barbara Sholttman, this is my husband Bob, we just in from Omaha to find our missing daughter."
Barbara Shlottman and Jessica Jones[src]

The next day, Jones wakes up hearing noise from her kitchen. Jones went to the kitchen only to find her neighbor Malcolm Ducasse there eating her peanut butter. As Jones went to escort him out, she was confronted by a couple, Bob and Barbara Shlottman who were looking for their apparently missing daughter Hope. Barbara proceeded to explain how Hope was originally attending New York University on an athletic scholarship when she suddenly decided to "take a break," move out of her apartment and quit the track team. When the police said there was nothing they could do, someone recommended Jones.

Jones interviews Mei and Raj

Jones proceeded to accept their case. Later, when they left, Jones researched the Shlottmans to check their legitimacy. After confirming it, she researched Hope and her numerous track accomplishments and noticed a friend in one of her pictures. Jessica tracked down the old roommate, who was furious at Shlottman for leaving and had since replaced her with a new roommate called Raj who insisted on filming everything. Mei revealed to Jessica that Shlottman was with a new boyfriend she met.[2]

Serving Spheeris

Jones stops Gregory Spheeris' car

"Do I look like I'm hiding? No, you want to know why? Because no one wants to know, they want to feel safe, they'd rather call you crazy than admit that I can lift this car or that I can melt your insides with my laser eyes, which won't leave a trace."
―Jessica Jones and Gregory Spheeris[src]

Later, Jones tracked down Gregory Spheeris. She originally tried to talk to him by asking for directions, but when he rudely dismissed her and attempted to drive off, Jones resorted to picking up the car. Realizing she was another person with powers, Spheeris became afraid and threatened to tell the world about her abilities. However, Jones only pointed out that she was not really hiding and noted that no one would believe him before threatening to kill him with her "laser eyes." Spheeris proceeded to sign the subpoena.

Jones has another nightmare about Kilgrave

Back at the Alias Investigations Office, Jones falls asleep at her desk when she suddenly has a nightmare about Kilgrave touching her and tormenting her. Mentally and emotionally unhinged from the horrifying nightmare, the now unnerved Jones then received a phone call from Jeri Hogarth who briefly chastised her about how she had actually threatened Gregory Spheeris with her " laser eyes," only with Jones pointing out that Spheeris was so idiotic he would believe anything he said. Hogarth accepted this, giving Jones what she had considered a compliment before hanging up.[2]

Meeting Luke Cage

Jones introduces herself to Luke Cage

"I don't flirt. But you do. Not for sport. It's got purpose. Like getting customers to drink more. Tip more."
"So what else ya got, Sherlock?"
"All right. A drunk spills on your shirt, pukes on your shoe, and you roll with it. But break or scratch something? He's toast."
―Jessica Jones and Luke Cage[src]

Jones goes to Luke's and stood outside the window until she is confronted by Luke Cage himself who noticed that she comes around often but never steps inside. He then told her it was "ladies night" in which women get to drink for free. Jones noticed this was false only for Cage to say that it was now, noting that Jones' attractiveness and loneliness attracted customers and once again invited her inside.

Jones went inside and drank until the bar was almost closed as Roy Healy went home. She and Cage then proceeded to talk about their respective jobs, with Cage noting that his friend Pop would say that if she did not like her work she should find new work. Jones eventually told him she was a Private Investigator with Alias Investigations which seemed to make him uneasy. While Cage still did not tell have anything about his own life, he did begin noticing that she seemed to be flirting with him, which she denied claiming that she did not flirt.

Jones after having sex with Luke Cage

The two eventually ended up having sex in Luke Cage's Apartment. When it seemed that Cage was about to harm Jones, he advised they take it slow, although Jones insisted that he continue. When they were done, Jones went to the bathroom where she noticed a picture of Reva Connors and remembered how she had been forced to murder Connors by Kilgrave years earlier. Unsettled by the revelation, Jones decided to leave quickly; grabbing her clothes as she apologized to Cage, but gave no explanation, walking through New York City back to her own home to reflect upon her own actions which she hated.[2]

Rescue of Hope Shlottman

Jones is shocked to learn Kilgrave is back

The next morning, Jones was woken up by Barbara Shlottman who asked about her progress on Hope's case. Jones told her Hope made some recent purchases on her credit card which Barbara claimed that she only gave to Hope to use only if there was an emergency. Jones went to the places that Hope had used her credit card until she arrived at the same restaurant Kilgrave once took her. Horrified by the fact that he might be back, Jones questioned the manager and showed her a picture of Hope; the man recognized her and began to recount how her companion asked for a specific table and a specific dish which were all things Kilgrave ordered when he took Jones there.

Jones runs straight back to her apartment

Terrified by the fact that Kilgrave was back, Jones ran to her apartment and contacted Jeri Hogarth to ask for immediate payment, only for Jeri Hogarth to remind her that the money will take a few days to transfer to her account. Jones then went to Trish Walker; the two argued about Jones leaving her without calling to let her know she was alright. Jones then told Walker that Kilgrave was back. While Walker attempted to convince her to track down Kilgrave and save Shlottman, Jones was too afraid of the thought that Kilgrave might control her again. Walker gave up and went to go give Jones the money.

Jones finds Hope Shlottman in the Plaza Hotel

On the cab ride home, Jones had a change of heart and decided to go to the hotel that Kilgrave had taken her before. At the Plaza Hotel, she found Shlottman laying on a bed. Shlottman had been ordered by Kilgrave not to move and had been stuck in the bed for hours. With some difficulty, Jones managed to get Hope out the room. She then contacted her parents and told them to meet her at the Alias Investigations Office.

Jones and Shlottman embrace

At the apartment, Jones comforted Shlottman and told her to tell herself that it was not her fault. Bob and Barbara Shlottman arrived and embraced their daughter, thanking Jones. Jones told them to get Hope as far away from New York City as possible. Jones then ordered a ticket on the next plane out of New York. As she left her apartment with her bags packed, she saw the Shlottmans in the elevator; however, as the door closed, Jones noticed Hope pull out a gun.

Jones sees Hope Shlottman kill her parents

Jones rushed to stop her, but was too late. As she rushed down the stairs to the open elevator door, she found Bob and Barbara dead with Hope looking at Jones and telling her to smile before snapping back to her senses to realize what she had done. Breaking down and crying, Jones left and called a taxi, but soon realized that she had two choices: keep running or stay and fight Kilgrave. Jones chose the latter and returned to her apartment determined to stop Kilgrave from ruining anymore lives.[2]

Finding Kilgrave

Seeking Answers

Oscar Clemons questions Jones

Jones was questioned by detective Oscar Clemons about Hope Shlottman murdering her parents. He then proceeded to ask her if she thought Shlottman was in her right mind when she murdered her parents and proceeded to ask how Shlottman obtained the gun. When Jones pointed out that someone could have possibly gave it to her, the detective pulled out pictures of Luke Cage that she had taken. An angered Jones pointed out that the police went through her items without a warrant only for Clemons to point out that it was part of the crime scene. Jones claimed that the pictures were not part of the Shlottman case and that her clients would be displeased as they expected discretion and claimed that all of her legal work was up to date and that he could not charge her with anything. Jones then proceeded to leave the police station.

Jones explains to Cage about the pictures

Jones later went to Luke's, but saw that the police were already there showing him the pictures and questioning him. When they left, Jones went inside. Luke proceeded to tell her the bar was closed and told her to explain why she took the pictures. Jones proceeded to tell him that she was hired by Gina's husband. Cage did not believe her claims he didn't get involved with married women, only for Jones to reveal that she takes her ring off before seeing him and that he could look the marriage certificate up himself. Cage then proceeded to tell her to stay away from him.

Jones considers how Kilgrave survived

Jones went back to her apartment and proceeded to take a shower. While showering, she wonders how Kilgrave survived. To find answers, Jones started by going to Shlottman who was currently being held in custody. Jones proceeded to try and question her about the whereabouts of Kilgrave, but Shlottman was seemingly despondent. Hope then asked her if she was a good jumper, noting that Kilgrave made her jump for hours on end, but claimed that she was never as good as her. Shlottman proceeded to change the subject to her 12-year-old brother who was now effectively an orphan and all alone.

Jones speaks to Hope Shlottman

Jones told her that it was not her fault only for Shlottman claim that she’s right and that it was Jones fault for not making sure he was dead. Surmising that Kilgrave was mad and that his overall plan was to make her suffer, Jones asks how she can find him. Shlottman then proceeded to become extremely disheveled claiming that Kilgrave will control her to if she found him. However, Jones promised that she won’t let that happen. Shlottman then proceeded to suggest that Jones kill herself only for Jones to point out that she is the only one who could prove her innocence. As she left, Jones proceeded to watch as Shlottman was forced to take medication.

Jones convinces Jeri Hogarth to take Hope Shlottman's case

Deciding to take another approach, Jones went Jeri Hogarth's office to try and convince her to take Shlottman’s case. Jones proceeded to tell her that Shlottman wasn’t in control of her actions only for Hogarth to compare it to drunk driving. Jones again asserted that Shlottman wasn't responsible, but Hogarth pointed out that people won't believe brainwashing. When Hogarth made a humorous remark of Kilgrave's abilities, Jones proceeded to lose her temper pointing out to her, that the situation was very serious. Hogarth then proceeded to ask Jones how she will prove that mind control was indeed the leading cause in Hope murdering her parents only for joins to point out that her skills as a private investigator made her resourceful. Jones then told Hogarth that if she took the case, she would owe her a favor.

Jones tries to ignore Trish Walker

On her way back home, Jones was confronted by Trish Walker who had been following her. Walker claimed that she had been texting her; only for Jones to point out that her phone was dead. Walker told Jones that she was scared for her only for Jones to tell her not to having feelings and that she’s okay, but Walked insisted on helping and just asks for some of Jones' time. The two then went back to of Jones' apartment where Walker noticed the broken door. Walker claimed the apartment was nice, but Jones quickly pointed out that she was only lying and actually thought it looked horrible.

Jones informs Walker that the accident didn't kill Kilgrave

Jones then proceeded to hide her back the money that she had gave her. Jones then caught Walker up to speed with the situation and explained to her that the accident didn’t kill him. Walker is more concerned about Jones mindset and points out the possibility of Kilgrave controlling her again only Jones to claim that she’ll risk death before letting that happen again. Walker pointed out that that is what she is afraid of and ask Jones move in. Jones points out all the risk and claims with Kilgrave alive no one is safe and there’s no way of knowing who is on her side. Jones then claimed that she is a threat and warned Walker to avoid her not wanting to risk losing her to Kilgrave. Walker then went to leave, but before she left, Jones told her that the sign had her private investigation title on it with Walker saying that she liked the name.

Jones threatens Robyn and Ruben

While going over the evidence, Jones hears her neighbors upstairs arguing with it being so loud that she can't concentrate. Jones then went upstairs to tell them to stop, passing Malcolm Ducasse in the hallway. Jones knocked on the door, where her neighbor Ruben answered it. Jones told them to quiet down only for his sister Robyn to push in front of her brother and tells Jones to mind her own business. Jones then proceeded to push the door open, breaking the lock and grabbing Robyn by the neck, pushing her against the wall and lifting her off the ground. Jones proceeded to explain to them why she lived alone and told her that she did not care what they did as long as they did it privately.[5]

Understanding Kilgrave's Survival

Jones disguises herself

Returning to piecing everything together, Jones decided to head to the area where Kilgrave was hit by a bus. Finding out that the nearest hospital was Metro-General Hospital, only six blocks away, Jones snuck into an unauthorized area and stole a nurse's uniform. Successfully sneaking inside, Jones could not figure out how to work the computer, so she asked for assistance. She proceeded to lie to the nurse saying that a doctor wanted her to retrieve a file for him on a John Doe. Unfortunately, the John Doe that she was looking for is not listed on the day of the bus crash, but Jones decided to print and copy the file anyway.

Jones calls Trish Walker about the security

Back at her apartment, Jones saw that there were people in it and quickly attacked them, severely injuring one of them in the process. However, it turned out that they were workers hired by Walker to fix her door. Jones then proceeded to call 911. Jones called Walker and told her that she was relentless; Walker, however, was expecting a little gratitude pointing out that Kilgrave was still out and about. Jones told Walker to stay away and compared her to her mother. Walker pointed out the severity of the comment before being hung up on. Ruben then proceeded to confront Jones and apologize for the noise claiming that he was impressed with Jones for being able to calm Robyn down. Jones then looked at the hospital paper and realized that there were two ambulances dispatched.[5]

Meeting Jack Denton

Jones remembers her time with Kilgrave

While on the subway, Jones sat alone and had flashback of Kilgrave in the accident. Lost in the moment, she got upset and punched the window, cracking it. Arriving at a small house, she asked a woman in front if a man named Jack Denton lived there. Noting that he was the driver of the other ambulance, but went missing at the accident scene. Pointing out that he was charged with stealing the ambulance, even though it was returned. Jones assured her that if she could understand what happened, she might be able to reverse the ruling and the woman took her inside.

Jones meets Jack Denton, one of Kilgrave's victims

Jones saw Jack who had had a stroke, which was not in his file, but they think his body went into shock after he donated both his kidneys. His mother proceeded to explain he disappeared for three weeks and was found in an alley and that someone donated the dialysis machine to them. Jones took note of the serial number in order to find out who leased it. Jack then tried to communicate with Jones by writing. Thinking he knew the location of Kilgrave, Jones was shocked when he asked her to kill him. Unable to do it, Jones proceeded to rip up the paper and leave as Jack cried, while his mother attended to him. Jones called about the dialysis machine, but no one could help her at the moment and insisted they call her back.[5]

Finding the Doctor

Jones is confronted by Gina about Luke Cage

Shortly after walking into her apartment, there was a knock at the door. Jones was confronted by Gina who blamed Jones for her husband finding out about her affair with Luke Cage. Knowing that he didn’t hire her, she theorizes that Jones hired herself because she was jealous and claimed that she had risked Luke's safety. Explaining that her husband Andre and his friends got drunk and planned on going down to Luke's bar to attack him.

Jones helps Luke Cage fight Andre

Jones went to the bar where Andre and his friends confronted Cage. Cage tried to diffuse the situation, but Andre and his friends attacked and Jones comes to his assistance. While working together to defeat the group, Jones witnessed Andre try to stab Cage with a bottle only for it to not pierce his skin. Cage told him he was drunk, to go home to his wife and forget what he saw. After they left, Cage offered shots to everyone and then asked Jones what happened. She pointed out the suggestion team work, but Cage told her that what happened is bad for business and told her to leave.

Jones eavesdrops on David Kurata's class

The next day, Jones phone rang waking her where she discovered the dialysis company called. She called them back got the name of the doctor leasing the machine: Dr. David Kurata and went to find him. Kurata was going over exam results with his small class of college students when he saw Jones enter the room and ran. Jones chased after him through another class until they end up in the basement. Kuata then asked if Kilgrave was with her. Jones asked why he would think that she was with Kilgrave, only for Dr. Kurata to tell her that he had a picture of her and that he was obsessed. He then proceeded to tell her that only one of Kilgrave's kidneys was destroyed and that the other had started to breakdown due to "crush syndrome.

Jones and David Kurata discuss Kilgrave

Kurata then explained how he told Kilgrave that it was possible to live with one kidney, but that Kilgrave wanted to be made whole again and that any kidneys would do for a whether they’re a match or not. Kurata also revealed that during the entire surgery Kilgrave was awake. Deducing that Kilgrave was afraid to go sleep, Jones asked why with Dr. Kurata explaining that surgical anesthesia is different and shuts down different functions of the brain. Realizing Kilgrave's weakness, Jones called Jeri Hogarth and ordered Dr. Kurata to tell her what happened from the beginning.[5]

Learning of Luke Cage's Power

Jones receives her brand new door sign

"So just how unbreakable are you?"
"On a scale of "I don't know" to... "I'd rather not find out"?"
"So if I were to bite your finger with all of my considerable strength."
"Depends on how considerable. So don't go getting any ideas."
―Jessica Jones and Luke Cage[src]

Back at her apartment, Jones puts away her case file leaving out one index card with Sufentanil's profile on it. She noticed a package leaning against a chair and opened it to discover her new “Alias Investigations” sign. Jones called Walker and the two agreed to get lunch. Jones then took a shower thinking that Kilgrave exploited her weakness that Jones cared about the well being of others and pointed out that now that she knew his weakness, the battle had just begun.

Jones has passionate sex with Luke Cage

Exiting the shower, Jones found Cage in her apartment. When she asked what he was doing there, Cage revealed what he had deduced from witnessing her fight and perform superhuman feat of strength, and proving he suspected she knew about him. He then picked up a sander, turned it on and pressed it to his abdomen where it was unable to cut his skin, firing off sparks as it was chipped away by the surface of his body. Cage then claimed Jones could not fix him because he was unbreakable.[5]

Trish Walker's Mistake

Jones listens to Trish Walker's interview Hope Shlottman

Because of Hope Shlottman's incarceration, Trish Walker had invited her as a guest to speak on Trish Talk to question her about the existence of Kilgrave's mind control powers and her side of the story. Jeri Hogarth and Shlottman were present for the interview in the correctional facility, while Jones stood with Walker at the radio station.

Jones listens to Jeri Hogarth's plea for insanity

During the interview, Shlottman told her story, but afterwards, Hogarth, on the air, made Shlottman seem like she was insane and dismissed the possibility of Kilgrave's existence. Walker decided to express her opinion that "mind control" was real, citing the existence of the Avengers and the Battle of New York as evidence that anything was possible. During Walker's speech, she began to insult Kilgrave, calling him a coward; Jones was dismayed and panicked, because she knew that he would be listening.

Jones unplugs Trish Walker's show

Since Kilgrave was in fact listening to the broadcast, he called the radio station, boldly asking Walker why she was insulting him, knowing how powerful he was, saying that the "hypothetical" man can easily make her kill herself. This caused Walker and Jones to quickly leave the station to protect themselves from harm. As they exited, Walker was approached by a fan of hers who wanted an autograph; but a panicked Walker assaulted the fan before she knew his true intentions.[29]

Attack on Trish Walker

Will Simpson arrived at Trish Walker's Apartment under the guise that he was there to bring Trish Walker in for questioning after she had attacked the fan who was apparently pressing charges against her. However, he was under Kilgrave's control and he was there to kill her. A hesitant Walker opened the door only for Simpson to attack. Walker attempted to fight him off, but Simpson overpowered her and proceeded to try and choke her to death.

Jones fights off the enthralled Will Simpson

Fortunately, Jessica Jones arrived through the window of the apartment and proceeded to temporarily subdue Simpson by throwing him against the wall knocking him out for a short while. To stop him from attacking Walker and seeking an opportunity to find Kilgrave, Jones injected Walker with a sedative knocking her unconscious. When Simpson awoke and saw Walker's assumed corpse, he was convinced that he had accomplished his mission and proceeded to report back to Kilgrave with Jessica following him.[29]

Face to Face with Kilgrave

Jones becomes face to face with Kilgrave

Jones managed to slip Trish Walker's phone inside Will Simpson's jacket and activated the tracker on the phone to follow Simpson. Jones followed him to a luxury house, owned by a small family, where Kilgrave was hiding. Jones overheard Simpson reporting to Kilgrave that he had executed Walker, and Jones was devastated by the outcome. Jones, who could see Kilgrave from the glass portion of the rooftop of the house, prepared to ambush Kilgrave and administer the sedative to capture him. Unfortunately, Kilgrave ordered Simpson to jump off the balcony and to his death. Not willing to let this happen, Jones had prevented Simpson from jumping, and forced him away from the edge of the balcony. However, Jones had lost the element of surprise, and for the first time in a year, looks into the eyes of the serial mind-controller.

Jones hunts down the escaping Kilgrave

After a momentary stare-down, Kilgrave warns Jones that Simpson was making another attempt to fall off the balcony. Jones immediately rendered Simpson unconscious, but this had proven to be the perfect diversion for Kilgrave to start making his escape. Kilgrave had also ordered the residents of the house to attack Jones, further hindering her pursuit of the madman. Despite Jones' failed attempt to reason with the attacking family, she was able to subdue them.

She then discovered a room in the house where there are hundreds of pictures of her in her daily life, which shows that Kilgrave has had her under constant surveillance. One picture in particular was a taunt to Jones from Kilgrave which stated "See You Later." As Simpson regained consciousness, Jones had convinced him that he followed Kilgrave's orders of jumping off the building by pretending to fall on a pile of garbage. Simpson expressed confusion as well as horror believing that he had killed Walker despite Jones trying to inform him that he killed no one. Jones had advised Simpson to forget everything that had just happened before leaving him.[29]

Kilgrave's Spy

Jones breaks up with Cage

The evening after losing Kilgrave, Jessica went to Luke Cage's apartment. Cage immediately noticed the cuts and scrapes on Jones' face and invited her inside. Jones, however, refused and decided to break up with Cage stating that she had too much business to handle to be involved with Cage or anyone. Despite Cage suspecting that Jones' decision has something to do with his deceased wife, he responded by telling Jones to do what she had to do before retreating back to his apartment.

Jones learns that someone is spying on her

After leaving Cage's apartment, Jones notices that one of the photographs that Kilgrave was in possession of showed an image of her on the fire escape the night that she had photographed the affair between Cage and Gina. This led Jones to deduce that all of the photos that Kilgrave had possessed was produced by someone spying for Kilgrave.[29]

A New Client

Jones meets Audrey Eastman

The following day, Jones attempted to find out who the spy could possibly be. Before she could proceed any further with her investigation, she was summoned back to her office by a new client named Audrey Eastman, whose divorce lawyer under Hogarth referred Jones to her. Eastman claimed that she and her husband were in the process of getting a divorce and wanted Jones to take photographs of her husband and his mistress in a promiscuous act as leverage for their divorce proceedings. Due to Eastman's anxious and odd behavior, Jones grew suspicious of her and believed in the possibility that she might be Kilgraved. Nevertheless, she took on Eastman's case.

Jones showing Simpson that Walker is alive

Jones had later received a frantic call from Walker stating that the same officer who attacked her before was trying to break into her apartment. Jones immediately went to Walker's apartment and saw through Walker's surveillance camera that Simpson is in a state of guilt believing that he murdered Walker. Jones and Walker greeted Simpson at the door, confirming that Walker was alive. Jones revealed to Simpson that she had Walker sedated to make Simpson believe that he killed her. Simpson expressed an intense need to go after Kilgrave, but Jones refused to allow him to become involved in handling Kilgrave. Still worried for her best friend, Jones had arranged for Walker to publicly apologize for her harsh criticisms of Kilgrave to which Walker herself had reluctantly obliged in doing.

Jones watching Eastman

Jones had decided to follow Audrey Eastman in making sure she was not under Kilgrave's control. She even went as far as questioning Hogarth if Eastman is a legitimate client of Tobey. Not knowing for sure of Eastman's motives, if any, Jones had spent much of the day watching Eastman from afar. During this time, she notices a police surveillance camera posted on the sidewalk, and opted to actually ask for Simpson's help in tracking down the spy for Kilgrave to which he agreed.

Jones watching Eastman fire her gun

During the continuation in following Audrey Eastman, Jones tracked her to an abandoned building. To Jones' surprise, Eastman was using the facility as means for target practice with a concealed gun. At this point, Jones concludes if Eastman was under Kilgrave's control, the latter would no longer be under his influence given the amount of time that has expired, therefore, she's planning to use the weapon for another purpose.[6]

More Kilgrave Victims

Jeri Hogarth reminding Jones of a favor

Jones visited Hogarth at her firm where a meeting was about to take place among people who claimed to be under Kilgrave's control. Hogarth, who is in a bitter break-up with her wife Wendy, wanted Jones to dig up some dirt on Wendy as a leg-up for their pending divorce, reminding Jones of her promise of owing a favor to Hogarth.

Jones disgusted by Hogarth's talk of Kilgrave

Jones, along with Hogarth, had heard the statements made by the potential Kilgrave victims. Only a few of the statements stood out to Jones as one female victim described how Kilgrave would not allow her to stop smiling, while a male victim described how Kilgrave had forced him to hand over an expensive jacket. At the end of the meeting with the victims, Hogarth expresses an interest in Kilgrave's abilities stating the usefulness of his gifts, much to Jones' protest, who punches Hogarth's glass door out of anger and frustration.

A "Kilgraved" girl with a message for Jones

Later into the evening, Jones was greeted by Simpson, who provided Jones with the police surveillance footage needed to track Kilgrave's spy. While entering Jones' apartment complex, Simpson notices Malcolm Ducasse loitering and proceeded to aggressively question him. Jones quickly diffused the situation citing Ducasse as an addict, and in turn, Simpson apologized for his paranoid behavior. Jones advised Simpson to join the meeting of Kilgrave victims to help him cope with his recent experiences. Simpson left, not wanting to take Jones' offer for help. The next day, Jones was confronted by an eight-year-old girl named Chanise who was under Kilgrave's control. The girl stated that Kilgrave liked Trish Walker's apology over the radio, thus ensured Walker's safety for the time being. She had also scold Jones for leaving Kilgrave to die the night of the bus crash. Jones, already at her breaking point from constant torment by Kilgrave, tried to interrogate the girl on the latter's whereabouts, only for the girl's mother to intervene and warn Jones to stay away from her daughter.[6]

Attempted Murder

Jones threatened by Audrey Eastman

"You think you're the only ones who lost people? You think you're the only ones with pain? You think you can take your shit and dump it on me? You don't get to do that! So you take your goddamn pain and you live with it, asshole! You lost your parents? Welcome to the goddamn club! I lost mine in some random accident!"
―Jessica Jones to Audrey Eastman[src]

Jones continued her investigation with the Eastman case, by following Carlo Eastman to an apartment building in order to gather evidence of his infidelity. After Carlo enters the building, Jones flies up to the level where Carlo was to meet his mistress. Jones witnessed Carlo in bed with another woman, and at the same time, received a phone call from Audrey Eastman. Jones immediately noticed that something was not right, as she saw Carlo was still in full clothing and that Audrey questioned Jones about her husband, with Jones finding the phone call and Audrey's timing to be too coincidental. As Jones disconnected the call to Eastman, she could hear the latter's voice coming from the room where Carlo had supposedly been with his mistress. Realizing she has been set up, Jones confronted both Eastmans.

Jones telling the Eastmans to leave New York

Audrey Eastman, armed with her gun, threatened to shoot Jones, as Carlo tries to persuade his wife not cause any harm. Jones issues a threat of her own to Eastman, claiming to be bulletproof. Eastman quickly tested the latter's claim by shooting her on her shoulder, causing a painful yet minor injury. Eastman dismisses the idea of Jones being bulletproof as well as having laser-eyes, thus revealing that Eastman is an acquaintance of Gregory Spheeris and his wife. Eastman also reveals that she is on a crusade against people with “gifted” abilities due to the death of her mother as a result of “the incident,” comparing Jones to the Avengers whom she blames for her mother's death. Despite Jones telling Eastman that she had nothing to do with the incident or was not even present during the event, Eastman declares that killing Jones is a “preventative measure for next time.”

Jones manages to lift the plastic setting beneath Eastman, forcing her to lose her balance and relinquish her firearm. As Carlo tried to gain control of the weapon, Jones pushed him aside and took the gun before effectively disposing it. In a state of rage, Jones had began tearing the room apart forcing the Eastman's to take refuge in a corner, fearing for their safety. Jones had expressed that Eastman is not the only person who had lost loved ones as Jones' family were killed in a car accident, but does not pursue those who are not responsible, including reckless drivers, and demanded that the Eastman's keep their aggression to themselves. Jones then deceived the Eastmans into believing that she has 99 friends who are also gifted and that they, as well as the police, will know what the Eastmans had tried to do unless they leave New York for good. Jones leaves the terrified Eastman's with Carlo wanting an official divorce from his wife.[6]

Kilgrave's Proposal

Identity of the Spy

Jones discovers that Ducasse is Kilgrave's spy

After closing out the Eastman case, Jones had recovered from her bullet wound and prepared to join a new meeting of "Kilgraved" victims which took place in a small dining restaurant. As she made her way to the entrance, she received a call from Hogarth, who notified Jones that she had sent more surviving victims to attend the meeting. Hogarth also berated Jones for damaging her property via her glass door, after their last meeting, but Jones quickly dismissed Hogarth's complaints before settling in to attend the meeting of the new victims.

During the Kilgrave victim's group therapy, a man had revealed that he became Kilgrave's chauffeur after he was forced to abandon his son on a sidewalk, and for an entire week, drove Kilgrave where he needed to go regularly. Jones had quickly questioned the man, asking if he witnessed anyone deliver photographs to Kilgrave recently, in which the man confirms that Kilgrave would meet the same person at the same location everyday at 10 a.m. to deliver pictures to Kilgrave. After learning the description of the mysterious person of interest, Jones returned to her office and pulled up the NYPD surveillance. After hours of research, Jones notice that she was being followed by a man based on the description that was given to her earlier. To her shock, Jones discovered that the person who fits the description looks a great deal like her next door neighbor, Malcolm Ducasse. After breaking into Ducasse's apartment, Jones finds a printer that contains photographed images of her, confirming that Ducasse was indeed Kilgrave's spy.[6]

Helping Luke Cage

Jones and Malcolm Ducasse receives a visit from Luke Cage

Jones and Malcolm Ducasse got together to figure out a new plan to capture Kilgrave, when they heard a knock on the door; it was Luke Cage, who was seeking Jones to help him finds boy named Antoine Grier, who disappeared when he was given money by his sister, Serena, to pay off his debt. Cage went as far as to pay her money, but Ducasse, who did not trust Cage, threatened him, believing to be a thrall for Kilgrave. Cage admitted to Jones that he tried to find Grier on his own, but with no success.

Jones is informed by Luke Cage about his search for Antoine Grier

Jones declined, at first, suggesting another detective, Angela del Toro. However, Cage stated that he needed the job to be done fast. Jones, eventually, took the case. Jones tried her best to give back his money, stating that she owed him a favor; however, Cage insisted that she should take it, due to he was not asking for a favor. With that, she asked him to text her information, to search for clues in Grier's home, the next day.

Jones receives a call from Jeri Hogarth about Hope Shlottman's current predicament

Then, Jones received a call from Jeri Hogarth. Jones mocked Hogarth, wondering if this was a booty call. Jones noted that she still hasn't found anything on Wendy Ross-Hogarth, yet. Hogarth demanded that she kept looking, then revealed that Hope Shlottman was brutally beaten up by another inmate, causing Jones to curse in frustration.

Jones meets Jeri Hogarth outside the Correctional Facility

The next morning, Jones met Hogarth outside the Northeastern Correctional Facility, who explained to Jones that Kilgrave did not enthrall the inmate. She explained that she found out, by bribing a guard, that an inmate named Sissy Garcia was responsible and revealed that Shlottman was refusing to speak about the situation. Jones began to intervene, but Hogarth, out of frustration, told Jones that this case was getting too expensive. However, Jones left to deal with Shlottman's predicament herself, as Shlottman's refusal to accuse Garcia could easily warrant more attacks on her, again.

Jones meets with Sissy Garcia about Hope Shlottman's recent attack

Jones visited the prison to meet her attacker, Sissy Garcia. Garcia did not know what she wanted, but she stated that she would not talk unless she bought her food from the vending machine. Jones gave her a few bills and as Garcia was deciding what snack she wanted, Jones grabbed her from behind and slammed her into the machine, demanding that she leaves Shlottman alone. However, Garcia revealed that she did nothing wrong and that she was paid to do so. Jones, confused, released Garcia from her grip and left.

Jones is informed about Hope Shlottman's unwanted pregnancy

Jones visited Shlottman in the infirmary, asking if her hired attack was for repentance for her parents' deaths. However, Shlottman revealed to Jones about her pregnancy, due to Kilgrave's rape, and her hatred for the unborn child, referring to the fetus as a tumor. She was hoping that her attack would create a miscarriage. Jones suggested that she should handle her unwanted pregnancy.

Jones leaves a fake message claiming Antoine Grier won an XBox One

Jones arrived at Grier's apartment late, meeting Cage inside. They began to find any clues to his disappearance, but with no success. However, Jones was quick to point out that Grier was not kidnapped, as his toothbrush was missing. After searching through his trash, he found out that Grier liked to enter contests. So she called his number, leaving a message claiming that he won an Xbox One; Cage was amused by Jones' ruse.

Jones confronts Len Sirkes

As they left, the two are approached by Grier's Loan Shark, Len Sirkes, with Jones believing they were controlled by Kilgrave, at first. Stokes revealed that he was searching for him, as well, and that he had not kidnapped him. Much to Jones' protest, Cage thought up a deal, where they band together and try to find him. The deal was made official and Sirkes left, much to Jones' displeasure. Cage, then, offered Jones a ride home on his motorcycle, noting she had to wear a helmet as it was the law. Later, when she got home, Cage asked what was the next step to find Grier, then Jones stated that she would search for more information online and would call if she found anything.

Jones is comforted by Luke Cage, having learned of her past

Later, at Alias Investigations, Cage visited Jones, having learned about her tragic past with Kilgrave from Ducasse; he, then, asked her if there was any way he can fix their breakup; Jones, however, stated that he did nothing wrong, stating that she was a piece of shit, Cage, however, denied what she said.

Jones and Luke Cage discuss his reasoning behind finding Antoine Grier

The two, then, got back together as a couple, as they consummated. The next morning, Cage, after watching Jessica Jones in her sleep, asked whether she would be facing Kilgrave. Jones stated that she had to. During the conversation, Jones received a call from a man with a Puerto Rican accent, who asked about the Xbox One. Cage noted that it couldn't be Grier and Jones was quick to ask to meet at a certain address. Cage, then, revealed the reason that he is searching for Grier was because Serena promised that she would reveal the person responsible for his wife's death. Jones, frantic, decides she must be the one to get to the Griers first.

Jones and Luke Cage goes on the lookout for Victor

Jones met up with Cage at the address, as they looked for the man claiming to be Grier. Soon, they spotted Victor storming out and followed him, once he got into a taxi. They tracked him down to an abandoned warehouse and Jones entered by ripping off the lock. As they got into the room, they were met by stocks of marijuana plants. They began to explore more of the warehouse, until they were confronted by Victor's dogs, Myers and Krueger. Cage volunteered to calm the dogs down while Jones looked for Grier. Jones left, fighting off Victor and retrieving Grier, dragging him out.

Jones tries to negotiate with Len Sirkes

Grier revealed that he planned to grow enough weed to become financially independent and able to repay his sister and Sirkes. Then, Sirkes suddenly entered with his thugs, demanding Grier. Jones refused to hand him over, stating that Sirkes could have Grier's stockpile of marijuana in exchange for Grier's life. Sirkes, however, stated the deal was non-negotiable.

Jones fights off Len Sirkes' men

Sirkes' commanded his men to attack Jones, but she subdued them and proved to be stronger than they had anticipated. Cage, then, showed up and joined the fight, easily knocking out Sirkes' men. He reassured that he did not harm the dogs. Jones protected Grier, while Cage fought Sirkes one on one. He, then, got put in a headlock and was hit repeatedly in the chest by Sirkes' men. Jones took the opportunity to run and return Grier back to his house, as Cage watched her leave in disappointment.[7]

Revealing the Truth to Cage

Jones storms off to stop Luke Cage from killing Charles Wallace

At Serena Grier's apartment, Jones returned Antoine Grier to her sister and tried to convince Serena to give her the file with information of Reva Connors' killer. However, Cage arrived first, having received the information. He read that a bus driver, named Charles Wallace was the bus driver that got drunk, due to alcoholism, and ran over Connors. Distraught, Cage left the apartment, with Jones partially relieved. Grier, then, stated that she did a horrible thing in revealing that information to Cage, for he planned to kill Wallace; frantic, Jones ran out to meet with Cage.

Jones revealed the truth to Cage about Reva Connors' death

Jones finally found him, as he threw Wallace from the bus windshield. Jones then revealed that Wallace did not kill Connors, as she allowed the scared bus driver to escape, and that she did while under Kilgrave's enthrallment. Jones was pinned by an enraged Cage, telling her to shut up, but she revealed the details of her death; having hit her so hard that her heart stopped and the bus driver swerved to avoid the already dead woman. Cage hit the bus, making a huge dent. He, then, asked why she slept, having known the truth; Jones did not answer and Cage told her that she was right, she was a piece of shit. He walked away from her, leaving Jones in tears.[7]

Seeking Punishment

Jones facing an incoming subway train

Jones, later, becomes a drunken mess, as she searches for Ross-Hogarth at Thompson Square Free Clinic to force her to sign divorce papers. However, she found the physician leaving for the subway to go home. Jones, still intoxicated, threatened her by hanging her over the tracks while a train begins moving forward. However, Jones, through her intoxicated state, dropped Ross-Hogarth onto the tracks; frantic, Jones followed and threw her back. Before she could get back to the station herself, Jones stared at the oncoming train and contemplated suicide. However, she comes to her senses and jumps out the way.

Jones is helped up by Malcolm Ducasse

Returning home to get some sleep, Jones is found in the elevator by Malcolm Ducasse, who is sobering up, and helped into her apartment. Ducasse talked about his new life, but Jones retorted that sobriety sucks, much to Ducasse's protest. They finally went into her room and she landed into her bed.

Jones discovers the body of Ruben in her bed

However, Jones turned into her side and found the body of Ruben, who had slashed his throat with a knife. Jones leapt out of bed in shock and Ducasse followed, equally surprised. At this moment, Jones had enough of Kilgrave's murders for his obsession of revenge, she decides the best thing to do to keep others safe is to simply remove herself from the equation by having herself locked into Supermax prison; another benefit would be if Kilgrave comes to retrieve her, there would be video footage of his use of his power.

Jones and Jeri Hogarth discussing Supermax

Before she even goes through with it, Jones decides to go on a farewell tour all around New York City. She met up with Jeri Hogarth and Pam, who attended a trial at the New York State Supreme Court Building. Jones explained her plan and Hogarth, happily to comply, explained to her that only "top shelf perverts" are admitted to Supermax; in order to be able to get inside, she would have to commit a hideous crime beyond comprehension. Jones kept that in mind and walked away.[8]

Saying Goodbyes

Jones enters Luke's for a final goodbye

Next, Jones, who plucked up the courage, went to Luke's to talk to Luke Cage, but she only found Roy Healy, who was taking over the bar and restocking the liquor while Cage took some time off. Jones stated she had a message for Cage, but Healy assumed that she wanted to tell him she loved him, wanted him back or that she was having his baby. Healy stated he has heard it from all the girls and advised her to just move on, stating that Cage would not miss her. Healy, then, revealed to Jones was that the only woman that he ever missed was his wife, Reva Connors.

Jones and Roy Healy talk about Luke Cage

Jones denied about loving Cage and asked Healy to tell Cage that she will punish the right people for what they have done and that she did not expect forgiveness from him. Before she left, Healy suggested that when a bridge burns, she has to learn to swim or fly, something he himself found as a hilarious remark.

Jones rudely speaks with Dorothy Walker

Jones visited her adoptive mother, Dorothy Walker, who was interviewing prospective clients at the Stars & Tykes Talent Agency. Jones insulted her parenting in the past, noting her abuse, and warned her to respect Walker's wishes, threatening that if the agreement is broken, not even a prison would be enough to get away from her. As Jones left her office, Dorothy admitted that taking her in was a mistake, to which she replied "Thanks, Mom."

Jones and Trish Walker talk about her plan

As Jones left and walked the street, she decided to get one final view of New York City before she was sent away. She arrived to her apartment, but the body of Ruben was gone. Jones found Walker in her office, having cleaned up the rest of the blood. She told Walker that she had been trying to contact her and was surprised that she was there. Walker tried talking Jones out of her plan to evade Kilgrave by getting imprisoned in a Supermax, but Jones still felt afraid of what Kilgrave could do and asked where Ducasse was. She ran out and found out that Ducasse threw the body in the Hudson River. Annoyed, she scolded Ducasse and went to fetch a part of Ruben's body.[8]

Kilgrave's Confession

Jones reveals the severed head of Ruben

"You deranged prick, you've never loved anyone in your repulsive life."
"Do not presume to know! Before I met you, I got everything I ever wanted, and I didn't realize how unsatisfactory that was."
―Jessica Jones and Kilgrave[src]

Having dived into the water to collect Ruben's severed head, Jones arrived at the 15th Precinct Police Station, where she approached Detective Oscar Clemons who was busy with somebody else. Unwilling to wait until Clemons was finished, Jones dropped Ruben's wet, detached head right in front of him, claiming to the horrified Clemons that she had done something terrible. Clemons handcuffed her and put her in the interrogation room where she was forced to wait for a considerable amount of time to be spoken to.

Jones is questioned by Oscar Clemons

As Jones waited, Clemons finally arrived with Jeri Hogarth and she demanded to be put in Supermax prison to serve her sentence. Jones, however, denied Hogarth as her lawyer, with Clemons ordering her out of the room. Jones stated that the case was closed, due to her confession, but Clemons remained skeptical as he debated her reasons. Jones stated that she once killed a woman by punching her, referring to Reva Connors. Enraged and to show a demonstration, Jones ripped her handcuffs off and bent the metal chair, while Clemons watched with horror and confusion.

Jones sees everyone under Kilgrave's power

However, before Clemons could even think about turning Jones in, they were both interrupted by Brett Mahoney, who told Jones that she was free to go, stating that this was Captain's order. Jones left the Interrogation room, with Clemons following, and discovered, in horror, that all the officers were frozen and aiming their guns at themselves, with Mahoney now aiming his gun at Clemons.

Jones is invited by Kilgrave to live with him

As Jones continued to look around in confusion, Kilgrave revealed himself and confessed the reason for controlling the officers, as well as doing all these horrible acts, was because he was in love with Jones, wanting her to come live with him. When Clemons' phone rang, Kilgrave pulled it out of his jacket before furiously smashing it and threatened everyone, but Jones calmed him down, stating that she would come. As Kilgrave left the building, he told Jones to expect a present in her room, took Ruben's head and erased the security footage, ordering the officers to forget the incident.[8]

Living with Kilgrave

Jones finds Robyn in her bedroom

As soon as Jones returned home, she found the present: a lost journal of hers from her childhood from before her parents died. Then, she heard a knock on her door. It was Robyn, who told Jones that she felt as if Ruben was "acting out against her" by being infatuated with Jones. She confessed to Jones that she found one of Ruben's sandals in a trash can, assuming that Jones used her brother for sexual favors. Then, Jones stated that Ruben was not coming back, which brought Robyn into a frenzy, as she begged for Jones' help to find him, even offering to pay for her services as a private investigator. However, Jones just left.

Jones returns to her childhood home

Finally, Jones arrived at her birth parents' home. She found Kilgrave waiting for her, as he greeted her with a smile and welcomed her into their new home. Jones entered, unsure of his true plans.[8]

Jones is given a tour by Kilgrave

As Jones confronts Kilgrave, she is searched for any possible concealed weapons by his bodyguard. He took the recorder, not wanting any confessions of the murder of the Shlottmans, and the Sufentanil. She is promised that he will not enthrall her, because what he wants is for her to have complete control when she falls in love with her; also promising that he will not touch her unless he gets her permission. Kilgrave showed Jones everything inside the house, replicating everything from her childhood and claiming to want her to relive her happiest days before her parents passed. He, then, introduced her to his staff, whom he promises is not enthralled by him.

Jones enters her old room from her childhood

When he tried to show her Phillip Jones‏‎' room, Jones, feeling survivor's guilt, told him to leave it. Then, Kilgrave showed off her room. They were interrupted when Trish Walker called; Kilgrave, however, allowed Jones to answer. She talked about being worried about Will Simpson, but Kilgrave stated that he had not killed him; Jones insisted she was safe and proved it by insulting Kilgrave.

Jones receives a purple dress from Kilgrave

Jones locked herself in her room and found a package on her bed. When she opened it, she found a purple dress inside. She kept Kilgrave waiting, until she finally picked up the nerve to go downstairs and join him for dinner, having rejected the dress and left her old clothes on.

Jones is threatened by Kilgrave with the staff's lives

Rather than eating, she drank a huge glass of wine, much to Kilgrave's dissatisfaction towards her alcoholism, considering it to not be a real basis for a relationship. Jones got upset by blaming her drinking problem on his forced murder of Reva Connors and violently broke a bottle. Kilgrave, reacting to Jones' belligerence, ordered the wait staff to commit suicide if Jones fights Kilgrave, revealing that he lied. This caused Jones to scoff in disgust. She calmed down, apologized and headed back to her room.

Jones bumps into Will Simpson upstairs

Jessica went to look in the room of her brother, Phillip, which gave her unpleasant memories of how he and her parents died. Later, she found Will Simpson, who tries to free her and reveals that he rigged a bomb in the basement. Jessica scolds at Simpson, demanding him to get out and that she needs Kilgrave alive to help Hope Shlottman, as well as innocent people being enthralled downstairs. He, then, allowed Jones to reveal about the bomb.

Jones witnesses the bomb being removed

Jones told Kilgrave about it and has his bodyguard dispose of it. He became impressed with Jones, believing that her saving his life meant she really did care for him, however, she claimed to not want any more death. With that, she left for bed.

Jones and Kilgrave are joined by Elizabeth De Luca

The next morning, Jones had a disturbing dream, involving her relatives coming back from the dead and chastising her over their deaths. Jones, then, woke up to a news report about a man holding his wife and children hostage. Jones began to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, grabbing a handful of food, and asked Kilgrave if he ever felt bad for all his murders, but he claimed that he didn't, stating he would probably kill his parent, who he loathes. Then, much to her annoyance, they are met by her old neighbor, Elizabeth De Luca, who assumed that Jones has returned with her husband, despite Jones correcting her.

Jones is angered by Elizabeth De Luca's lies

During the conversation with Kilgrave and Jessica, De Luca lies about the Jones' past, claiming that Philip was a juvenile delinquent and that her parents' marriage were in trouble, causing Jones to be upset; she even claimed to have known that they were going to get killed in a car crash.

Jones rejects Kilgrave's advances

Kilgrave, taking note that she was upsetting Jones, enthralled her and and asked her why she would lie, which she revealed it was to make her feel important. Kilgrave dismissed her, after Jones ordered him to stop, although she admitted that it was rather satisfying. He attempted to hold her hand, for affection, but this made Jones upset, as she stomped into the house.

Jones watches a video of Kilgrave's past

Kilgrave demanded to know why she was upset and Jones accused him of rape the times she was enthralled by him. Kilgrave admitted to her that he had never had a home or a loving family, although Jones insisted that the deaths of her family did not turn her into a murderer or rapist. Upset, Kilgrave took the USB and showed her footage of the experiments that his parents performed on him and the first time his powers were used.

Jones requests that Kilgrave joins her

Jones, then, realized that Kilgrave had no one to teach him ethics. She asked him if that was the case, with him annoyed and wondering if she was teasing him. She, then, told him to accompany her for two hours. He agreed and told the waitstaff to kill each other if he does not return on time.[28]

Making a Hero of a Psycho

Jones and Kilgrave walk towards the scene of the crime

Jones took Kilgrave to the police stand-off with the man holding a gun to his terrified family, which was on the news. Kilgrave realized what Jones was trying to do, sarcastically dismissing the idea of him being a hero; however, Jones convinced him that he may feel differently, if he tried. As they began to enter the house, Kilgrave used his mind control to calmly get Officer Vasquez and other officers to step inside, and Jones used her strength to break inside the house.

Jones and Kilgrave confront the gunman

They both confronted the hostage situation, with Kilgrave ordering Chuck to not shoot. Jones directed his family out of the house and away from danger. When Kilgrave ordered the man to put the gun in his mouth, Jones demanded that he didn't kill him, despite Kilgrave's objections, however, he agreed and enthralled the man to hand himself over to the police. Despite Kilgrave claiming that it had been a waste of time, Jones stated that they had successfully saved four lives.

Jones and Kilgrave talk about being a hero

As Jones returned to the house, Kilgrave plopped on the couch filled with joy and boasting for Cake; despite Jones thinking she may have gotten through to him, Kilgrave claimed that the duo of Kilgrave and Jones could change the world. Jones, a little surprised of that notion, stated that Kilgrave can do heroics on his own, but he reminded her that he would have made the man kill himself, if not for her. Jones, horrified at this notion, stated that she needed to go for a walk to think; Kilgrave gave her permission, however, he threatened that his staff would die if she did not return.

Jones discusses her current situation with Trish Walker

Jones went to Trish Walker's Apartment, who became worried about her when she told her of her current situation. With that, she asked Walker what she would do in Jones' shoes, with Walker being completely against it.

Jones knocks out Kilgrave with Sufentanil

Jones returns to the house and brings Chinese food, giving some to the staff. Kilgrave became paranoid that it was poison, but she proves it by eating some of his, herself. However, the waitstaff began to collapse, having their food be spiked, and she attack Kilgrave by forcing him to be gagged and injecting him with Sufentanil.

Jones is confronted by Will Simpson and his friends

Jones went outside carrying Kilgrave, looking for a spot to fly, but she is stopped by Kilgrave's bodyguard. However, he is shot by Simpson, joined by his friends, who wish to kill Kilgrave while he is out. Jones refuses their desire and flies away.[28]

Kilgrave's Capture

Hunting for a Confession

Jessica welcomes Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room

Later, Jones took Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room in the warehouse, covering its floor with water and making him barefoot, so she could knock him out if he tried to enthrall someone. The video of his childhood played on repeat in the background. Kilgrave, filled with rage, showed dissatisfaction with Jones' betrayal, stating how she tricked him into being a hero, However, Jones stated that he wasn't, calling him by his real name Kevin, mocking the chosen name "Kilgrave," as well as calling him a murderer.

Jones demands a confession from Kilgrave

She then turned on a camera and demanded a confession to the murder of Reva Connors, Ruben, and Hope Shlottman's parents. However, he denied killing anyone, as he fabricated a story of falling in love and saving Jones from muggers and had sex with her.

Jones shocks Kilgrave

The story offended Jones, as she hit the red button, which sent electricity into the water, sending shocks to Kilgrave's feet, bringing him down to the ground. Jones told Kilgrave that his torture device was constructed by Will Simpson, who was not too please with what he did to him. Jones still mocked him with the video clips playing in the background, with Jones asking about them as she pointed out other children. Kilgrave stated that he has no idea about the other children involved.

Jones justifies Kilgrave's capture to Jeri Hogarth

Jeri Hogarth arrived to the torture chamber, to which Jones cut off the sound, as to not allow Kilgrave to enthrall her. Hogarth, shocked at the brutal treatment that she was giving him, tried to get her to free Kilgrave, as she stated that there is no proof to prove him guilty, but Jones claimed that he was too powerful, wishing to record him using his powers. Hogarth, however, informed Jones that a plea bargain has been settled for Hope Shlottman and that she will be the one to help her. As the argument continued, Kilgrave watched. Jones stated that they would need one more jury member to recall Kilgrave's enthrallment and she rushed out to find that person.

Jones tries to convince Clemons to be a witness

Jones located Clemons, who was on the streets buying coffee, and requested him to witness something for her. Jones tried to remind him of the incident at the 15th Precinct Police Station, However, Clemons denied the event, stating that it was a prank by Evans. Jones even threatened to give Kilgrave Clemons' home address. However, Clemons wished to destroy his reputation whenever he is almost towards retirement; he, then, leaves her.

Jones assaults Kilgrave to get a demonstration of enthrallment out of him

Jones returns to the room, bringing Kilgrave some fast food, much to his dissatisfaction, after failing to see Shlottman, due to visiting hours being over. Then, Jones willingly entered his cell, trying to get him to mind control her on camera for Clemons. She tried touching him in a seductive way, but when things were not working, she tried using force by physically assaulting him.

Jones is shocked by Trish Walker before she kills Kilgrave

Jones' violent threw him from wall to wall, but Kilgrave held back, begging Hogarth to help him, making susre he looked like the victim in the video. Jones accused Kilgrave of rape and forcing her to murder Connors. Hogarth was about to hit the red button, but Trish Walker stopped her so that Jones could continue. Kilgrave never gave in and gloated at Jones further. As it looked like it was going nowhere, Walker pressed the red button, shocking Jones before she could kill him.

Jones and Walker study Kilgrave's video

Once she was back on her feet, Jones showed Walker the video and detailed Kilgrave's origins. After that, they figured the best way to obtain a confession was to find the ones who gave him his powers in the first place: his parents. Jones put everything together through the videos, figuring out that the mentioned "Sin Bin" is a rugby term, and found out that they were Albert and Louise Thompson, who were former scientists at the University of Manchester.

Jones convinces Hope Shlottman to not accept the plea bargain

Jones got a call from Shlottman, where she confirmed to her that Kilgrave has been captured and is trying to get out a confession from him. Shlottman told Jones about a plea bargain that was presented to her by Hogarth, but Jones insisted that it was a bad idea being so close to receive a confession. Shlottman was a little hesitant, but she agreed to decline the offer.[31]

Kilgrave's Family Reunion

Jones meets Albert and Louise Thompson

Jones finally found his parents, after realizing that Louise Thompson was a member of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group. She followed her to a hotel where she began berating them for using barbaric experiments on their own son, but Louise revealed that they only experimented on their son in order to save him from a degenerative brain disease he once had. After this realization, she convinced them to confront their son, in order to gain a confession and save Shlottman, to which they agree, despite Albert's hesitation.

Jones brings Kilgrave his parents

As she arrived back to the warehouse, with Hogarth and Walker, Jones turned the camera back on, much to Kilgrave's confusion, and bright his mother and father in front of him, filling the telepath with shock.

Jones cuffs Clemons to make him a witness

Then, she was approached by Clemons, who demanded that she let go of Kilgrave, having been sent a video of Jones brutally beating him, and called him sick. However, Walker held Clemons on gunpoint and Jones cuffed him, much to Hogarth's disapproval, while claiming that Kilgrave's confession is what will put him behind bars.

Jones watches Kilgrave and his parents with Jeri Hogarth, Trish Walker and Clemmons

Jones made the Thompsons enter the cell alone and greet their son. She witness Kilgrave scold his parents for leaving him and having to survive other people. Kilgrave began to cry, much like a child, talking about how he became a hero for stopping Chuck from killing children. Mich to Jones annoyance, his mother apologized to him for his their abandonment, much to Albert's protests claiming that he almost killed his own mother, which ended in a warm hug.

Jones witnesses Kilgrave murder his own mother

However, with Kilgrave's guard down, Louise stabbed her son's shoulder with a pair of scissors, stating that it was their responsibility to end his misdeeds. Full of rage, Kilgrave enthralled his mother to pick up her scissors and stab herself for every year she had left him alone. With her evidence finally proven, Jones attempted to shock the cell, but to her shock, the line had been cut by Hogarth. All that Jones could do was watch in horror, as Louise stabbed herself multiple times and dropped down on the floor, dead. He, then, turned to his father and ordered him to cut out his heart. However, to prevent that happening, Walker shot at the glass, wounding Kilgrave's shoulder.

Jones grabs Kilgrave before he can escape

As Jones demanded that everyone flee, Kilgrave ordered Walker to put a bullet in her head. But by the time she could, the barrel was empty. He, then, ordered Clemmons to follow him, which caused him to rip his skin and break his thumb from the cuffs. Amidst the chaos, Jones knocked out Albert and ran after Kilgrave. She grabbed his arm and he tried to enthrall her to let him go, but she resisted, which shocked Jones. Kilgrave hesitated, knowing that Jones found out his secret, and had Clemmons attack her, causing him to get away.

Jones realizes that she is immune to Kilgrave's enthrallment

Jones, after knocking out Clemmons, pauses outside, still in amazement that she resisted. But then, she remembered, and realized, that over a year ago, when she killed Reva Connors under his orders, she broke free from his control after having touched her bleeding head. Jones smiled.[31]

Jones reveals her immunity to Walker

As Oscar Clemons attempted to secure the crime scene, Jones binds Thompson's hands and put a bullet in Walker's mouth, so that the bullet is "technically" in her skull, and to make sure that Kilgrave does not have his way. Jones revealed to everyone that she is resilient to Kilgrave's mind control. Then, Thompson revealed that it is an airborne virus that he believes can be cured. As Walker and Thompson head out to his hotel, to make the antidote, Jones left to find Kilgrave.

Jones witnesses Wendy Ross-Hogarth's murder

As she began her search, Jones called Hogarth; she becomes suspicious when she kept asking about Thompson's location. With that, Jones ran to Hogarth's supposed location. When Jones arrives, she witnessed the dead corpse of Wendy Ross-Hogarth with Pam looming over her body with a vase in her hands. She called Hogarth a murderer for deactivating the live wire in the warehouse and suggested that Pam pleaded for self-defense in the death of Ross-Hogarth; She, then, left.[9]


Jones finds Kilgrave in her apartment

As soon as Jones returned to her apartment, she found Kilgrave waiting for her there. He revealed that he frees Shlottman from prison, filling all the necessary paperwork; he demanded, in return for his services, his father. Kilgrave confirmed to Jones that she really is immuned to his power, as she knocks him out and gags him.

Jones is knocked out by Robyn

Jones, then, began to call Shlottman, telling her that she will pick her up from jail, Robyn and the men, who were convinced that Jones was lying to them, entered her Apartment and assaulted her, with Ducasse trying to come to her defense. Jones was knocked out, while Robyn freed Kilgrave and took him out.

Jones receives a call from Hope Shlottman

Jones woke up, the next morning, to a call by Shlottman, asking her why she is late. As Jones entered the prison, she finds out that Shlottman has been taken by Kilgrave and that they are waiting at Niku in exchange for his father.[9]

Hope's Promise

Jones confronts Kilgrave at Niku

Jones brought Thompson to the restaurant for the exchange, as he sprayed himself with his concocted antidote. Kilgrave waited at a table with Hope Shlottman by his side and Robyn, Ducasse, Jackson and Johnson in nooses and standing on chairs, threatening to command them to jump if she so much tried to harm him. The antidote, however, does not work, as Kilgrave commands Thompson to stand by his side and he does so.

Jones promises Hope Shlottman that she will kill Kilgrave

Shlottman found out that Jones was immune to Kilgrave's pheromones and begged her to kill Kilgrave, but he mocked her, stating that Jones wants Shlottman to still see her as "heroic" in her eyes. Shlottman reacted by breaking glass and, to Jones' shock, stabs herself in the throat with it, stating that Jones is now free with her death. Frantic, Kilgrave ordered the four to jump and ran off with Thompson. Jones rushed in and saved the four from hanging themselves. Then, she ran towards Shlottman, who was bleeding violently. Shlottman demanded that Jones will not make her death be in vain and that she will kill Kilgrave; Jones swears that she will, as Shlottman dies.[9]

Jones coaches everyone about talking to the police

Jones, still heartbroken about Shlottman's suicide, coached the others on what to say to the Police. They all told their sides of the story, even Robyn complied. Later, Jones got picked up by Walker; she comforted Jones' about her plan to trade Thompson for Shlottman, but Jones is lead to believe that Thompson is dead.

Jones searches the morgue

With that, Jones and Walker decided to look into the Riverbank Medical Center to find out if his corpse has been sent to the morgue and get further clues as to the location of Kilgrave. There, they met Maury Tuttlebaum, who refused to let them in. However, Walker told him how famous she was and that she would let him have a high class dinner if they let them see the bodies; he, then, agrees. When they arrive, they didn't find Thompson's body at all.

Jones assumes she sees Kilgrave

Walker warned Jones, as she described the effects of the human body when deprived of sleep. Jones stated that she is going back home, but she spent the whole night looking through hospital morgues, to see if she could find the corpse of Thompson. She began to become weak from exhaustion and lack of sleep, but she sees a man in a purple suit. Believing it to be Kilgrave, she chased him down, only to get hit by a truck. Jones recovered to the sight pedestrians looking down at her, surprised, which prompted her to leave.

Jones' wounds are treated by Trish Walker

Later, Jones made it to her apartment, where she meets up with Walker who tends to her hurt ribs, from the truck. While she did that, Walker finally convinced Jones to get some sleep. However, Jones, got a text from Tuttlebaum, who told her that she received another body; she left to investigate.

Jones discovers the burnt body of Clemons

When Tuttlebaum left for the night, Jones broke into the morgue, only to find the burnt body of Clemons, taking note of a bullet hole in his head, and that the CDC was burnt down; to which she tells Walker on her phone. After that, she left to meet her.[11]

Jones vs Simpson

Jones gets a visit from Will Simpson

Later, Jones got a call from Will Simpson, who stated that he knows Kilgrave's location and wants to kill him, stating he would meet her at Alias to go over a plan. Jones invited him inside, as soon as he arrived. When she asked him about Trish Walker, Simpson replied that he convinced her to stay away from the inevitable danger. Jones, becoming suspicious, told him that Kilgrave killed Clemmons; Simpson showed no remorse, stating that he read about the fire, but Jones put together that Simpson killed him, after noting that it was a bullet and pointed out the burns on his hands.

Jones pins Will Simpson to the wall

Simpson pulled out his gun, but Jones kicked his chair before he could shoot; knocking the gun out of his hand and throwing various objects at him. As the fight continued, with Jones pinning him to the wall with a chair, Simpson claimed that he had to kill Jones because he thinks she is protecting Kilgrave under enthrallment. Simpson, then, threw Jones across the room and took red pills, to which Jones asked what they were. This caused his strength to enhance and he began fighting her again. Simpson gained the upper hand, as Jones slows down from the pain in her ribs. Simpson was about to deliver the final blow, but Walker bursted in, using a fire extinguisher on him.

Jones and Trish Walker after fighting Simpson

They both locked themselves in the bathroom, with Walker taking out the Combat Enhancers she stole from Simpson days earlier. Simpson came out, shocked that she did this, and warned Walker that she needed the blue pills, which he owns, to counter the after effects of the red pills or she will die; regardless, Walker claimed it would be worth it, taking the reds and stabbed Simpson, flinging him across the room. Simpson was about to kill her, however, Jones helped Walker, by knocking Simpson out with a refrigerator.

Jones rushes Trish Walker to the hospital

Walker, much to Jones surprise, began to feel good about her enhancements, gloating about how this must be how Jones feels: However, they began to have a negative effect on her, causing her to stop breathing. Frantic, Jones tried to give her CPR, then she brought her to an ambulance. Thankfully, to Jones' relief, Walker is saved by an EMT, who resuscitates her breathing.[11]

Reunited with Luke Cage

Jones and Luke Cage are reunited

Later, Jones received a text from Kilgrave, who tells her that he has met Luke Cage and that she better hurry up if she wants to save him. Jones rushed to Luke's, where she saw Cage enter. When she ran towards the bar to snap him out, the bar explodes. At first, Jones became frantic, but, soon, Cage came out of the wreckage, unharmed. Then, Jones reunited with the man she loves.[11]

Jones takes Luke Cage to her office

Jones and Luke Cage hide from the police, who were investigating the scene of Luke's, and went to the Alias Investigations Office, where Cage questioned all the destruction. Cage told Jones that he was a fool to think he could fight Kilgrave on his own, but Jones brushed it off, stating that he wasn't. She let him know that it was Reva Connors's death that broke her hold from Kilgrave.

Jones demands that Luke Cage gets some rest to wear off Kilgrave's pheromones

Cage told her that he wanted to help get rid of Kilgrave, but she demanded that he rested until he was completely himself. Cage did just that, with Jones watching him, making sure that twelve hours had passed and that Kilgrave's pheromones wore off.

Jones suggests that Luke Cage stays

The next morning, Jones suggested that Cage stayed home, but he stated that he was free of Kilgrave. Regardless, Jones kept trying to convince him to leave, open up a new bar and leave New York City and her alone, but Cage revealed he wanted to witness the death of Kilgrave, vowing to fight with her till the end. After that, Jones allowed him to come along.

Malcolm Ducasse tells Jones that he is leaving New York

As they began to leave, they were talking about Kilgrave using his father to increase his power. Then, they found Malcolm Ducasse On the sidewalk with tons of luggage. Jones asked what it was for, and he revealed that he was moving out, stating that it would be better to hear his mother's scolding than whatever Jones was going through.

Jones searches through Thompson's room

Jones and Cage arrived to Kilgrave's father's old room at the hotel, hoping to find any clues that could lead to what Albert Thompson was doing to Kilgrave. However, they were interrupted by Bunny Wiles, who scolded that they are not allowed to take Thompson's items, stating that she sold them for failing to pay the rent. Jones found out from Wiles she found a few chemicals, which is just what she was looking for; However, when she demanded that Jones paid for them, Cage easily picked her up and moved her aside. They found out that one of the chemicals left behind was distributed from ZALK lab; they both left to investigate.

Jones and Luke Cage swap apologies while on the lookout

Jones investigated the lab, with Cage staying behind, just in case she ran into Kilgrave. Jones found the staff, who had been forced to work nonstop, causing them to faint. When Jones came out and told Cage what she saw, he told her about what he felt before he destroyed Luke's, stating that he shouldn't have blamed her for Reva Connors' murder. Jones still blamed herself for her death, but Cage reassured her that he forgave her and would tell her everyday for as long as she needed to hear it.

Jones witnesses a scientist under Kilgrave's influence commit suicide

Eventually, Jones witnessed a ZALK employee, leaving the building with a bag of chemicals. Cage and Jones followed him to Central Park, thinking he would be delivering them to Kilgrave. Jones told Cage to stay behind, just in case Kilgrave tries to enthrall him. However, when Jones finally reaches the employee, she found out that he did not have any chemicals, as Kilgrave had already taken them, and witnessed the man take hedge trimmers and commit suicide, by shoving the blades in his mouth and falling to the ground.

Jones and Luke Cage encounter Trish Walker

Jones and Cage returned to the Alias Investigations Office, with Cage comforting Jones about what happened. They soon found Trish Walker, who hid a mysterious folder, outside her apartment, Cage left the two, after noting that his wife was a big fan of her show. Jones wanted to know why Walker was here, she was hesitant at first, but declined to show her the folder that she found, noting that Jones had a lot on her plate.

Jones and Luke Cage figure out one of Kilgrave's locations

Jones returned to Cage in her office, who was calling Roy Healy about the destruction of Luke's. Jones pulled out the yellow USB stick, which she claimed belonged to his wife. She told him about the footage of children being experimented on, one of them being Kilgrave. After a shower, Cage approached Jones, talking about how he tried testing his powers against Kilgrave and warned her that he might do the same, playing it off a magic act. Suddenly, Jones discovered an entire room of parties that was ordered to shut up, taking note that it was Kilgrave.[32]

Duel of Delaney Hall

Jones discovers that the video files deleted

Jones and Luke Cage arrived at Delaney Hall, where Kilgrave supposedly was. They went inside the building and approached the Venue Manager. They claimed to be investigating underage drinking to get to the CCTV footage and The Manager, in annoyance, tried his best to bring the footage up: However, Jones saw that it was all erased.

Jones confronts Kilgrave on the stage

She looked at the screens and saw Kilgrave, who was calling for Jones to the stage; Jones demanded that Cage stayed with the Manager and began to confront him. As Jones walked towards him, Kilgrave tried to enthrall, but it didn't work, as Jones continued walking towards him. Then, through frustration, Kilgrave quoted back Cage's speech of forgiveness, word for word, stating he wrote it and revealed that he had been controlling Cage this whole time, ordering Cage to hit her.

Jones discovers that Luke Cage is still under the influence of Kilgrave

Kilgrave revealed that his powers have increased to last twenty four hours, rather than twelve, shocking Jones. He mocked her, and then, under Kilgrave's influence, Cage claimed that he could never forgive Jones for killing his Reva Connors Jones tried to reason with Cage, but Kilgrave stated that she failed his test and ordered Cage to kill her; he obeyed.

Jones tries to reason with Luke Cage

Cage and Jones fought vigorously; Jones tried reasoning with Cage while trying to hold him back, but Cage, still under Kilgrave's pheromones, wouldn't listen. Then, Cage threw Jones, pitting her through the building's many corridors and rooms. Jones began to hide, but Cage found her, pulling her through a wall.

Jones shoots Luke Cage's chin with a shotgun

Jones ran outside the Delaney Hall to escape Cage, but he followed and was confronted by a police officer; Cage threw him at his partner, knocking them both out. Jones tried to protect herself with the police car's door, but Cage easily threw it aside. Jones then tried to hide in the police car, but Cage pulled her out. Cage pinned her down and was about to finish her; however, Jones took a shotgun, aimed it at his chin and begged him to stop. Cage, slowly getting out of Kilgrave's control, told her to to shoot to protect herself. With reluctance, she fired the gun and knocked Cage out.[32]

Saving Cage

Jones asks Claire Temple for her help

In a panic, Jones rushed Luke Cage to Metro-General Hospital As they put Cage on a medical bed, the doctors tried to inject a syringe into him, but, much to Jones' woe, the needle kept bending due to his unbreakable skin. They were, then, visited by Claire Temple who tried to help, but was just as unsuccessful as well, which revealed to the doctors that he was an enhanced individual. Jones asked for Temple's help, but she declined.

Jones discusses taking Luke Cage to her apartment

Jones, running out of options, attempted to get Cage out the hospital. Temple noticed the police searching for him, but Jones assured her that Cage was a good man. She, then, lifted Cage with incredible ease, which shocked Temple, then she asked her to either help or to get out of her way. Temple, reluctantly, helped Jones and Cage escape from Metro-General, all the while, avoiding the police. While they waited in the elevator, they discussed where to take Cage and Jones suggested her apartment, due to it being closer.

Jones gives Claire Temple her address

Temple noticed that Jones looked guilty, suggesting that she stopped because it would not help Cage's situation. Jones assured her that whatever happened to Cage was not her fault. Temple, then, revealed that she would rather everything be her fault, as it would make her feel some form of control in these type of emergencies. Using this situation as an example, she stated she wanted to help enhanced people. Then, with sarcasm, Jones stated that this incident was Temple's fault. Suddenly, a nurse approached Jones informing her that she had a call; she then gave Temple her address and told her to take Cage back there.

Jones disguises herself to get past Kilgrave

After Claire left the hospital, she heard Kilgrave's voice on the phone, as well as the intercom, who ordered everyone in the hospital to kill Jones. Jones began to run away from Kilgrave's army of bloodthirsty, enthralled victims, hiding in a disguise. They disguise, however, didn't last, as one of the patients got suspicious and pulled off her mask. She, then, ran out of the hospital.

Jones helps inject a needle in Luke Cage's eye

Jones rushed back to her apartment, as Temple continued to tend to Luke Cage's injuries, with Cage beginning to have violent seizures. Temple had an idea and requested Jones to hold his head still. She began to insert a needle in his eye, draining his cerebral spinal fluid from his brain, which helped to stabilize him. Temple requested that Jones to keep eye out for Cage's and that he should be fine.

Jones tells Claire Temple about Kilgrave

Before Temple could leave, she noticed a cut on Jones leg that she had received while escaping from Kilgrave at the hospital. Temple began to tend to Jones' cut and Jones began to tell her about Kilgrave and that it was her duty to kill him; After hearing this, Temple told her about a friend of hers, noting how similar the two were in terms of doing the right thing. She suggested reaching him for help, but Jones to refuse, not wanting him to get hurt by Kilgrave.

Jones vows to make amends with Luke Cage

After Jones was tended, she went to the unconscious Cage, laying down beside him and swearing to make things right again. Then, using her phone and the internet, she was able to find Kilgrave's location and before she left, she asked Temple to watch over Cage, to which she reluctantly agreed.[10]

Kilgrave's Last Smile

Jones witnesses Albert Thompson's death

Jones rushed to the apartment where Kilgrave was supposedly hiding and was horrified to find one of the men enthralled by Kilgrave and mincing up Albert Thompson's arm. She shoved him in a closet, so that the effects of Kilgrave's pheromones wear off. She discovered in horror his father, who lost both of his arms, wincing in pain and warning her that he has become more powerful. After he dies, she took out a picture from his shirt pocket of him, his wife and a young Kilgrave during happier times. Then, she found a note from Kilgrave that invited her to the Hudson Ferry Terminal, giving her the location.

Jones evades the Policemen's bullets

Jones snuck in the terminal, while Trish Walker disguised herself as a decoy. Kilgrave was fooled at first, mocking the fake Jones for not having the courage to look him, while the real one kept sneaking from the other side of the terminal. Then, he revealed a few of the New York City Police Department officers under his control. However, he soon discovered that it was Walker in disguise, enraging Kilgrave, then he spotted the real Jones and ordered the officers to shoot her. They missed Jones and she was allowed to escape and pursue Kilgrave.

Jones tries to stop Kilgrave's massacre

Jones followed Kilgrave to the yacht, with Trish, However, he enthralled a group of innocent people to block her path. Then, Kilgrave ordered the group to tear each other to pieces, which would force Jones and Walker to protect them. Kilgrave screamed, ordering everyone to stop; they all obeyed, including Jones. Kilgrave assumed that this was all a ruse, but Jones claimed that she wanted him to stop hurting everyone else.

Jones watches Kilgrave enthral Trish Walker

Still not convinced, he mocked Jones by ordering Walker to come over to him and claims that he has chosen the wrong sister to love. He taunted Jones promising he would rape her continually for the rest of her life, making her die on the inside as his personal slave, and threatened to make Walker cut her own throat, if he so much sees Jones ever again. He then forced Walker to kiss him passionately.

Jones tells Kilgrave to smile before killing him

However, Jones still did not move from her spot, which caused Kilgrave to be convinced that he can control her again. Kilgrave approached her, overjoyed, promising her that she would learn to love him like he loves her. He asked her to smile and she obeyed without hesitation, much to his delight. When Kilgrave asked her to say she loves him, Jones said those words, but not to Kilgrave; looking over Kilgrave's shoulders and towards Walker, Jones uttered the words "I Love You" to Walker instead. Jones then grabbed a shocked and horrified Kilgrave by the face, and asked him to "smile" and then snapped his neck, killing him instantly. All of the innocent people present, including Walker, were released.[10]

Return to Work

Continuing Alias Investigations

Jones decides not to be heroic anymore

"Jessica Jones didn't ask for this. She didn't go looking for it. This monster found her."
"She killed a man with her bare hands, Jeri. And it's not the first death she's been linked to. Now we have witnesses."
Jeri Hogarth and Samantha Reyes[src]

Later, Jones was taken to jail for the murder of Kilgrave. Jones began to go through negotiations with Samantha Reyes, who claimed that the citizens were just drunks who got into a fight and Jones killed in cold blood. However, thanks to Jeri Hogarth's negotiating, claiming that Kilgrave had used his powers of persuasion and forced Jones kill him out of guilt for his crimes, Jones was able to leave prison. She went back to her apartment, where she was reunited with Malcolm Ducasse and discovered her answering machine was filled with thousands of messages, which she deleted, not interested in helping them. However, she thought to herself that maybe if the people believed her to be hero, she could fool herself into thinking the same as well.[10] After Frank Castle was captured by Daredevil, Samantha Reyes began to building a platform on Castle's conviction, aiming to precedent against other vigilantes, with Jones also falling "under serious scrutiny," according to Marci Stahl.[33] In 2016, Joy Meachum hired Jones to follow Rand Enterprises' board of directors and take some embarrassing photos of them.[34]

A New Case

Time later after the final confrontation with Kilgrave, Jones stopped working as a private investigator and spent her days drinking. One day after spending another night drinking at a bar, Jones encountered her friend and adopted sister, Trish Walker about to get her car taken away. Fortunately, Jones helped her sister solve the problem by using her powers to remove Walker's car from the tow truck, intimidating the truck's owner into letting Trish off a parking ticket. Afterwards whilst drinking coffee, Walker tried to convince Jones to let other people publish her story to help her financial situation, but she refused them all.

Jones has some coffee with Trish Walker

Returning home to Alias Investigations, Jones found Michelle Raymond and Lexi Raymond waiting outside her office. Michelle asked Jones to help find her husband, John Raymond. Jones bluntly refused them, since she currently wasn't working as a investigator.

Entering her home, she received a phone call that she didn't answer. When the phone went to voice mail, the caller, in a distorted voice filter, eerily warned Jones not to find John Raymond. Now knowing that something was up, Jones immediately began investigating on Raymond.

Jones began searching for information on Raymond. During the search, Malcolm Ducasse suggested that Jones try and track the phone call, the caller might have made a mistake. It turned out that the call came from a payphone at 11th and 49th. Ducasse recalled from his experience on doing heroin that people went to the location to do shady dealings. Jones promptly headed toward the location.

Her search for Raymond led her to an apartment at 11th and 49th. When she forced her way inside, Jones discovered to her horror that the apartment was loaded with C4 explosives. Not long after, an earthquake happened in New York.[35]

The Ninja Assassin

Jones called the cops and she was detained and questioned until morning. When she was allowed to leave, Jones stole some evidence from the crime scene, an act that did not go unnoticed by Misty Knight. Fortunately, Jones managed leave the crime scene before Knight could apprehend her. Her investigation led her to begin looking into the corporation who hired Raymond. While combing through their public records, Jones discovered that members of the company kept changing their names and their transfer of assets went as far back as the 18th century. During her search, Jeri Hogarth came to Jones. Hogarth warned Jones not to interfere now that her case has turned into a matter of national security.

Jones returns back to her apartment building

She headed home and received a call from Walker, who told her that someone was trying to cover the accident. Before they could continue their conversation, Jones noticed that her office door was opened. She found Ducasse being held at gunpoint by Raymond. During the confrontation, Raymond kept asking if Jones was working with them and he insisted that he was trying to stop them due to learning too much about their plans. Jones kept pressing for Raymond to tell her who he was talking about.

Before they could continue, they were interrupted by the arrival of a sword wielding assassin. When the assassin attempted to capture Raymond, he shot himself in the head. Jones pursued the attacker but she skillfully escaped her. Once outside her apartment, Jones encountered Knight who immediately arrested her.

Jones and Ducasse were taken to the precinct and Jones herself was promptly interrogated by Knight. Before Knight could press her further, they were interrupted by the arrival of Matt Murdock, who introduced himself as her attorney.[36]

War for New York

Jones vs Murdock

Jones reluctantly talked to her new attorney. She learned that Murdock was called to help her from Hogarth. Jones refused to answer Murdock's questions and she wanted another lawyer. Murdock told her that she didn't have too, since the New York City Police Department didn't have any evidence on her and that she was allowed to leave. When Murdock asked about the case she was doing, Jones refused to answer. Jones left the interrogation room and immediately called Ducasse for his whereabouts and what she told the police.

Jones is introduced to Matt Murdock

Jones went to the Raymonds to ask the broken family further questions, as well as assuring that she will continue with her investigation. Jones left for the streets. As she walked, Jones felt that someone was following her. She managed to turn it around and began following Murdock, who was also tailing her. She followed Murdock to an alley where he escaped, but not before taking several photos of him escaping the alley by skillfully scaling a building on his way out. Jones received a call from Duncan and Dotter Design, whom Jones called to continue her investigation. Posing as Anna Asher, she was called for a meeting with the company on the afternoon.

The company was the place where Raymond worked. Jones learned that Raymond designed a building for Midland Circle. With a new lead, Jones headed to Midland Circle Financial followed closely by Murdock. Once she entered the building, Murdock immediately took her aside and told her to leave. Discomforted by Murdock's attitude, Jones confronted him and asked how Murdock could move like he did. When she told him that she had photos of him, Murdock immediately took and smashed her camera. Before they could continue their confrontation, Murdock heard gunshots. He took her scarf and raced upstairs. Jones followed by taking the elevator.[13]

Defenders United

Jones walks into the fight with Matt Murdock

"Hey, these abilities that you have such contempt for, they might do some good right now."
"This war, or whatever it is. This is not my problem."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

She followed Murdock and derided him for using her scarf as a makeshift mask. In the hallway, her one-time lover Luke Cage smashed his way through a wall, followed closely behind by the billionaire Danny Rand. She greeted Cage and asked what they were doing in the building. The former couple didn't talk for long, before Murdock warned that someone was approaching.

Jones leaving with the other Defenders

The assassin from the other night, Elektra, appeared. Soon after, armed fighters appeared and attacked them. Jones joined forces with the three vigilantes and began fighting off the attackers. While Murdock faced Elektra alone, Jones worked with Cage and Rand to secure the elevator for their escape. Once Rand managed to save Murdock from Elektra, the Defenders escaped from Midland Circle,[13] with Jones destroying the security camera in the elevator they were in.[37]

Jones talking with Danny Rand

Once away from Midland Circle, the Defenders sought shelter at the Royal Dragon restaurant. They were allowed to stay after Rand managed to bribe the owner. Jones was skeptical when Rand explained that the enemy they fought against were called the Hand as well as their mysticism. Despite her own hesitation, Jones worked to share information with the three and learn more about the organization that they were facing. She also defused tension between Murdock and Cage and convinced the latter to stay when he wanted to leave.

Jones decides to walk away from Luke Cage

The Defenders discussed their next move. During their discussion, Jones advised the group to fight them without incriminating themselves, as their actions were against the law. Jones was also hesitant to form a team when Rand suggested it. Soon after, they were greeted by the arrival of an old man known as Stick. When the old man further explained the situation, Jones couldn't believe him when he explained that the Hand was responsible for numerous disasters in the past. Further, Stick's attitude aggravated Jones and she left the restaurant. Cage followed and tried in vain to convince her to stay.

Jones speaks with Michelle Raymond

Returning back home, Jones began deleting the photos she had taken during her investigation. She stopped when she realized that the documents with decades apart were signed by the same person. Believing that the mysterious Hand might be real, Jones went to the Raymonds to check on them and inform them about getting some protection. When Raymond told Jones about someone already keeping an eye on them, Jones immediately went to confront the man watching them. She interrogated the man and when she learned about her allies back at the restaurant were about to get attacked, Jones headed back.

She arrived in time to crash a car through the restaurant and knock down Elektra. Rejoining her team, Jones prepared to face the Hand alongside the Defenders.[38]

Fighting against the Hand

While fighting against Elekta alongside Cage, the main Hand force soon arrived to assist Elektra. During the battle, Jones was forced to retreat with her team. Following her allies, they found shelter at Chikara Dojo. Jones confronted Murdock for separating from the team to fight Elektra. Not long after, Cage returned to the team after being separated during the battle. He informed that he managed to capture one of the Hand leaders, Sowande.

Jones talks to Daredevil and mocks his horns

The Defenders worked on interrogating Sowande at an abandoned building. When the man threaten to hurt their loved ones, the Defenders worked on bringing them to safety. Jones went to find Walker. She found her adopted sister having a meeting at a restaurant. While attempting to get her to safety, they were followed and attacked by Hand agents, led by Murakami. Daredevil arrived to assist Jones to drive off the Hand leader. After sarcastically commenting on her rescuer's costume, Jones brought Walker to the NYPD for protection.

Jones returned to their hideout to continue interrogate Sowande. During an attempt to escape with Rand, the team learned that the Hand intend to use the Iron Fist to open a sealed door of K'un-Lun origin. Sowande was subsequently decapitated by Stick.[39]

Jones tries to stop Matt Murdock fighting

The revelation caused a splinter in the group. Jones agreed with the rest of the team to hold Rand away, much to his protest. This escalated into a fight, which Jones was forced to end by knocking Rand unconscious. They tied him up. Without any option, Jones decided to return to the Raymonds to look for clues, as John Raymond was the one who designed Midland Circle Financial.

Returning back to the Raymonds, Murdock found a construction plan of the Midland Circle. They learned that beneath the building, there was a large tunnel cave. With this discovery, Jones and Murdock headed back to rejoin the team. When they returned, they found Elektra attacking Stick while Cage and Rand were unconscious. When Elektra killed Stick and incapacitated Murdock, Jones was forced to fight the assassin alone. Unable to match Elektra's superior fighting skills, she was defeated and knocked unconscious.[40]

Regrouping, Rebelling, Retaliation

Jones woke up and found herself once again in the precinct, with Knight interrogate her. She was informed that the cops brought them back to the precinct after discovering them unconscious with two corpses. Jones reunited with Cage and Murdock to be further questioned by the police. Eventually, Murdock managed to convince them to talk alone. They used this distraction to escape the precinct.

Jones rides the train with Matt Murdock and Luke Cage

Now determined to prevent the Hand's plans and save Rand, the Defenders began making their way toward Midland Circle, using the metro to avoid the authorities. Along the way, Jones stole a drink from a nearby sleeping passenger. The Defenders arrived at Midland Circle and entered through the parking lot. Inside they were confronted by three of the Hand leaders: Madame Gao, Murakami and Bakuto. A fierce confrontation took place in the parking lot. They managed to drive them away by the timely arrival of Colleen Wing, Claire Temple, and Misty Knight.

Wing informed them about her plan to collapse the entire building with Raymond's explosives. Jones agreed to the plan to use explosives to level the building and end the Hand's threat once and for all.[14][15]

Final Battle beneath Midland Circle

Jones and the Defenders fight the Hand

"These people have come after our friends. They're showing no signs of stopping."
"You know that I've wanted nothing to do with this from the beginning. The architect's brains are still in my apartment. I haven't changed my clothes. Let's just get this shit over with. We'll all sleep easier once they're gone."
―Jessica Jones and Luke Cage[src]

The Defenders used the elevator to head down to the cave to face the Hand. As Daredevil suggested using Jones as a distraction. When the elevator arrived at the bottom, Jones greeted the Hand alone and provided Daredevil and Luke Cage an opportunity to ambush the Hand. During the fight, Jones rescued Iron Fist and helped him get back to the team. With the Defenders reunited, the team went and fought against the Hand, who is now led by Elektra, who had killed Alexandra Reid and usurped her position.

Jones and the Defenders defeated the majority of the Hand. When only Elektra remained, they defeated her and began retreating. Daredevil chose to stay behind to try and save her despite Jones' protest. As they escaped on the elevator, they were followed by the surviving Hand members led by Murakami. Another battle ensued as the remaining Defender fought off the Hand. During the battle, the elevator was damaged. Fortunately, Jones saved Cage and Rand by jumping and grabbing the broken cable, holding the elevator with her super-strength.

They managed to return to the surface and reunited with their remaining allies. They made their escape from Midland Circle just in time before the bomb exploded and level the building. Jones returned to the precinct to reunite with Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse. The remaining Defenders mourned for their fallen teammate.[15]

Reopening Alias Investigation

"You're sure you don't want anyone to know what you did?"
"It's over. That's all that matters."
"You should be proud. Think of how many lives you saved."
"And the one we lost."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Days after the final battle, Jones asked Walker to make sure that no one knew about their heroics. Taking Murdock's apparent death hard, Jones returned to the bar to drown her sorrows. Cage went to meet her. The former couple talked through their issues and about what happened beneath Midland Circle. Cage assured Jones that she had friends and that he was one of them.

Jones returned home and found Ducasse fixing the place. With her determination reignited, Jones reopened Alias Investigation to continue her work and help people.[15]

Digging up the Past

Back to Work

Jones talking to Mavis about Rafi

"Something happened behind these doors. We were made here. Me, Whizzer and something else. Whatever it is, the only way to find it is to open the door wider."
―Jessica Jones[src]

With Jones taking photos of a pizza delivery man, Rafi, hooking up with a woman ordering pizza. Jones later meets with her client Mavis at Slice City and shows her the pictures. Just as Mavis is about to pay Jones, Rafi walks in, and Mavis offers Jones triple her fee if she murders him. Jones informs Rafi of Mavis's request, and he runs out of the store while Mavis asks her why she told him. She cites that Jones already killed someone, a fact she heard on Trish Talk, which infuriates Jones. Showing restraint, she tells Mavis that she is not a murderer and leaves, although not before taking a box of pizza.

Jessica and Trish talking about IGH

Jones meets Trish Walker in a private auditorium while being stalked by an unknown figure. Jones talks about the annoying clientele she's been getting lately after what happened with Kilgrave, as people now view her as some sort of vigilante, and that Walker is escalating the situation by discussing it on Trish Talk. Walker says she should face what happened and pulls out the file. She says Jones was not assigned a hospital bed until 20 days after her family's car accident, and speculates it is due to IGH experimenting on her. Walker encourages her to investigate IGH more, as knowing what IGH did to her might help her.

Jones looking interested at clients

Malcolm wakes Jones up in her apartment and they meet with new potential clients. One of them wants to find her son, whom she put up for adoption years ago, one of them is concerned about lizards taking over, and the other claims that someone is trying to kill him because he has super-speed powers, and is called "the Whizzer." Ducasse wants to take the adopted son case, but Jones is concerned it will just attract more sob-stories. Ducasse writes down what she says, but Jones says it isn't a lesson.[16]

Jones versus Cheng

Jones and Malcolm Ducasse meeting Pryce Cheng

"Stay away from me. Stay away from my clients."
"No. You're a ticking time bomb."
"Keep telling me who I am, I dare you."
―Jessica Jones and Pryce Cheng[src]

They meet with another client, Pryce Cheng, who desires to absorb Alias Investigations and hire Jones. Jones refuses, saying he just wants to eliminate her competition, which he doesn't deny, and says that if she doesn't accept his offer, he'll run her out of business. Cheng leaves, and Jones attempts to follow him, but is stopped by a large fridge, which is getting being moved into an apartment for new residents Oscar Arocho, and his son, Vido. She moves the fridge with her super-strength when Arocho is having trouble lifting it, much to Vido's awe.

Jones spying on Pryce Cheng

Jones takes pictures of Cheng meeting with clients, hoping to dig up dirt on him, but he notices her. Ducasse is fixing up the Alias Investigations Office, while Walker waits with him for Jones. When Jones arrives, Walker says she found something of hers, and places a box on Jones's desk. Jones is angry, and when Ducasse asks why, she says the box contains her family's ashes.

After drinking to her family's ashes, Jones wakes up at her desk the next morning with Malcolm in her kitchen, who gives her a package from Cheng Consulting that a messenger dropped off. She answers a knock at the door, only to find Whizzer, who is spouting more tales about people trying to kill him, and she shuts the door in his face. Jones examines the message from Cheng, which contains all info on him, and reads, "I am an open book." They also find that a potential client has hired Cheng instead.

Jones confronting Cheng

Jones visits Cheng and his client from before, and returns his missing dog. Jones says she found his dog, Felipe, at his ex-wife's boyfriend's place. Cheng's client is angry at him, because Cheng went to look there already. Cheng defends himself, saying the boyfriend wouldn't let him in. Jones tells the client she'll go to lengths, Cheng won't and hands him her card as he leaves.

Jones attacking Pryce Cheng

Cheng gets in her way when she attempts to leave, and provokes her. She knocks him to the floor and warns him to stay away from her and her clients when he pulls out a taser. It has no effect on her, and she throws him through a glass door. She is going to push him more, but backs away, and Cheng calls her "the weakest human being [he has ever met." She is restrained by security as Cheng's co-workers call the police.

Jones released from courthouse thanks to Trish Walker and Griffin Sinclair

Later, at a courthouse, Jones is released after Walker bails her out. She is also court ordered to take anger management classes, and has to pay property damage. Walker and Jones talk about facing her past and IGH. Jones says she thinks facing it will make her worse, as she has already killed someone. Walker and her boyfriend, Griffin Sinclair, leave for a charity gala. Jones is attacked by Whizzer from behind while entering her apartment, and she throws him to the floor. He pulls out a gun on her and insists that someone "like us" is trying to kill him, and wants Jessica to protect him. He reveals he is on medication, and while Jones thinks it is because he is psychotic, he says it is to repress his powers. Jones attacks him so he will drop the gun, and he exhibits super speed as he runs throughout the room. He throws a box containing her brother's ashes at her, and they fly throughout the room when she deflects the box with her arm.[16]

Chasing the Whizzer

Jones chasing Whizzer

"Jesus. You are fast."
―Jessica Jones[src]

Jones chases Whizzer into the street, where he once again demonstrates super speed, but a pile of scaffolding falls on him, and Whizzer is impaled by a piece of metal. Across the street, Oscar Arocho shields his son's eyes from the horrific sight. Meanwhile, Hogarth visits her doctor after receiving a painful cramp, and receives news that disturbs her.[16]

Looking for Answers

That night, Jones is sitting in her office with her brother's ashes still scattered in the floor. Ducasse enters and cleans the ashes up with a piece of paper. They discuss Whizzer's death, and how Jessica believes it was the work of another powered person. Jones looks through Whizzer's bag that he left there, and finds a pill bottle. There is no prescribing doctor, but there is a manufacturer, "Salento." They find Salento's local distributor, and Jones visits the place where they ship the pills. Inside, Jones finds an experimental clinic, and has flashes of memories of when she was experimented on there, including a memory of being attacked by another person. Jones then vows to open the door into her past.

Jones having sex in a bathroom

Jones drinking heavily at a bar. She calls for multiple shots of whiskey, and attempts to call Trish Walker about her discoveries. Her boyfriend Griffin Sinclair, who was next to her in bed at the time, answers instead, not wanting to wake Walker. He comments on the late hour, and asks Jones to put off the call until morning, and Jones ends the call. She starts to leave the bar when a man comments on her ass. She turns around, and the two of them have sex in the bar's bathroom. After the man discovers her powers, he calls her a freak and she makes him leave.

Jones arriving at Kozlov's home

Jones arrives at Kozlov's home only to find he has died in a "freak car accident." She enters inside the home to find friends and family attending a mourning. Jones investigates Kozlov's office, noticing Will Simpson in a picture with Kozlov and several other soldiers. Isaiah, a soldier and patient of the deceased Kozlov, enters the room in his wheelchair, stumbling across Jones studying the picture. He takes out a baton and demands who she is working for. Jones is initially hesitant to attack someone in a wheelchair, but Isaiah uses her hesitation to attack her, knocking Jones to the floor. She gets up a pushes him out of his wheelchair, and the two discuss Kozlov's mysterious death. Both of them think it wasn't an accident, and he reveals Simpson to be alive, and blames him for the murder.

Jones goes snooping around the Whizzer's apartment hoping to find clues about who was trying to kill him. She traps his hostile pet mongoose Emil in the bathroom, and finds his laptop with a video on it. Jones watches the video, where he describes his situation and how he got his powers, The Whizzer explains how he believes his powers are killing him, and how powers can cause mental illness. The NYPD arrives and attempt to get into his apartment. They don't see her, and she escapes through the window with the computer, letting Emil loose as a distraction. Jones walks to the door of her apartment, and passes her superintendent. Jones asks him why he lied to the police before. He says that he is currently fighting for custody for his son, and getting involved in her "superpower business" would only make things more complicated, something he doesn't want for his child.[3]

Return to IGH

Jones realizes that Walker is the connection and leaves her a voicemail when she doesn't pick up. Jones goes to Walker's apartment to talk, but Sinclair answers the door instead, saying he doesn't know where Walker is. Jones looks into Walker's office and finds her files on the floor. Jones looks through them and finds crime scene photos from her family's car accident, and her father's death certificate. Sinclair says he wanted to know what she was working on, but found nothing he understood, and let it slip that Walker and her mother had brunch that morning. Jones calls Dorothy, asking where Walker is and what they talked about at brunch, but Dorothy ignores her questions and disconnects the call.

Jones and Trish Walker finding an injured Will Simpson

Jones arrives at the Brooklyn movie set, which has closed for the night, and follows a trail of blood to an empty stage, where Walker has tied up a bleeding Will Simpson. Walker shows Jones some drugs she found on him, commenting on how they are like the pills he took before, as they keep him from feeling pain. Jones accuses him of killing Whizzer and Dr. Kozlov, but he denies, saying the new drugs he is taking permits him from losing control like before, and that he only wants to protect Walker from IGH.

Jessica and Trish finding Will Simpson dead

The lights suddenly go out, and Simpson warns them that the assailant is here. He tells Jones to take Walker and run. Jones unties his bonds, and Walker gives Simpson her gun, and he struggles to run with his limp in the opposite direction of Walker and Jones. The two women hurry towards an exit and hear Simpson shouting far away. They run into a shadowy figure, who leaps into the air above them, and exits through a stage door behind them. Jones remarks that they weren't after Walker. They run and find Simpson dead on the floor with his neck snapped.[3]

Jessica and Trish Walker visit a beach to to dump Will Simpson's body out at sea

Jones and Trish Walker visit a beach vacation spot Jones used to go to with her family to dump Will Simpson's body out at sea. Walker is disappointed that he didn't get a proper funeral, but Jones points out that the police have already found her with too many bodies. They prepare to abandon Simpson's stolen car and remove the evidence. Walker finds an arsenal of guns and the special drug he always took in the trunk. Jones wants to dump them, too, but Walker insists on keeping it. Jessica is returning to her apartment when Malcolm Ducasse approaches her about an eviction notice from her landlord. Apparently, it is illegal to run a business out of a living space, which is what Jones does by running Alias Investigations out of her apartment. Jessica suspects who may be behind it, and goes to her neighbor Arocho's apartment. Arocho doesn't deny her claim, and says it's for the best as she would only bring trouble to the building, saying she has thirty days left before she has to move out.

Jones in the office

Jones is working at her office and posts pictures from Walker's files on the walls all around the room while drinking a bottle of whiskey. She suddenly wakes in her bed with an IV of whiskey strapped into her and ashes falling from the ceiling. She gets up and goes to find her front door has been replaced by a hospital door resembling a door from the clinic she saw in the pictures. She is about to open it when once again the red, meaty figure attacks her from behind, and she wakes up with Ducasse knocking on her door.[17]

Investigating Leslie Hansen

Jones and Malcolm Ducasse converse in her office. He reveals that he did research on Oscar and found that he served time for forgery, meaning he is an ex-con. After Ducasse makes a comment about how good the old superintendent was, Jones realizes that Arocho must have something on the landlord, and ask Malcolm to find out what it is. Jessica visits the IGH Clinic and goes through the door she saw in her dream, but only discovers the name "Leslie Hansen" on the door, and nothing useful inside. She and Walker go to Leslie Hansen's apartment to find it empty, and a man tells them he saw someone taking boxes from the apartment down to the basement the week before. Trish and Jessica go down to the basement which smells horrible, and find that the furnace has been recently used, thinking Leslie burned all the evidence about IHG, when Jessica finds a human skull in the furnace.

Jessica meeting Leslie Hansen at a bar

Jones is inverted to a bar to meet Leslie Hansen. At the bar, "Hansen" defends IGH as heroes, saying that they brought back Jessica from the dead, since she died on the table. IGH was merely trying to save lives, according to Hansen, and that the powers were merely a side effect. Jessica says they should have let her die with her family, which angers Leslie, who says she should be incredibly thankful to them, and that she survived for a reason. Jessica says that if she did survive for a reason, it was so she could take down Leslie and IGH. Hansen makes a run for it, and Jessica tries to stop her with her, but Hansen displays similar powers, knocking Jessica across the room and through a wall with incredible strength. Jessica comes out, and Hansen jumps across the street and on to the top of a building across the street. Jessica doesn't try to follow her, but instead takes the photographer's camera, which managed to take several photos of the fake Hansen.[17]

Anger Management

Jessica Jones at anger management

Jones is forced to partake in an anger management class after she attacked Pryce Cheng. The people attending the class tell their stories while bouncing a rubber ball against the wall. Jones asks the head of the class to sign her court order, but he says she has to stay the full hour, and encourages her to talk with the class. She gets up and bounces the ball against the wall while telling the story of how her family was killed in a car accident, she was experimented on, how she was abducted and raped, and forced to kill someone. She ends by bouncing the ball so hard against the wall it creates a dent, and pieces of the wall fly across the room. The man fearfully signs the court order, and Jones leaves.

Jones returns to her office and gets angry at Malcolm Ducasse for letting Trish Walker get out of her apartment the night before, as now the press (who got photos of Walker and Ducasse together) are calling Malcolm Trish's new boyfriend. Jessica looks at the photos of the fake Hansen, and tries to find something, but finds it is hard to concentrate as Oscar Arocho and his ex-wife are arguing above her. Despite this, Jessica notices she was wearing a wig. Jessica calls Trish who is having to deal with the aftermath of last night with the press. She asks Trish about wigs, saying the woman was wearing one. Trish says it was a good wig since she didn't notice, speculating it to be human hair, which narrows down their search as there are only three human hair wig shops in NYC. Jessica agrees to meet Trish at one of them, and hangs up.[17]

Falling in Love

Oscar Arocho's son Vido enters Jones' office, not wanting to be around his arguing parents. He questions Jones about her powers while Jones yells down the hallway to Vido's parents that he's in her apartment when they start looking for him. He crouches on the outside of her window ledge, and asks if she could save him if he fell. She yells at him to get off and he falls. Joned pulls him up just as his parents arrive. His mother is angry, seeing it as another reason for her to have custody of Vido, and drags her son away. Arocho angrily tells Jones she has 25 days left before she is evicted before running after them.

Jones and Walker meeting Sally

Jessica and Trish meet up at the wig place. Trish has to pay the owner, Sally, three hundred dollars to give them info on the woman when the owner confirms the woman as a customer of her store. Sally tells them the woman comes in alone, pays in cash, and lost all her hair, probably to chemotherapy. Jessica speculates that she probably had cancer and IGH saved her. She also says that if they found her though Metro-General, IGH is probably paying her medical bills, so they need her hospital records.

Jones and Walker treating Max Tatum

Trish shows Jessica the video Malcolm took of her and Max Tatum, saying they could use it as leverage against him, and use his clearance at the hospital to get the records. Jessica points out that her threats won't hold much water as Trish gave Max two days and it's been three. Planning on blackmailing him more, Trish and Jessica head off to his movie set. Trish and Jessica would show a young actress currently starring in Max's film the video about being sexually assaulted by Max, which she quits, much to Max's dismay. The two confront him at his car, and after Jessica threatens him a little with her powers, he agrees to give them his clearance at Metro-General.

Jones kissing Oscar Arocho

There is a knock on Jones' door. She answers it to find Arocho. He apologizes, saying Vido told him what happened, and that he cannot express how grateful he is that she saved his son's life. He says he has dropped her eviction, and leaves her with a bottle of whiskey, but she invites him to drink with her inside. Arocho and Jones share the whiskey on her couch and discuss her powers. He admits that he doesn't hate people like her, he just hated her in particular. She admits what it's like to be an outcast and they bond. Jones starts to kiss him, and attempts to unzip his pants, but Oscar backs out, saying that things are moving too fast and that the situation is not normal and he leaves.

Jones leaves her apartment the next day and heads for the elevator when Malcolm approaches her in the hallway. He tells her about how Cheng offered him a place at his firm in exchange for info on her. He says he said no, but that he still wants more to do at Alias Investigations, and demands 25% of the cases that come in. She agrees to give him 20% before leaving. He then goes back to his apartment and mixes up the name of one of the girls he met on a dating app.[17]

Meeting Nurse Green

Jones looking for Inez Green

"We just want to know why you're hiding. Who's after you?"
"After me? Every loser out there with a dick. Know what it's like to be a woman on the streets?"
―Jessica Jones and Inez Green[src]

They ask around the neighborhood and a man tells them which building Inez Green lives in. Jessica goes upstairs to draw her out while Trish Walker waits downstairs with the taser to ambush her. Jones is attacked by Green from behind, but is able to defend herself. Trish, hearing her shouts, takes the drugs Will Simpson was on and runs upstairs with the taser and knocks Green out. They discover she isn't the woman they are looking for.

Jones is arrested by Detective Eddy Costa

Jessica and Trish go to Jessica's apartment with Inez Green in the backseat. Jessica gets out of the car to find the New York City Police Department outside her building. Malcolm Ducasse tells her to run, as they think she killed Nick Spanos, but the police see her and arrest her for the murder of Pryce Cheng's friend.[17]

Family Reunion

Mistakenly Arrested for Murder

Jessica making her call to Malcolm Ducasse

"There's no manual that tells you what to do when your mother who's been dead for seventeen years comes back and is a mass murderer. I'm kinda winging it. Everything inside me tells me I should turn you in."
―Jessica Jones to Alisa Jones[src]

Following her arrest, Jones had paced back and forth inside her cell, punching the wall in anger. She is taken into an interrogation room, where she receives counsel from Jeri Hogarth. The police suspect that she’s keeping something from them and have decided to hold her. She later learns from Malcolm Ducasse that all her files have been taken. Ducasse believed that Pryce Cheng must have been casing Jones' apartment when he came to recruit him. She then asks that Ducasse find out everything that Inez Green knows about her former employers and her co-worker who suddenly left the company. Jones had then lastly leaves Ducasse in charge of Alias Investigations while she was away.

Jones talks to Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday

Jones and Hogarth agreed to make a statement, but she requires her phone. On it is a photo of Nick Spanos and Whizzer's actual killer. Jones went on to explain that the woman has abilities that far surpass her own. They were both patients at an off-the-grid experimental program called IGH. They tried to heal people using genetic editing, but there were side effects. After giving her statement, Jones and Hogarth remained in the interrogation room as the detectives process what they had just learned. Detectives Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday returned after running the photo of this mystery woman, though they did not turn up anything. Fortunately, Costa believed her after finding a couple stills that were taken from a network of security cameras in the surrounding area. They were taken just before Spanos’ death. Given her cooperation, Jones was released. Detective Costa then proposed an alliance of sorts as he and several others still remember what Kilgrave had done in the precinct and were grateful to Jones for taking him out.[19]

Stopping Pryce Cheng

Jones manages to subdue Pryce Cheng

"I just don't want my kid to go to prison."
"Well, I don't want my mother to murder anyone else."
"If he wakes up, he will go straight to the police."
"When he wakes up, I will remind him that attempted murder is a Class B felony with a five-to-ten-year sentence. He busts us, I bust him."
Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

While talking with her mother in her apartment, Jones was shot by Pryce Cheng from across the street in a neighboring building, though she was not the intended target. It was in fact Alisa that Pryce was after. After failing to kill Alisa, Pryce made a run for it, but he is cut off in the stairwell by Alisa and Jones. Alisa caught up to him on the steps, disarmed him, and threw him up against the wall. Jones exclaimed "mom," to gain her mother's attention and keep her from killing Pryce, who then reached for his gun. However, before he could use it, Jones injected him with a syringe filled with tranquilizer, that rendered Pryce unconscious.

Jones calls the police on her mother

After capturing Pryce, Jones put him in her bathtub and taped his hands and feet. She then took his phone and broke it. The following night, when Pryce finally woke, Jones asked if he remembered trying to kill them. He replied that he was only trying to kill Alisa. Jones then cut him free and took him into a room. She informed him that he could go away for attempted murder. Or they could overlook her kidnapping him and go their separate ways. Once she reminded him that he also shot her, he agreed to her terms. However, he can't look the other way in Alisa's case, as she's a dangerous killer. Pryce convinced Jones that her mother had to be stopped. And so, Jones called detective Costa and reported her mother. Unbeknownst to Jones, Alisa had been listening in. She broke the door down, knocking Jones to the ground and attacked Pryce. Jones held her mom back long enough for Pyrce to make it out the apartment, though physically, she was outmatched. She was beaten to the ground and was only spared when she reminded Alisa of who she was. Alisa then continued her purist of Pryce, however, by the time she made it outside, he was long gone, and NYPD were locked on her, guns drawn.[41]

Finding Vido Arocho

Jones agrees to help find Vido

"He's my son! You think he's better off with you?"
"No. I think he's better off with a mother who isn't in prison."
"I got nothing left, except for him."
"You're his mother. Nothing's gonna change that."
Sonia and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones learned from Arocho that Sonia took Vido. When Sonia didn't pick up her phone, Arocho stopped by her place, where her neighbor informed him that Sonia and Vido left with big suitcases. She'd been wanting to take Vido to Peru. Arocho said no, thinking he'd never see his son again. And now, it seemed as if she did just that, so Arocho looked to Jones to find them.

Alisa Jones and Jones search Sonia's apartment

Jones and Alisa met Arocho at Sonia's place. Jones broke the door knob and forced her way into the apartment. She looked for Sonia and Vido's passports, but couldn't find them, which suggested Sonia intended to leave the country. With a custody hearing just a couple weeks off, Arocho blamed himself for not seeing this coming as Sonia's afraid she might lose. Jones discovered that all of Sonia's notices are past due, which meant it might've been difficult for her to get plane tickets. Jones asked if Arocho and Sonia still shared a credit card, which they did. So, he decided to check recent transactions and learned that she just bought two bus tickets.

Jones, Oscar Arocho, and Alisa arrive at the bus station

They arrived at the bus station and realized that she must be taking the nus to Montreal in order to escape the country. Jones ran up and grabbed a kid who she mistook for Vido, apologizing to the parent and child immediately after making the mistake. Jones then had to pull Alisa off of an employee who got smart with Alisa when she asked for directions to the bus to Montreal. Jones and Alisa chased after the bus as it pulled off. Jones grabbed the moving bus by its bumper, an unsuccessful attempt to try and stop it. However, with help from Alisa, between the two of them, they managed to bring the bus to a halt. Arocho reunited with Vido and Jones advised Sonia to be a responsible mother to Vido.[41]

Dale Holiday's Holiday

Jones accidentally kills Dale Holiday

"You killed again. It was an accident. You have to make it..."
"Look like a suicide."
―Jessica Jones and Kilgrave[src]

Jones began looking into the background of correction captain Dale Holiday after learning that he had been torturing her mother. She started with former co-workers, herself posing as a board member for the New York Board of Prisons. She claimed that they were giving a career achievement award to Holiday and wanted a few colorful anecdotes for their tribute. She learned that Holiday was fired for suspicions of his possible connection to prisoner suicides. As she continued this discussion, Holiday boarded a bus, which Jones followed. She tracked Holiday back to his home. She broke in through the window once he left again. Hidden within a bear's head mounted on the wall, Jones found the patches belonging to the prisoners who allegedly committed suicide. She is then maced by Holiday and beat by a baton. Jones managed to gain control of the situation, grabbing the baton and bashing Holiday on the head, killing him with a single blow.[20]

Reencountering Kilgrave

Jones throws Dale Holiday off the roof

"Don't lie to yourself. I felt you shudder when you were so close. You wanted it. And that terrifies you."
"It should. Because I'm not a killer. I'm not you. I'm not my mother. I can control myself. Which means I'm more powerful than you ever were."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones[src]

After killing Dale Holiday in self-defense, Jones found herself haunted by visions of Kilgrave. In her head, she even heard his voice telling her to stage Dale’s death as a suicide. After cleaning up the mess, Jones staged the scene, writing a suicide note and tossing Holiday's body off the rood. Afterward, Kilgrave appeared and applauded Jones for her actions. He appeared again in the shower with Jones to express his pleasure, caressing her shoulders as she bathed.

Kilgrave continued to harass Jones, bringing up her past of extortion and forgery. And now adding murder to the list of her crimes. Jones attempted to make him go away, but to no avail, as he knew all the quaint side streets of Jessica’s mind. He assured her that not even in her dreams could she escape him and that he’s inside her forever.

Jones goes through Karl Malus' room

He followed Jessica to Karl Malus’ hotel room, where he remarked killing Karl would’ve been much more effective as he laid spread across the bed. He claimed him being there is to simply ease Jessica’s mind. Knowing that Kilgrave was simply a figment of her imagination, she turned her attention back towards finding Karl, to which Kilgrave loan a hand in. He pointed out that the bed was still made, meaning Karl hadn’t slept there and that his coat was still in the closet. They then found Karl’s journal, detailing his plans to make more enhanced individuals. Kilgrave questioned if Jones would kill Malus once she found him.

Jones and Kilgrave have a conversation

Kilgrave rejoined with Jones outside the prison following her visit her with her mother. He agreed that Trish had been acting strange lately, which Jones attributed to drugs. Jones returned home to find Kilgrave in her chair. He antagonized Jones, stating that Karl is safer with Trish considering that she’s not a killer. It’s not in her DNA, but it is in Jones and Kilgrave wanted her to embrace it. Dale Holiday deserved it. Admittedly, so did Kilgrave. Jones opened her laptop to find Malus, only to discover that someone’s been using it. She kicked in Malcolm Ducasse's door to find his apartment empty. In his bed, she finds a pair of sunglasses. Kilgrave remarks that Ducasse and Trish are together. Romantically. He noted that it reminded him of his and Jones’ time together. Jones then opens Ducasse's laptop and a dating app pops up. He sarcastically recommended that Jones sign up.

Jones is upset with Malcolm Ducasse

After finding Ducasse but failing to stop Trish, Malcolm proposed that he and Jones work together to find Trish, but neither knew where she was headed. Kilgrave told Jones that Ducasse should’ve been left in the streets, where Kilgrave put him with a needle in his arm as he’s useless. Kilgrave added that Trish doesn’t want to be saved and that she’s a terrible friend. A second Kilgrave appeared and the two spoke to Jones simultaneously. The delusions only dispersed when Ducasse yelled out to her. Kilgrave then started to belittle Jones, stating that with powers, Trish would be a better hero than she ever was, though he didn’t stop there. He continued to push Jones to embrace her inner killer. She then found herself surrounded by several Kilgraves, all pushing her to become a killer.

Jones does eventually find Trish, but Karl Malus has already began the process to giving her powers, though the process seemed to leave Trish more damaged than anything, to which Kilgrave encouraged Jones to make Malus pay. He told her over and over to do it, but Jones refused.

Jones tells Kilgrave that she is more powerful

Jones sat in the hospital waiting room, where she reminded Kilgrave that she won. Not that he cared, as Malus was dead either way. Nevertheless, he didn’t believe her mother would forgive her for allowing it to happen. However, Jones argued that she’s all her mother needed. Kilgrave continued anger Jones, referring to her once more as a killer and insisting that she’ll kill again. He felt her shutter when she almost killed Malus and it terrified her. Jones admitted that this is true. Because she’s not a killer and she can control herself, meaning she’s more powerful than Kilgrave ever was. He then disappeared. [21]

Attack on Riverbank Medical Center

Jones pleading with her mother to stop

"Sorry isn't going to cut it. You tried to kill the most important person in my life. My best friend. My sister."
"I was confused. I'm not anymore."
"Where are you? I need to see you. You have to be stopped."
―Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

Jones is forced to protect a wounded and unconscious Trish Walker from her mother, who blamed Walker for Karl Malus’ death. Jones entered into Walker’s hospital room just as her mother climbed through the window. Alisa looked over to Walker, blaming her for having taken everything from her, though Jones insisted that this was false. She attempted to convince Alisa that this was merely a story she made up in her head, while Jones pulled out a syringe, hoping to subdue her mother.

Jones is told to stand back by Eddy Costa

Jones failed to inject her mother with the drugs, as those syringes were swiftly knocked out of her hand. Instead, Alisa overpowered her and used Jones' own body to suffocate Walker, all while Jones desperately begged her to stop. Eventually, Jones managed to keep Alisa at bay, hitting her then pushing her away. Finally, Jones managed to get through to her mother after pleading with her to stop, as Alisa finally relaxed. Detectives Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday then barged into the room, guns drawn. Alisa attempted to make a break for the window, but was shot in the leg.

Jones witnesses Ruth Sunday's demise

Although Jones attempted to offer aid to her mother, Costa ordered her to stand back, while Sunday attempted to put Alisa in handcuffs, despite Jones insisting that they be careful around her. When Sunday stepped up to arrest her, Alisa grabbed her and held her in a headlock, with Jones desperately attempting to convince her to let Sunday go. However, to Jones horror, her mother than pulled Sunday out the multiple story high window along with her. Jones and Costa then looked out the window and confirmed that Sunday was killed, while Alisa was able to escape.[42]

Going on the Run

Jones is kidnapped by her mother

"I don't know what to do anymore. I tried to convince you. I tried to convict you. I even tried to kill you."
"You haven't tried to join me."
―Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

Jones woke up in Alisa’s camper, parked in the middle of the woods. She recalled her mother attacking her, to which Alisa reasoned was heat of the moment, as she couldn’t allow Jones to turn her in again. Alias then told Jones that they’re in transit to wherever Jones would like to go. Jones wanted to go to The Raft, but Alisa refused, having already wasted much of her life locked up. Alisa then revealed that when she attacked Jones, she showed restrained and controlled it. Alisa wanted to run away with her daughter, though Jones was reluctant. As people approached from the nearby path, Jones told her mother to wait in the vehicle as she wished to protect people from her. As a car approached, Jones begged Alisa to get back inside as she's a wanted woman, and so she did.

Jones is reluctant to join her mother

Jones and Alisa have taken to the road. Alisa found a route out of town via side roads, which would lead them to the boarder. The entire time, Jones eyed the keys in the ignition, which didn’t go unnoticed. Jones realized that Alisa intentionally put her in a bind, where she can neither run nor call the police, leaving Jones without many options. Alisa pointed out that Jones had tried everything but joining her. Alisa wanted to come together with Jones in her mission to find meaning and purpose. Jones exclaimed that she wouldn’t leave Trish Walker, though as Alisa explained, Walker is destroying herself because of Jones. People will always either resent them or idolize them, which included Karl, Alisa added.

Jones saving several civilians

Alisa continued to pitch her idea of her and Jones becoming a team, however, Jones remained reluctant given her mother's murderous past. They suddenly stopped. There had been a car crash ahead of them, in the road, involving a family of three and a truck transporting flammable tanks. Alisa grabbed the young girl out the road while Jones rescued the father, who was stuck in the driver's side. Jones and Alias then lifted the trailer off the mother and carried her to safety. However, the truck driver remained to be rescued. Jones took the mother to the RV while Alisa went to save the man still stuck in his truck. As Jones ran back over to assist, the truck blew up, the explosion knocking Jones off her feet. She got back on her feet and found her mother and the truck driver alive and laying in the grass a few feet away. Jones then hugged her mother closely.

Jones escapes police persecution

Jones and Alisa immediately got back on track. They need to get to the boarder as fast as possible as the cops will be on their trail once the family they saved identifies them. They stop at a restaurant, where Jones met with Oscar to ask for false document papers and to say goodbye, but she is forced to make a run for it after realizing that Oscar was followed by the authorities. Jones returned to her mother and the two headed north. Just eight hours out from Montreal, Jones and Alisa planned their next move, though they aren’t quite sure what that is. They decided to make a detour as they neared a roadblock. They then discovered that the little girl they had previously refused left her phone in the camper and that Detective Eddy Costa was calling from it. Jones called him back. He knew that she was helping her mother and didn’t want to see her get caught up in the crossfire. He informed Jones that she still had a chance to get out, but she didn’t want to hear it, crushing the phone in her hand.

Jones sits on a seat by her mother's body

That night, Jones and Alisa pulled into a vacant amusement park. Jones found a sailboat at the peer that she wanted to use to escape, but Alisa had another idea in mind. Alisa broke into the amusement park and told Jones to leave without her as she didn't wish to be the cause of Jones' death. Alisa then turned on the ride, the lights of which would attract the cops. Jones and Alisa road the ride to the top, during which time, Alisa revealed to Jones that she no longer wanted to run. As she said her goodbye to Jones, Alisa is shot in the head and killed by Walker. Jones, angered and distraught, jumped off the ride and attacked Walker. She then took Walker’s gun and contemplated killing her, but as the police sirens in the background approached, she let Walker go. Jones returned to the ride, joining her mother, crying alongside her lifeless body. Costa arrived moments later with the NYPD and reassured Jones that she did the right thing, having come to the conclusion that it was her who killed Alisa.[43]

Estrangement from Trish Walker

Jones disowning Trish Walker's friendship

"I lost the only family I had. Again."
"It was always gonna end that way."
"It didn't have to be you. I look at you now and all I see is the person who killed my mother."
―Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Some time had passed since her mother’s death, but Jones had not yet gotten over her passing. She had been ignoring Trish's calls and texts, until she returned home one day to find Trish waiting at her door. She explains to Jessica that she didn't want the situation to go down the way it did at the amusement park, but it had to be done. Jessica argued the opposite. Trish believed that she had to kill Alisa because Jones wouldn’t, blinded by the fact that she was her mother. Walker again reminded Jones that they’re sisters. Jessica believes she lost the only bits of family she had, again, only seeing Trish as the person who killed her mother. She then shut the door in her face.[43]

Business as Usual

For the next few months, Jones returned to a normal life at Alias Investigations. During this time, she saved a woman from her abusive spouse at a furniture factory and hired Gillian as her new secretary. Walker tried to get back in touch with her while beginning her own career as a vigilante, with little success.[22]

A Free Trip to Mexico

"So you're a hero and a child psychologist? You think you can judge me?"
"I'm beginning to."
"After you weaseled a free trip to Mexico out of me? Real noble, taking advantage of a single mom. Your sliding scale fee just slid to zero, you third-rate Joan Jett wannabe!"
Mrs. Yasdan and Jessica Jones[src]

Not long after, Jones was contacted by Eddy Costa, who offered her a case in the form of an Amber Alert, stating that Mitch Yasdan had kidnapped his daughter Cassie and taken her to Mexico. Jones traveled there and confronted Yasdan, who had lost custody. He insisted that he had a terrible lawyer and needed to get Cassie away from her mother as she was toxic. Cassie also wished to stay with her dad, but Jones ignored this, pointing out that he had still broken the law. When Yasdan argued that they were no longer under US jurisdiction, Jones replied that they were about to be. Not aware of her powers, Yasdan threatened to get physical. Seconds later, Jones threw him across the beach. This was caught on camera and went viral.

Jones returned Cassie to Mrs. Yasdan, who thanked her. Mrs. Yasdan then expressed her anger at Mitch and resolved to have him put in prison and deny him visitation rights. Jones suggested she let the matter slide for Cassie. Mrs. Yasdan immediately took offense to this, demanding to know if Jones thought she was unfair to her daughter. Jones clarified that she was talking about the situation, but her client was unconvinced. She proceeded to accuse Jones of exploiting her for a free trip to Mexico, displaying signs of victim mentality. She also refused to hire Jones for any future cases after that.[22]

Jeri's Dilemma

"Why ask me?"
"Because of your ability to make hard choices."
"Like killing someone. I've done it before, so it should be easy?"
―Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Jones got a call from Hogarth, who was in need of her assistance. When Jones arrived at Hogarth's apartment, she shared with Jones her plan for the future. In her hand, she held the pill bottle from her night stand. Everyday, she asked herself if today was the day she would finally take them. The answer had been no, until that morning, when she felt the first significant symptoms of the ALS, though the symptoms did pass. However, it made her realize that when the day came for her to finally take them, she wouldn't have it in her to do it herself. So she would need someone to slip her the pills without her knowing, and she wanted that to be Jones. However, Jones was reluctant.[22]

Stakeout at the Hotel Nouvet

"Half of my job is about waiting. For a clue. For the truth. For a clear sign that I'm not wasting my goddamn time. I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for now."
―Jessica Jones[src]

Jones began an investigation after being hired by Dorothy Walker to find Trish Walker. She tracked her down to Nouvet Hotel, where Walker had been staking out the building next door. While waiting for Walker to return, Jones remained in her hotel room. As night approached, Jones spotted Walker on the street below, following a man into his apartment. Jones watched from the hotel room as Walker began to attack him. Just as he gained the upper hand, Jones came to save her, crashing through the man's window as he pulled out a gun and began firing. Jones disarmed the man and retreated into the bedroom with Walker, who exhibited impressive reflexes and agility before returning to the main room, only to discover that the man and the sculpture that Walker was after, was gone. Walker then jumped out the window and returned to her hotel room, with Jones not far behind.

Jones confronted Walker, referring to her as a cat burglar, but Walker was simply trying to get justice. Jones realized that what she saw Walker doing earlier must've meant that Karl Malus' procedure worked. Because of Jones, the man got away. The sculpture in his safe would've linked him to an assault. Walker had been tracking him for weeks. She was just trying to be the hero she always wanted to be, and Jones mocked her for it. Jones questioned if it was all worth it to Walker considering that she got what she always wanted. Walker countered that she freed Jones from her responsibilities of helping people, because she can do that now. Before leaving, Jones told Walker that her mother was looking for her.[22]

Meeting Erik Gelden

"You know, I kind of thought that burgers were code for something else."
"My burgers are an aphrodisiac."
"Sure, 'cause everybody wants to have sex with a pound of greasy beef in their gut. Could do the sex first."
―Jessica Jones and Erik Gelden[src]
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Jones met a guy at a bar, one with whom she made a bet with, though she lost, costing her $10. The man joked he had an instinct for idiocy. It was people like the idiots at the bar that he had never cared for, though Jones couldn’t say the same. According to her mother, she cared. He could tell from the look on Jones' face that her mother was dead, to which he offered his condolences. The man continued to share his view of the world with Jones, how everything was terrible and optimism was a lie. He accepted reality and proceeded accordingly. The two of them toasted to having low expectations. Jones then received her burger she ordered, which the man would not allow her to eat as it was waste. Jones read him as a con artist, but he claimed to be a motivational speaker. He was very much aware of who Jones was and what she was capable of, yet he continued, even offering to make her a burger of his own, that he bet $50 she would enjoy. Jones decided to take him up on the offer.

They stopped by the store and then headed upstairs to her place, where he introduced himself as Erik as they kissed. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. Jones suspected it was Vido Arocho, but as she opened the door, she was stabbed by someone wearing a black ski mask. Jones, bleeding and wounded, shoved her assailant down the hall. She fell to the ground, and her attacker escaped. Fortunately, Malcolm Ducasse came out his apartment and tended to Jones as he called the police.[22]


"Ms. Jones, if you were a standard human, those injuries would've been fatal."
"Well, I'm still alive, so discharge me."
"You may be special, but you're not completely invulnerable."
"I have to be. That's the job."
Purks and Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones laid in the hospital bed, pale and weak. Walker looked over her and asked how she was feeling. Jones had just gotten out of surgery, but wanted the name of her attacker. More specifically, of the man Walker was after, as Jones suspected that her attack was directly connected to Brandt, Walker’s suspect, who must’ve recognized Jones when she came crashing through his window. It was then that Walker realized Jones had only called her down to get the name of her attacker, and so she left.[44]

Jones, all alone in the room, examined her wound, discovering that her spleen was removed. The doctor informed her that if she was a normal human then her injuries would’ve been fatal. Jones had her sights set on Brandt and didn’t care much for what the doctor had to say. She attempted to stand as she wanted to be discharged, but she found herself too weak to move, and was helped back onto the bed by the doctor.

Jones awakened from her sleep. Startled by her nightmare, she kicked detective Eddy Costa as he approached, unaware of who he was initially. He was there to take her statement, though Jones wouldn’t offer up much and refused to look at herself or even be treated as a victim. Later, Jones was discharged against medical advice. Still weak and wounded from her attack, Jones limped and wobbled her way home.[23]

Finding Andrew Brandt

"I do give a shit that you hired someone to stab me."
"Stab you? Why? How? All you people have impenetrable skin."
"You took my goddamn spleen."
"No, you came after me."
―Jessica Jones and Andrew Brandt[src]
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Jones ordered Gillian to find out everything she could about Andrew Brandt, but she was off the clock. Before leaving, she informed Jones that Vido Arocho stopped by to give her a gift and she then gave Jones her medication. In her refrigerator, Jones found the burger that Erik Gelden had made for her. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Jones and Trish Walker were simultaneously studying the same case, looking into Brandt. Jones fell asleep at her desk. She only woke when Malcolm Ducasse knocked at the door. She thanked him for calling the ambulance and he gave her the knife that she was stabbed with. He swiped it before police arrived. He called in a favor and ran the prints. The knife was clean and too common to trace. He figured Jones would say that she didn’t need any favors, so he billed her to his services.

Jones is met by Trish Walker in the apartment

Jones broke into Brandt's apartment and looked through his home for any clues. Walker was there as well, though she didn’t come up with any leads. Brandt was her target first, and she wanted to be the one to bring him in, though Jones wanted vengeance after he stabbed her. Walker was concerned that Jones would take this from her. She advised Jones to go home and take care of herself, and to allow her to handle Brandt. Before Jones’ intervention, Walker intended to take Brandt to the police, but Jones knew this was not Walker's goal.

Jones scolds Walker's views of being a hero

Jones made a series of calls regarding potential auctions for the stolen sculpture, but each call led nowhere. However, she did get the names of galleries to survey from Hogarth. The following day, Jones broke into the Cassaro Gallery auction. She walked around the building to the back alley and jumped up onto the roof and found the sculpture inside. Unfortunately, Walker was at the auction as well, posing as a buyer. She hacked into their computer and took a photo of their sellers’ contact information. Outside, Jones waited for Walker. Jones wanted Brandt’s contact info and Walker wanted the sculpture. Jones took Walker down and called Brandt from Walker’s phone, posing as an assistant for the gallery. She informed him that his lot had sold and asked where he’d like the check delivered.

Jones broke into Brandt’s hideout and took his gun. He was visibly afraid, telling her to take whatever she wanted, though Jones wasn’t interested. She pinned Brandt to the wall with a car. He suspected that Jones was hired by his sister, however, Jones informed him that she couldn’t care less about the sculpture. She was angry that he hired someone to stab him. Brandt claimed that he did no such thing. He’d been hiding out ever since she and Walker broke into his apartment. On top of that, he didn’t have anyone to hire as no one would risk pissing off a couple of supers. Realizing that he was telling the truth, Jones pulled the car off of him. She then called Walker and told her that Brandt wasn’t her attacker and gave the location to find him.[23]

Team up with Trish

"I don't need a partner. I need a secret weapon."
―Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones called into Style by Trish. She claimed that she was calling about the sweater that Walker had previously tried to sell her. Jones had changed her mind and wanted to buy it. The clingy, smothering, and tenacious sweater. The one that wouldn't quit even when she asked it to. Lastly, Jones said that she needed Walker’s help to stop Gregory Sallinger, to which Walker was more than happy to.[45]

Jones and Walker began their joint investigation into Sallinger at Jones' apartment, starting with the bag full of bloody money Sallinger left behind. There was $8,000 in the bag total. Walker was certain they’d catch him, but Jones knew just how smart he was. They didn’t have any kind of evidence to support their claim that Sallinger was a murderer. So, they planned a stakeout. Jones wanted to get him the right way, without the risk of losing the case to coercion, as suggested by Walker who wanted to dangle him off a roof. Walker was their one advantage as Sallinger wasn’t yet aware of her.

Jones and Walker staged their stakeout on top of the neighboring building to Sallinger’s apartment. Jones explained to Walker that Sallinger was a wrestling coach at the community center and his brother died in an accident. Sallinger had been living off of that ever since. Walker remained on top of the building to cover the front while Jones headed around to cover the back.

Walker called Jones to alert her of Sallinger’s arrival. She watched through binoculars as he pulled out his bag what appeared to be photos. He then pulled a bureau away from the wall and added the photo to a hidden album. Jones suspected it could be a trophy. Walker wanted to break in and get it, but Jones already had an established plan. Sallinger exited the building, providing Walker with a window of time to get in, get the album, and get out. During which time, Jones would follow Sallinger. The power went out in Sallinger’s building moments before Walker broke in. She pulled the bureau away from the wall and found the hidden album. She took photos on her phone of the album and put it back.[46]

Meeting Berry

"Who are you?"
"She's my sister."
"Yeah, the pleasure's all his."
―Jessica Jones, Erik Gelden and Brianna Gelden[src]
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Jones followed Sallinger. He stopped by a park bench, where he read a newspaper. Across the street from Sallinger, an altercation ensued between Gor, a pimp, and one of his hookers, Berry. Not long after, Gelden arrived. He and Sallinger had a brief exchange of words, before Gelden approached Gor and handed him some money. Gelden then took Berry inside a nearby hotel, which Jones followed them into. Jones entered the hotel room to the sight of Berry fighting Gelden, who explained that Brianna, or as she preferred to be called, Berry, was his sister. Jones accused Gelden of being in cahoots with Sallinger, however, he explained that this wasn’t the case. He was trying to get Brianna some place safe and Sallinger got to her first. What Jones saw was Sallinger questioning how Gelden found him. Gelden stated that Sallinger slipped up, but it was he who left broken pieces for Sallinger to find, and now he was threatening Gelden’s sister. That’s why Gelden was out there. Sallinger was the first person to ever make him. Normally, he’d give Brianna as much space as she needed, but not with Sallinger knowing who he was. As Brianna tried to leave, he attempted to explain that she wasn’t safe out there.

Jones returned home to find Walker and Gillian researching together. They found something, but Jones didn’t stick around to find out what it was. Instead, she approached Ducasse with a job. To house and protect Brianna. Initially reluctant, Ducasse eventually agreed. He deduced that they wanted to keep Brianna close by because she was Erik’s sister. Ducasse then asked for the specifics, such as who he’d be protecting her from. Erik revealed to Jones that Ducasse was giving him a headache. A three on a scale from 1-10. Jones, however, decided to trust her gut over Erik’s head.[46]

The Trainyard Trap

"He's still out there."
"Yeah, but I get to breathe. I'm still alive. Thanks."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones joined Walker up on the rooftop, where Walker informed her that Sallinger was sleeping. Jones showed Walker the photo she had taken of Sallinger’s closet and the photo that Walker had taken. In one photo, the handsaw hanging in his closet was missing, but it was back in place in the later photo. That connected with something Walker had been thinking about; the vacuum seal bags she found in his apartment. He must've used them to store body parts. Jones had an idea on how to find them, but she needed Walker to get in contact with Maury at the morgue. They would need to borrow something. They lured Sallinger out of his home by throwing a severed hand through his window. Sallinger would in turn return what he believed to be the hand of one of his victim's back to his burial site.

Jones met up with Walker near the train tracks, where she had tracked Sallinger. They caught up to Sallinger who had opened the lid to one of the tanks. They suspected that was where he kept the bodies, but Jones wanted proof. She would investigate while Walker followed Sallinger. Jones climbed on top and entered the tank. Once inside, she found dozens of body parts. However, the tank was booby trapped. Jones tripped the line, which caused the door to lock and the tank to fill with some type of poisonous gas. Jones punched the tank until her hands bled, but she was too weak to break through. Jones, unfortunately, was running out of time. She could barely stand, using the ladder to hold herself up. Luckily, Walker came back for her. She pried the door open and rescued Jones. When asked if she lost Sallinger, Walker replied that she chose Jones.

Jones, still coughing from the attack, thanked Walker for saving her. Walker then admitted that she wished she didn’t kill Alisa. Jones said she wished her mother wasn’t a mass murderer. The police were approaching as Jones had reported her discovery of the bodies. However, Walker had to leave as they needed her anonymity.[46]

Rescuing Erik

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"It was something, seeing you bust in like that. I get it now. Why you do it."
"And why is that?"
"Because it's... it's who you are."
Erik Gelden and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones and Trish Walker began their search for Erik Gelden, who had been taken by Gregory Sallinger. Sallinger wanted to know from Jones how they found him. Jones offered to come and explain every mistake Sallinger made if he gave up his location. However, he did no such thing.

Jones rushed over to Sallinger’s apartment, where police were all over the scene. So, she circled around back. However, Costa caught her before she could climb up the fire escape. They had an APB out on Sallinger, his phone was being tracked, his neighbors were being canvassed, and the feds were coming in. Still, Jones had to take action and needed to know what Costa had so far, but they didn’t have much of anything. He asked Jones about the photos behind the bureau. It was full of landscape photos, meaning Sallinger cleaned it out. Initially, it had photos of his eight victims. Costa corrected Jones and told her there were only seven victims according to the coroner. And they’d identified them all. Jones offered to trade Costa the copies of the photos from the album for the list of victim’s names. If she knew which photo wasn’t on the list, she could find the eighth victim. As there was another officer present, Costa said no to the trade, but as he was walking off, he intentionally dropped the list for Jones.

Jones reconvened with Walker and together they discussed how to find Gelden. When she called his phone, Jones recalled him yelling out that he was in a commercial something, before Sallinger cut him off. Whatever it was, it would have to be abandoned for Sallinger to do his work.

After finding her eighth man, Jones just needed a name, so she broke into Ducasse's apartment as she assumed that he had facial recognition software considering his current employment, which he did. They got a hit. A 96% match. Caspar Marx. He was a well-known chef, who was apparently still alive. As Jones was headed out to follow the lead, she met Berry Gelden at the door, who asked if they had found Erik yet. They hadn’t, but she assured Berry they would.

Jones questioned Marx and from him learned that Sallinger was holding Gelden at Marx's old restaurant, which had since been closed down. Jones and Walker arrived just in time to save Gelden. After kicking Sallinger over the counter, Jones tended to Gelden. In that time, Sallinger got to his feet and took cover, though Walker was looking for him. Sallinger circled around and charged at Jones with a knife. She knocked him back. Then Walker disarmed him and the two of them knocked him out. Walker disposed of the photos Sallinger took of Gelden and then took him back to Alias. Jones stayed behind to make sure the police got Sallinger. Unfortunately, Jones would later learn that the charges wouldn't stick and that Sallinger would walk free.[24]

Road to Wappinger Falls

"How about protecting the rest of us from him?"
"He's just one human man. You're something else."
"You're not gonna show me that report, are you?"
"Not without a court order."
―Jessica Jones and Ronnie Velasco[src]
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Gregory Sallinger’s press conference was gaining a lot of attention and the phones were going off the hook at Alias Investigations, with people asking about the second vigilante. Jones looked into Sallinger’s past to see if he may have slipped up. She looked into his brother’s death, which was allegedly a tractor accident. Jones suspected that this may not have been an accident at all and that Donny Sallinger was Sallinger’s first kill, so she and Trish Walker decided to drive out to his home town.

Jones and Walker drove to Wappinger Falls to uncover the truth behind Donny Sallinger’s death. Jones entered the police precinct and requested the report. Chief Ronnie Velasco confirmed that Donny was rolled over by the tractor and that Gregory was on a school trip. When Jones questioned why Velasco wouldn’t show her the report, she called Jones out, as she was aware of who Jones was. Velasco denied that Sallinger had any involvement in the death of his brother or the seven victims in the train yard. With Velasco refusing to show her the report, Jones went into the restroom, where she texted Walker and told her to cause a distraction, which she did by making her car alarm sound off. Once the officers were outside looking to help Walker, Jones hopped the counter and stole Donny’s report.

Jones and Walker spent the night in a nearby motel. With no foul play detected, Walker began to worry that they were wrong about Donny being Sallinger's first kill. After briefly thinking over her role as a cover, Walker recalled when it came out that she as a drug addict, four-time rehab failure. It was a moment of relief for her. She could finally breathe and be herself. Moving back to the case, they wondered if Donny wasn’t the first kill, then who was.[25]

Meeting the Silvas

"It hurts worse when you don't know what really happened to your family."
"It doesn't matter. He's never coming back."
"Not if you don't look."
―Jessica Jones and Ana Silva[src]
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The following morning, Trish Walker presented Jones with a lead. Nathan Silva was on the high school wrestling team. Silva and Sallinger were friends up until senior year when he went missing.

Jones and Trish Walker arrive at the Silva Residence

Jones and Walker arrived at the Silva Residence. Their son had been missing for fifteen years, and Jones was about to rip that wound open. Inside the Silva home, Manuel Silva told Jones that Nathan and Sallinger had one falling out when Nathan started getting recruiting offers. Sallinger was envious as wresting came easy to Nathan. Jones noticed a card with a photo of Nathan on the stand. It read "Nathan will always be with you." Sallinger sent it the Christmas after Nathan went missing. The photo was taken in the backyard, where a gazebo sat. It was built the day Nathan disappeared. The whole team helped out. Manuel thought that Nathan had just skipped out on the work. Ana Silva, Nathan’s mother, was done answering questions as it brought too much pain.

Jones discovers Nathan Silva's body

Jones, looking outside to the gazebo, asked if Sallinger helped build it. He did. He stayed the entire day, Manuel said. Chief Velasco entered the home after getting a call from Ana. Velasco told Jones to leave, instead, Jones headed out back. Jones flipped the gazebo and started digging into the dirt. Velasco drew her weapon and demanded Jones stop digging or else she would shoot. Walker came around back and started filming Velasco. Just as Jones suspected, she found Nathan’s body buried beneath the dirt.

Jones and Walker depart the Silva Residence

As Nathan’s body was taken away, Jones called Costa and told him that Silva was Salliger's first kill. There’d have to be DNA all over it. And so, Costa would have to file for jurisdiction over the body. Velasco approached and asked for her files back. She then thanked Jones.[25]

Queen of the Ring

"You can't control yourself. You have no discipline. Just brute force."
"You want me to kick your ass. You think I'll lose my shit in front of these cameras."
"It is in your nature. And people want to know the truth. Especially yours."
"Maybe people like to see someone fight back against a psychopath that destroys lives. School me."
Gregory Sallinger and Jessica Jones[src]
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Malcolm Ducasse stalked Gregory Sallinger all the way to the community center. He watched from outside the gym as Sallinger taught a wrestling class. Jones arrived soon thereafter, after tracing Ducasse’s phone. Jones informed Ducasse that they found what they needed upstate to get Sallinger. Although, they couldn't bring him in quite yet. Sallinger noticed Jones watching him from outside the door and invited her in, though Ducasse remained hidden. Jones wanted him away from the kids he was teaching, but he refused. Sallinger told Jones that she had no discipline and couldn’t control herself. Jones realized that he was baiting her to attack him in front of cameras. Instead, she got on the mat and told him to school her.

After Sallinger explained the ground rules to Jones, the match began and Sallinger slammed Jones to the mat. As he laid on top of her, she mentioned Silva, which got a reaction from Sallinger, who she proceeded to toss several feet back. Sallinger charged for her, but she dodged the attack. Sallinger charged again and Jones slammed him. Jones then went on the offense and slammed him again, before leaving. The crowd cheered as Jones exited.[25]

Sending a Message

"Hey, asshole. I must have threatened your fragile sense of masculinity. Do I make you feel insecure? All these degrees and certificates are supposed to make you feel superior. Oops."
―Jessica Jones to Gregory Sallinger[src]
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After Trish Walker failed to answer her calls, Jones stopped by the studio to talk to her in person. Jones showed Dorothy the photo from the Bulletin of Walker in her disguise, on the bridge. Dorothy was upset that Walker went down this path without her. Both she and Jones could use her support, Dorothy believed. Jones then got a video message from Sallinger from a cafe, where he stated that by 7:00 pm, a life would end because of Jones and everyone would see that she was a fraud. While Sallinger was supposed to be under police surveillance, he must’ve slipped them. Jones made Walker aware of this. The camera from the video was focused on a table, where two men and a woman sat. Given that all his past victims were male, Walker concluded that his next victim must be one of the two men at the table. The video then seemed to erase itself. Dorothy explained that it was an InstaYap video, which only allowed two viewings.

Costa pulled up as Jones reached Sallinger’s apartment. He warned her to walk away as Sallinger hadn’t gone anywhere, but Jones had her doubts. Jones and Costa knocked on the door to find that Sallinger was gone. He hired Joby, who informed them that he answered a job posting. $200 to sit and watch tv on Sallinger’s couch. Jones revealed to Costa that this was the result of her rubbing in his face that she found out about Nathan Silva. Jones told Costa to leave while she stayed behind to force Sallinger to communicate with her. Jones sent Sallinger a video of her in his apartment, mocking him and destroying his trophies and degrees.

Jones and Walker told Gillian to pull up a satellite view of Hudson Street Market. Jones got a response video from Sallinger of him following one of the guys from the cafe. He called Jones a fraud and claimed by 7:00 that night, everyone would know it. Knowing that the video would disappear after playing it a second time, Jones recorded the video with another phone. While he may have still been in Manhattan, Walker and Jones didn’t see either of the men from Hudson Market. However, Jones noticed the women who was from the first video. He was changing his MO to a proxy for Jones.

Jones called Dorothy over as she wished to have an interview. Walker narrowed the location from the second video to a couple streets in Tribeca. Jones recalled what Sallinger said to her, that her "hero charade will end where it began." However, that was nowhere near Tribeca. There were also no cobblestone streets near Jones’ childhood home, the Jersey Turnpike or the old IGH building. Before heading out to begin the interview, Dorothy briefly coached Jones.

Jones’ live interview with Thembi Wallace started. Walker watched on her laptop from the bedroom. Jones insisted that she wasn’t a super hero, even if she had squared off with super powered people like Kilgrave and the female serial murderer last year. And now, she was after Sallinger, regardless of powers. Jones revealed that she only agreed to hold the interview to spread the word of Sallinger hunting a woman. The same killer who chopped up seven victims. Jones showed a screenshot of the woman from the video to warn her. She then showed Sallinger’s photo. Wallace accused Jones of provoking the killer, along with teaming up with the masked vigilante, who was wanted for questioning. Jones replied in typical fashion, causing Dorothy to cut the interview short. She and Jones then returned to the bedroom with Walker, where Dorothy assured them that the interview was a success as they would be playing that clip all day long, on every platform.

Jones and Walker hit the streets of Tribeca, showing around the photo of the mystery woman. By night fall, they had no leads. With 7:00 approaching, they grew more and more concerned. Jones noticed a GT Agrochemical building. Her family crashed into their delivery truck, which began Jones "hero charade." Jones and Walker rushed towards the building as this must’ve been where Sallinger was leading them. Meanwhile, Sallinger, put on his ski mask and prepared to make his move.

Jones and Walker entered the building and asked the man at the front desk if he had seen the woman in the photo. He thought he recognized her, mentioning the name Mona Lee. Pavel led them into the garage, where they were attacked by three guards, who Jones and Walker disposed of rather quickly. When the guards recognized them, Jones and Walker decided to let them go. They heard a clattering sound in the distance. They followed it to Mona Lee, who revealed that it was indeed her in the photo. They told Lee that there was a serial killer after her and that they were there to protect her.

However, Jones discovered that Lee wasn't a target after all. Jones returned to her apartment and rewatched the video Sallinger sent her. Sallinger said something about Jones’ hero charade ending where it began. Jones got her powers in the accident that killed her family. Walker was the only family she had left. Jones then came to a realization.[47]

Assassination of Dorothy Walker

"I'm leaving right now. I'm gonna be right there. Trish?"
"It doesn't matter. He has to pay."
"Yes, and he will. Okay? Just stay there. Don't do anything. Please. Trish, are you there? Shit."
―Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
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Walker arrived at her mother's home to find the door open and her mother bleeding and tied to a chair. Walker screamed for help as she untied her mother only to find that she was dead. The phone rang. It was Jones calling to warn Dorothy. Walker answered and told Jones that her mother was dead. Jones and Ducasse then headed over to Dorothy’s, calling the cops as they left. Walker demanded that Sallinger pay. Knowing that she intended to go after Sallinger, Jones ran over to his apartment, where she found two officers wounded just outside the building. Jones climbed up the fire escape and entered the apartment, where she found Walker attacking a beaten and bloody Sallinger. Walker, with a knife in hand, was moments away from slicing Sallinger’s throat. Jones, hoping to stop her from making this mistake, rushed her.[47]

Sallinger's Deal

"You have just obliterated my only win in a long, agonizing list of losses."
"I had to make a decision. Destroy him or save you. I choose you, every day."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones got a message from Sallinger. An image of Walker holding a blade to his throat. However, Jones chose to keep this from her.

Jones, dressed in scrubs, took possession of Sallinger as he laid wounded in his hospital bed. Sallinger told Jones that it was supposed to be her that came after him. He was trying to capture her true nature. Sallinger wanted to stay out of prison, for which he would need Jones’ help. He could tell that Jones was terrified of losing Walker, as she was all Jones had left. He wanted her to destroy any evidence on Nathan Silva’s body that could be traced back to him or else that picture of Walker attacking him would be released. Jones reluctantly agreed, but not without threatening Sallinger should he not follow through on his end.

Jones and Erik Gelden stood in the darkened corner near the grocery store waiting for officer Carl Nussbaumer. He stopped there every night at the start of his beat. He served 20 decorated years on the force, but he was also a murderer. Gelden found three uncleared homicides on Nussbaumer’s watch. All drug dealers, all chalked up to street crimes. He stole their product and cash afterward. Some of which he used to pay Gelden $10,000 in blackmail money. Jones approached the officer and confronted him about his murderous behavior. He turned off his body cam and called Jones out, as he recognized her from the news. All Jones wanted from him was access to the crime lab in Jamaica, Queens. A clear path of entry, in and out, without a trace. Gelden roughed officer Nussbaumer up against the fence after he threatened Jones. She forced Nussbaumer to find her a way in or else she would expose him. Nussbaumer’s shift ended at 2:00 am. He told Jones to be at the lab’s loading dock at 2:45. As he left, Gelden explained to Jones that it was worse than before. Nussbaumer was still at it.

Jones and Gelden sat in a car by the crime lab’s loading dock, reviewing the schematics of the building. There were a few stray hairs on the third floor of the building. They were all that was found on Nathan Silva’s rotting corpse. They belonged to Sallinger and they would put him away for good. Gelden had no idea if Jones was doing the right thing, but he would see it through. Officer Nussbaumer then opened the garage door and handed her a key card.

Jones made her way through the building only to find Costa in the crime lab with one of the doctors. Jones called Gelden for backup as she needed to get Costa and the doctor out. Gelden, while viewing the schematics, told Jones to take the western stairwell to the basement, where she’d find the sewer main. As the doctor began to analyze the hairs, Jones found the sewer main, causing it to back up into the building, forcing everyone to evacuate. Once everyone had evacuated, Jones made her way back up into the forensics lab, where she recovered the hairs and disposed of them. She returned to the car with Gelden, where he assured her that nothing had changed about her and that he didn't feel any darkness.[26]

Discovering Trish's Secret

"You don't decide to trust someone. It happens or it doesn't, no matter how much you want it to. There's nothing I hate more than searching for something I don't want to find. One story is always two stories. The one they show you and, always, that damn truth."
―Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones was awakened by NYPD at her door. They had a warrant to search her home. Detectives Imada and Defford from the homicide division, led the charge. They had a few questions for Jones, starting with her recent run-in with officer Carl Nussbaumer. His body cam captured Jones approaching him, then he turned it off. Imada wanted to know why. Jones realized that they weren’t there for Dorothy. It was Nussbaumer who died. He was beaten to death, and Jones didn't have an alibi.[26]

Dorothy’s body was taken from the morgue to the Edgecombe Funeral House, where Jones was expected to begin planning her funeral arrangements. But instead, her apartment was being ransacked and she was under investigation for the murder of officer Carl Nussbaumer. Imada suggested that maybe it was the grief of Jones losing her adoptive mother that caused her to kill Nussbaumer, but Jones denied having any involvement in his death. Detective Imada questioned what Jones and Nussbaumer had talked about after he turned off his body cam, but she refused to talk. Nussbaumer was beaten to death, but Jones’ hands showed no signs of an altercation. Inside Jones’ drawer, detective Defford found a file labeled Nussbaumer. Jones explained it was research as Nussbaumer robbed and killed drug dealers. A lot of them kids. Defford explained that one of those kids cracked her skull open with a bike lock, and if not for Nussbaumer, she wouldn’t be alive. When nothing was found in Jones’ apartment, Imada and Defford took the file and left.[48]

Hospital Escape

"I want him dead, too."
"But I'm the only one willing to do it. You were willing, too, once, with Kilgrave."
"And it nearly destroyed me."
―Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
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After realizing that Walker killed officer Carl Nussbaumer and that Sallinger was her next target, Jones made it her mission to protect Walker from herself, by protecting Sallinger from her. Against the doctor's orders, Sallinger checked himself out of the hospital, though he was visibly weak and barely able to walk. Jones arrived to see him to safety, but Walker was only moments behind her. She punched Sallinger, but Jones allowed it to go no further. She threw Walker down the hallway and then escaped on the elevator with Sallinger. Walker entered the elevator through the shaft, but by then, Jones and Sallinger had already made their way through the stairwell, headed to the roof. Walker caught up to them. Jones attempted to reason with her, explaining that killing Sallinger would only put her in jail, which Walker was fine with. Jones claimed that she hadn’t destroyed all the evidence in the Silva case and that there was still a possibility to take Sallinger down the right way. He threatened to release the photo, thus exposing Walker, not that she cared. Still, she wanted to kill Sallinger, however, Jones didn’t give her the chance and ran to the roof. Walker followed. Once on the rooftop, Jones grabbed Walker from behind and threw her onto the neighboring building.[49]

A Trap for Trish

"She said she already knew who her next target was."
"Sallinger. He's in the hospital."
"If she kills him, she goes darker."
Erik Gelden and Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones escorted Gregory Sallinger home and waited for Trish Walker to arrive. While doing so, Sallinger offered to end all this by releasing the photo and letting the police handle Walker. But, in doing that, he would face imprisonment as Jones claimed to have saved evidence against him. With binoculars in hand, Jones watched as Walker got onto the neighboring roof and looked through binoculars of her own at Sallinger's apartment. Jones hid behind a wall, so not to expose her presence. Jones then came up with a plan. Knowing that Walker was watching, Jones threw Sallinger to the ground, grabbed his ant farm and pretended to smash it over his head. Within the dirt that covered the floor, Jones found a camera, which Sallinger claimed uploaded to a server, but she wasn’t buying it and stepped on it. Walker cheered Jones on. Little did she know, Ducasse and Gelden were sneaking up behind her to taser her. After knocking Walker unconscious, Gelden zip-tied her, and Ducasse messaged Jones. After receiving the message from Ducasse, Jones left Sallinger’s apartment.[49]

Catching Sallinger

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Jones allows herself to be held prisoner by Sallinger to trick him

"Gregory Sallinger just confessed to the murder of Dorothy Walker on tape."
"Single-party permission recording, admissible by New York law. And I have him on kidnapping and attempted murder."
―Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Jones returned home, where she took several more drinks and began working. However, it appeared as if her alcohol had been laced. Jones grew weak as Gregory Sallinger broke into her home. She then fell unconscious to the ground.

Jones woke up duct taped to a chair. Sallinger added a little something extra to the tranquilizer he knocked her out with, which caused partial paralysis, preventing her from using her strength. Sallinger took several photos. He was most interested in the lie that Jones told herself about why she wanted to be a hero. Jones claimed that she never wanted that. That was the lie in which Sallinger was referring to. He believed that she wanted to desperately be a hero. He called her "intentionally indifferent rebel-rock garb" her cape, mask and armor. Her chosen profession of private eye was even more evidence of this. Jones retorted that it paid the bills, as not everyone could live off their dead brother’s settlement like him. Sallinger wanted Jones to accept what she feared the most, that her family died for nothing. Jones always believed they were sacrificed in exchange for her gifts. That they died so that she could save the world. And now, Jones pretended as if she never wanted it. And she was terrified that she failed them, which Sallinger claimed she had, as she was not and never would be a hero. He then took several more photos.

Sallinger examined the photos, and in them, he found Jones’ truth. Sallinger claimed he lived in truth. Jones replied so did Dorothy Walker. She lived in her truth. She was ambitious, broken, sometimes cruel, but she owned it all, and Sallinger killed her anyways. He needed that logic because if they were worthy kills, then in his mind, he was not just a murderer. Jones called Sallinger out for being a fraud because he loved the kill. That was the real reason he killed his victims. It brought him pleasure. Sallinger denied the fact. He claimed to have killed Dorothy to punish them. With the admittance of having killed Dorothy, Jones revealed that she had installed a camera and that Sallinger’s entire attack was recorded. Jones then broke free of her restraints, knocked Sallinger to the ground and restrained him. Gelden came from out the room and assured her that he had it all on video, before punching Sallinger.

Jones called Costa the following morning to inform him how she had Sallinger’s confession on tape. She also had him on kidnapping and attempted murder. She told Costa he could pick Sallinger up at her office. While talking to Costa, Jones and Gelden were simultaneously ransacking Sallinger’s apartment, where they found his server. Along with the server, Jones took the knife Sallinger used from his apartment.[49]

Hunting Hellcat

"The masked vigilante has killed three people. Bad people. Maybe you're glad they're gone. Maybe you're even rooting for her. But that's not heroic, it's murder. She won't go down without a fight, but she needs to go down. So I'm asking you to help me find her. Her name is Trish Walker. You may know her as Patsy."
―Jessica Jones[src]
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Jones began her pursuit of Walker after she killed Sallinger in the elevator of the courthouse. Jones left the courthouse following his murder. Hogarth stopped Jones as she wanted her to tell Walker that she wouldn’t reveal her identity and that she was nothing like Sallinger. Detective Costa informed Hogarth that it was time to give her statement and then looked at Jones, sharing the mutual thought that the masked vigilante needed to be stopped.

Jones returned to her apartment to find Cage waiting by her door. He’d been seeing her a lot more in the news as of late. She couldn’t tell him what he wanted to hear as it would risk hurting Walker. Cage had his own Walker in a sense. His brother, Willis. He started with nothing, but always found a way to lose more. And the lives that he ruined, that was on him. Cage sent him to the Raft. As much as it hurt him, it was the right thing to do. He was hoping Jones would follow his lead and do the same with Walker. Cage explained that going too far was always a risk and that if he were to ever pass that line, he would hope that someone stop him. Cage trusted that Jones would do what she had to do. After tracking Walker’s phone to her apartment, Jones called Gelden for a ride.

Jones entered Walker’s apartment to find her sitting in the dark. Jones wondered if it was worth it. Walker replied that it was horrible yet necessary. She was sorry for what this might’ve meant for their relationship, but she had to do it. She then prepared to leave for work. Her cover was more important now than ever. Walker claimed that she was protecting people from Sallinger when she killed him, though this only caused Jones’ concern to grow. She needed Walker to turn herself in. Walker refused. She knew what she was capable of, and she couldn't do that behind bars. The woman standing before Jones she no longer recognized. Jones worried that Walker would lose control and do something she couldn’t come back from. Gelden had been standing outside the door. He entered and a headache instantly set in. It got worse as he moved further into the apartment. The darkness surrounding Walker was so powerful that touching Gelden caused his eyes to bleed. It was over for Walker. Jones was taking her in with or without her compliance. Walker headed to the bathroom to clean herself up first. Jones realized this was merely a ploy, but by the time she checked in the bathroom, Walker had already escaped through the window.

The following morning, Ducasse and Jones watched a news report detailing the savage assault on Demetri Patseras. Jones hoped that Patseras was at least deserving of the beating he received from Walker. Ducasse reasoned there was a good chance of it as Patseras was connected to Hogarth. Jones barged into Hogarth’s office and accused her of hiring Walker to kill Patseras. Hogarth replied better Patseras than her. Hogarth’s clients were exactly the type of people Walker was after, thus making Hogarth her supplier. Jones needed Hogarth’s help to bring Walker in by using her as bait.

While in her apartment, waiting for Walker to undoubtedly arrive, Hogarth received a surprise visit from Kith Lyonne. Hogarth and Lyonne shared a kiss before being interrupted by Walker. Jones came from out the room and slammed Walker against the ceiling. Walker didn’t believe that she was Jones’ problem anymore, but Jones would beg to differ. As Hogarth called the police, Walker raced over to Lyonne and held her hostage. Hogarth pleaded with Walker to stop. She then pulled out a gun and demanded that Walker let her go. She even offered to find her a way out of town in exchange for Lyonne’s release. When Jones attempted to rush Hogarth, she shot Jones in the leg. With Jones down on the ground, Walker and Hogarth exited the apartment.

Jones posted a video on the New York Bulletin. In the video, she revealed Walker's identity to the world. After posting the video to the New York Bulletin, Jones and Ducasse waited. They listened to incoming police calls. Gelden arrived soon thereafter. Jones told him to hop on social media and search through the "Find Patsy" hashtag. Jones, Ducasse, and Gelden spent the night doing just that. That morning, Ducasse got a lead. A long-haul trucker said he spotted Walker in a silver Lexus. It was headed East, where the old airport was located. Jones told Ducasse and Gelden to stay behind as she wanted to deal with Walker alone.

Jones tracked Walker down to the airport. When approached by Sokolov, Jones threw him across the room. Unfortunately, there were several coffins, all identical. Walker was in one. Jones found Walker’s coffin, but before she could act, Walker forced her way out and made a run for it, but she didn’t get far, forcing her to fight. Walker kicked the circuit breaker, shutting off the lights, giving her an advantage. She simply wanted Jones to let her go. Jones couldn’t do that in fear that Walker would hurt someone else. Jones was completely blind, while Walker could see just fine, making it quite an even match as Walker traded blows with Jones. However, she didn’t have the upper hand for long. Jones grabbed Walker and threw her into the next room over, where she could see.

Jones thought this was all because of what Sallinger did to Walker or maybe even a side effect of her powers. But Jones realized that it had been there all along. She saw it when Walker shot her mother. And she could see it again. It was Dorothy who beat the self-righteous resolve into Walker. Walker thought she was avenging her, but in reality, Walker became her. Walker exclaimed that this wasn’t true and told Jones to stop. As Walker pulled out a knife, Jones admitted that Walker was right about the fact that Jones didn’t have what it took. She approached Walker to see if she did have it. And just like that, Walker charged at Jones with her knife, aiming for Jones upper body. She only missed because Jones raised her hand and blocked the attack, causing the blade to go through Jones' hand. Jones then grabbed Walker and slammed her to the ground, knocking her unconscious.[27]

A Fresh Start

"Some things you look at and you think 'Disaster.' You search for exits escapes. Other things, you think 'Maybe I can fix this?' You might ask yourself 'What's it gonna take to make it feel right?' The answer is 'Too much.' It'll take too much."
―Jessica Jones[src]
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Gelden showed up at Jones' apartment with dinner and the New York Bulletin, with Jones on the front cover, the head title reading "Bona Fide Hero". Gelden thought it was cool and wanted to help Jones on her hero path. While Gelden may have been a good man, Jones didn’t trust him. He took that to mean he had to do something about that. He looked back at Jones and then left.

Jones packed her bag and left her apartment. On her way out, she handed Malcolm Ducasse the keys to Alias Investigations and told him not to screw it up. She then headed down town to watch as Walker was taken out the back of an armored vehicle and put on a helicopter, destined for the Raft. They exchanged looks, though neither spoke.

Upon hearing Kilgrave inside her head again, Jones decides to stay in New York City

After watching Walker get taken away to the Raft, Jones headed down to a train station, where she needed to get as close as she could to Mexico. She bought a one-way to El Paso, Texas to getaway. However, before taking the ticket, she heard Kilgrave inside her head telling her that it was all right to give in, as it was someone else’s job now. Instead of grabbing her ticket, Jones genuinely smiled to herself at the acceptance of embracing the hero life and exited the station, deciding to return to Alias Investigations and stay in New York City.[27]


"They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line. Maybe it's enough that the world thinks I'm a hero. Maybe if I work long and hard, maybe I can fool myself."
―Jessica Jones[src]

Jessica Jones could easily come off as being distant, rude, brutal, snarky and sarcastic. Towards others, she is nothing less than disdainful and blunt, carrying herself and her opinions out loud with little forethought or regret to insulting or showing disrespect to anyone. If aggravated or extremely annoyed by someone in her disfavor, Jessica could become an intimidating figure, such as against her rude neighbor Robyn. According to her childhood neighbor, she had been an introvert since she was a girl and only opens up to a select few of people, and even those she has difficulty expressing to openly and truly. Beneath her hard-bitten demeanor, however, lies a more vulnerable side, plagued by self-loathing and deep-seated insecurity.

In spite of her flaws, Jessica is a good person at heart, choosing not to waste the super-strength given to her at the cost of her family's lives and becoming a hero to help people. Unfortunately, the harrowing encounter with Kilgrave, who controlled her to do everything he wanted to, including being raped repeatedly and murdering a woman before breaking out of his control, caused Jessica to give up her life as a hero, no longer able to view herself as one, and preferring to keep a low profile as a private investigator. Though she openly refused to identify herself as the sort, Jessica does show signs of heroism as she is deeply sympathetic towards other individuals who have been "Kilgraved," including Malcolm Ducasse and Hope Shlottman, though at the same time, she was also fearful enough that she came close to getting out of town and leaving Hope at Kilgrave's mercy to protect herself, thinking she could not save her.

However, the combined trauma of losing her family and experience with Kilgrave has also made Jessica a somewhat unstable individual. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress and Survivor's Guilt, occasionally undergoing hallucinations and flashbacks of her time in Kilgrave's grasp. These hallucinations usually involve Kilgrave either whispering to her or being otherwise intimate while she is surrounded by purple lighting, referencing the purple lighting in the back of the restaurant Il Rosso, where Kilgrave always had their table. In these instances she can act out more erratic and violent such as punching the window of a subway train after remembering one of Kilgrave's commands. After the death of her family, no matter how close she bonded with a person, Jessica had great difficulty fully forming emotional connections to a person as she couldn't even tell Trish Walker, her adoptive sister and closest friend "I love you." After killing Kilgrave, however, she appears to have put several demons to rest, acting more affectionate and possibly closer to everyone than before.

Due to her trauma, Jessica developed a tendency to rely on alcohol as to deal with her problems. Frequently, she is seen drinking various types of liquor, to little effect. She states that most of her money goes directly to booze. Due to her superhuman metabolism, she is able to consume vast quantities of alcohol without damage to her liver and appears to have high tolerance, being able to quickly drink an entire bottle of wine during dinner with Kilgrave, then nonchalantly asking for another one. When inebriated, Jessica can become more violent, such as threatening Jeri Hogarth's ex-wife, Wendy, to sign her divorce papers.

Jessica is a highly independent woman and shows no interest in being in a serious relationship, likely due to being forced into one with Kilgrave. For a short while, however, she did engage in sexual and later romantic relations with Luke Cage, bonding over their similar super-strength and troubled backstories. Ultimately, she refused to allow herself or her friends be disrespected by anyone, especially men. To the few people she cared about, such as Trish, she defended them fiercely, but also kept her distance from them so as to not have them become collateral damage. Trish also implies she's had relationships before in the past, but none that are long term.

Powers and Abilities


"Trust me, I'd face a dragon over Jessica Jones any day."
Luke Cage to Iron Fist[src]

Artificially Enhanced Physiology: A private research corporation, known as IGH, revived teenage Jessica Jones from a fatal car crash that killed her entire family. IGH used genome editing to stimulate healing through advanced cellular regeneration. Jessica’s cells developed a new biological structure in response to the extensive bodily trauma suffered. Through rare interaction with specific DNA strands, the procedure not only imbued her with life once more but granted her superhuman powers as an unintended side-effect.

"I should warn you, I'm stronger than I look."
―Jessica Jones to Madame Gao[src]
  • Enhanced Strength:

    Jones lifting the trailer

    Jones possesses physical strength far beyond that of a regular human, especially notable regarding her size and muscle mass. She was able to completely crush an alarm clock with her bare hands or throw a shoe into the ceiling hard enough to crack it, both times when she had tried to sleep off a hangover. She also could effortlessly lift the back of a slow-moving car, throw a gun through a wall, break metal chains, locks and hinges, bend metal bars and panels, smash through glass and marble with her fist and gently push down several metal cabinets like dominoes. Even as a child, she was strong enough to break a bathroom sink off a wall by accident and then lift it over her head with one hand. When angered, Jones' is capable of easily punching through the hood of a car. In combat, she can use her strength to easily overpower or rag doll humans, throw a person across a room or even send someone flying across a street with her full strength, the latter of which she did to kill Reva Connors via one strike to the chest. To defend herself from Luke Cage, Jones ripped a door off of a police cruiser to block his attacks. She was even strong enough to hold an elevator on her own during the escape from Midland Circle Financial with both Luke Cage and Danny Rand inside after the lift was sabotaged by Elektra. However, she is not invincible and it is not impossible for a large group of normal humans to overpower her, which was demonstrated when she was attacked by various people that Kilgrave controlled, as well as members of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and Len Sirkes' men. In addition, Luke Cage is able to match, or possibly outmatch her, in strength, as he had the upper hand through his fight with her while he was under Kilgrave's influence. Will Simpson was also able to overpower her while she was injured and while using Combat Enhancers. Besides combat, Jones uses her superior strength to break door knobs and chains in order to enter places others are unable to. She was also capable of uprooting a large gazebo with relative ease, as well as heavily dent the metal walls of a train car by punching it. She was also capable of throwing Trish Walker onto a rooftop across the street from the one she was standing on.
  • Enhanced Durability:

    Jones resists a taser strike from Cheng

    Jones has durability far beyond that of a regular human, being able to resist multiple beatings with little to no visible injuries. This resilience also allows her to perform greater feats of strength without injuring herself, such as smashing a mirror with her fists or breaking a window with her elbow. However, she is still vulnerable to gunshots and explosions, though the former only mildly affects her unless she is shot in a vital area, as being grazed in the shoulder by a bullet only caused her brief pain. She was able to survive being hit by a truck, which broke her ribs and caused one of them to possibly pierce her liver, and she later seemed weakened enough to be overpowered by Will Simpson while he was using Combat Enhancers. She was also slowed down by being repeatedly tasered by Kilgrave's guards when she first tried abducting him when Trish Walker was immediately knocked out by them. Robyn was able to knock her out with a wooden plank by hitting her head with it, causing her head to bleed and possibly giving her a mild concussion. Her bones and skin are also notably denser than a normal humans, which allows her to resist tasers and bullets, as well as punch the incredibly hard skin of Luke Cage without breaking her hand like most others, as well as punching the metal walls of a train car with no visible pain. She was shot point blank in her leg by Hogarth but sustained no severe damage for the bullet did not go in too deeply. She also seemed relatively unfazed after being stabbed through the hand by Walker.
"How fast is your mile?"
"Six minutes."
"Under four."
―Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]
  • Enhanced Speed: Jones' overall strength allows her to run at speeds superior to the average human. She was able to catch up to a car fairly easily, move across a street in a second or less to stop a car from hitting a little girl and stated she can run a mile in under four minutes. She effortlessly caught up to David Kurata down several flights of stairs and was quick enough to react to Whizzer running up behind her. She also surprised her anger management group by quickly killing a fly with both hands, and ran across her apartment to catch Vido Arocho before he could fall out of her window. She even caught up to a bus leaving for Montréal with Vido on board after his mother kidnapped him.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Jones was able to run across New York from Niku to the Shlottman's residence without tiring or stopping for breath, having very little to no build-up of fatigue toxins. While Jones was spying on Audrey Eastman and Pryce Cheng, she was able to comfortably hold a wall sit between two buildings for an extensive amount of time with no sign of strain or discomfort.
"It's fine; it's just ribs. I heal faster than most, you know that."
―Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Jones' augmented metabolism heals faster than an ordinary human being. Although not as advanced as that of Luke Cage's, she is capable of completely healing minor scratches and injuries in mere hours without any permanent scars, and major injuries like broken ribs in just a single day. It may also allow her to not be affected by the harmful and long-term effects of alcohol, leaving her only to experience brief intoxication and hangover while not experiencing any signs of toxicity. Because of this, to actually become drunk, Jones has to drink a lot more alcohol than an average human does to feel its effects. After punching a hole in the wall of her jail cell, Jones received minor scrapes to her fist and had it wrapped in gauze for hours until her hand was fully healed. Jones was even shot through the right side of her back by Cheng, fully recovering about a day later. After getting stabbed near the spleen by Sallinger, her injury from the knife had regenerated but it left her to suffer minor blood loss and dehydration, which required her to take medication for the pain to heal within 2 days. Her healing capabilities are not absolute, however, due to retaining the scar she received when Kilgrave commanded her to cut off her ear while under his control.
"You can fly... well, jump."
"It's more like guided falling."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
  • Flight: Jessica Jones can propel herself from the ground and through the air. While Jessica's control over her power of flight eludes her, she can cover great lengths and altitudes in a single bound, notably jumping upon rooftops and balconies. Jones herself calls such an act "guided falling" and "more like jumping and then falling." She used the ability to climb onto a fire escape of a building across from Luke's, as well as to reach Trish Walker's Apartment balcony. She attempted to fly over Luke Cage, who was controlled by Kilgrave at the time, to chase after the latter, only to be grabbed by the leg and thrown away. When Kilgrave had Robyn and members of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group attempt to hang themselves at Niku, she jumped and hung onto a pipe hanging from the ceiling that held up their nooses so she could break it off and free them. Jones was able to fly across the bank lobby when she was evading the policemen who were shooting at her under Kilgrave's orders. After fending off a few members of the Hand on an elevator, Jessica leaped up on top of it to catch the cable before it could fall, successfully holding it with Danny Rand and Luke Cage still inside. A demonstration of her using her flight to the fullest extent was when she flew skyward with Kilgrave in tow, escaping Will Simpson. Another full extent of this ability was demonstrated when Jessica grabbed Trish Walker and leapt away to flee surrounding reporters.
  • Psychic Shield: Although originally, Jones was susceptible to Kilgrave's mind control, Jones grew resistance to it after being forced to kill Reva Connors. She left Kilgrave to die and her blood was able to be used as a vaccine against Kilgrave's control.


"I have found her extremely effective, formidable... unwavering. Underestimating her would be a mistake."
Jeri Hogarth to Gregory Sallinger[src]
  • Master Investigator: Jones is a highly skilled investigator, using a multitude of questionable methods to achieve her goals. She often impersonates other people's voices on the phone to advance with her cases, and is able to easily connect evidence that other people may overlook. She is not afraid of using methods that could be considered illegal, such as stealing things, or breaking into private places, often using her superior strength to break doors and padlocks, in order to obtain clues and advance in her cases, often using her powers as a means to an end. She was able to successfully locate Hope Shlottman and Antoine Grier when she was hired to do so, and is often offered different jobs by Jeri Hogarth, despite her law firm hired their own private investigator, a position that was first offered to Jones, but that she refused.
"I'm no black belt, but you let me know when that hurts."
―Jessica Jones to Hand member[src]
  • Expert Combatant:

    Jones subdues a subordinate of the Hand

    Jones has basic combat skills, often using her superhuman strength to overpower and rag-doll her opponents, throwing them several feet. Despite being the only member of the Defenders without any formal combat training (Daredevil and Iron Fist trained in the martial arts from a young age and Luke learned from the Marines, police and underground fights in prison), she, alongside Luke Cage was able to defeat a group of men led by Andre. She successfully fought off multiple people that Kilgrave took over, though she did not want to harm them and held back her strength. Also, she managed to gain the upper hand in fights with other combatants that had strength and resilience similar to her own, such as Luke Cage or Will Simpson on Combat Enhancers. Despite this, Jones lack of other fighting styles aside from using her strength has put her at a disadvantage, such that she was unable to withstand attacks from Elektra and was easily overpowered by Murakami before taking aid from Daredevil. Although she struggled against more skilled and experienced high ranking members of the Hand, Jones was able to defeat subordinate members of the organization, who are also trained in martial arts, without much effort. She later took on Pryce Cheng, a Marine Corps captain and quickly subdued him. While Luke Cage was being controlled by Kilgrave and sent to attack Jessica, Jones displayed adept combat skills, notably in boxing. She could dodge, weave and block defensively, and she could land jabs, hooks, and crosses in quick succession. She is also knowledgeable in rudimentary judo throws, which she demonstrated to a crowd of children when she wrestled with Sallinger.



  • Mossberg 590: Jones took the shotgun inside one the NYPD cars sent to Delaney Hall to investigate a disturbance, and was forced to shoot a brainwashed Luke Cage in the head at point blank range, not killing him due to his unbreakable skin, but causing some internal injuries.
  • Nightstick: Jones briefly grabbed Dale Holiday's nightstick when she a blow while he was attacking her inside his house, and she then hit him in the head with the weapon, unintentionally killing him with it.
  • Smith & Wesson 4506: Jones took this gun from Will Simpson's arsenal that Trish Walker had kept, in order to ambush her mother Alisa and force her to go to prison. Jessica held her mother at gunpoint, who prompted to pull the trigger as she is now her only reason to live. Jessica was unable to do it, and as she hesitated, Alisa quickly overpowered her and knocked her out with the back of the gun.

Other Equipment

  • Cellphone: Jones used applications on her cellphone to get information she needed for cases, such as a police scanner app she used while searching for Kilgrave, or a GPS app that allowed her to know the exact location of Trish Walker's phone. The specific types of phones she uses are Samsung Galaxy S5 and a black iPhone 8.
  • Camera: As a detective, Jones utilizes a standard camera and often collected photographic evidence for her clients to use for her assignments. She has also used it for personal uses when she took pictures of the affair between Gina and Luke Cage. On some occasions, Jones would use the camera on her phone, as she did to obtain a quality photo of Karl Malus to produce a fake ID.
  • Crosswords: During stake-outs, Jones is usually alone and gets bored; to pass the time, she would have crossword puzzles with her.
  • Hip Flask: The trauma Kilgrave gave her caused Jones to resort to alcohol to ease her thoughts; Jones carries a hip flask filled with alcohol to take a sip when desired on assignments.
  • Business Card: Jessica Jones has Alias Investigations business cards and gave one to Claire Temple. She also presented one to a former client of Pryce Cheng of Cheng Consulting Management upon rescuing their dog Felipe.
  • Laptop: Jessica owns a laptop in which she frequently uses to do research on her cases, able to track down people fairly easily through the internet. Often, she makes use of it to analyze images collected, either through her cellphone or photography camera.


  • Jones Residence: Jessica lived in this wealthy residence with her family.
  • Stirling Adams' Apartment: When Jessica and Adams started dating, she moved into his apartment, before he was murdered.
  • Jessica Jones' Apartment Building: It is a building located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, that houses the office of the Alias Investigations.
  • Alias Investigations Office: After Jessica Jones abusive time with Kilgrave, she began a new career as a detective, creating Alias Investigations with an office in New York.






Appearances for Jessica Jones

in chronological order:


  • In the comics, Jessica Campbell Jones Cage went to Midtown High School with Peter Parker and had a crush on him, being present when he was bitten by the radioactive spider. After a car accident killed her entire immediate family, Jessica fell into a coma and woke up months later by the cosmic energies released by Galactus. She is then adopted by the Jones family. During Jones' adult years, she became a trusted friend and ally of Captain America, and pursued a relationship with Scott Lang, with her best friend Carol Danvers acting as their matchmaker. She then realized she was in love with Luke Cage and pregnant with his child, so she eventually married him and had a daughter named Danielle Cage, after Danny Rand. During her superhero career, Jones was codenamed Jewel, Knightress, and Power Woman on different occasions and possessed superhuman strength, durability, psychic resistance and flight.
    • The superhero outfit Trish Walker created for Jones is similar to the suit worn by Jones in the comics when she was Jewel.
  • During her teens, Jones was a fan of rock bands such as Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction.
  • Jones' phone number is 212-256-1084, as seen on the Season Two inbox. If called, it leads to voice mail.
  • Jessica is 5'9".[21]

Behind the Scenes


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