Jesse is an I.T. Department worker at Stark Industries.


Iron Man located two shipments of Stark Industries-produced weapons scheduled to be decommissioned, that had been illegally diverted from a destination where they would have been destroyed. Stark contacted Pepper Potts at Stark Industries Headquarters in Los Angeles tasking both her Jesse and to trace the IP address of the party responsible for the hacking of the shipping route instructions. However, Jesse was deceived by an e-mail she thought came from her aunt into letting malicious software sent by Cordo Gaines to invade the Stark Industries mainframe.

Two days later, Jesse apologized to Stark and Potts, as it was her fault that Gaines obtained access to all information about Stark and his company. Potts discovered that Stark's outlays began to be redirected to front organizations with untraceable sources, forcing him to freeze all his assets until the crime was resolved, in order to calm his stockholders.

Stark then was accompanied by Jesse and Potts when he sent an advanced traceroute routine into the system from the Stark Industries mainframe to track down the source system of the malicious code, tracing it to Genoa, Italy.[1]





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