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"We've run several test on Jerry with positive results."
"No, you didn't."
Aloysius Samberly and Jerry[src]

Jerry is the scientist working at the Strategic Scientific Reserve office in Los Angeles, and used by his colleagues as a test subject for the Memory Inhibitor.


Jerry worked in the Auerbach Theatrical Agency with fellow scientist Aloysius Samberly. Jerry was used as a test subject when Samberly created the Memory Inhibitor; since the Inhibitor deleted short-term memory, Jerry did not remember that it was used on him.

Jerry was working in the laboratory when Daniel Sousa and Peggy Carter wanted to use the Inhibitor on an assignment. Since Sousa would not allow Samberly to demonstrate the effects of the device on him, Samberly mentioned that it had been used on Jerry. Hearing the comment, Jerry denied the incident before bumping into a wall. Samberly then whispered that brain damage might be a side effect.[1]




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