"Your security system is top-notch and your team is incredibly efficient."
Katelin Frayer to Jerome Deschamps[src]

Jerome Deschamps worked at a bank where he protected the safety deposit boxes.


Early Career

Jerome Deschamps and his wife lived in Miami, Florida where Deschamps worked for First Fiduciary National Bank. However, Deschamps ultimately left from his job in security and moved to the Cayman Islands for work. This made his wife unhappy because she missed living in Miami, and she and Deschamps became separated.

While working in the bank in Grand Cayman Island as head of security, Deschamps had Werner von Strucker as a client who kept a lock box there. Eventually, Deschamps became unhappy with his work there, feeling that he was not being paid worthwhile, and sought other opportunities.[1]

Unruly Clients

"Ms. Wong likes your tie."
Katelin Frayer to Jerome Deschamps[src]
A client named Shu Wong and her translator Katelin Frayer entered the bank one day wanting to access Wong's safety deposit box; after taking her identification, he escorted the women into the safe that held the lock boxes. He allowed them privacy as they opened a box.

Suddenly, an alarm activated and Deschamps, with his security team returned to the vault. There, Frayer told Deschamps that he had passed Wong's test with the speed that his security team had answered the alarm; she said that they worked for First Fiduciary National and wanted Deschamps back under their employ. Frayer cited that he was separated from his wife because of his move and that she knew he was dissatisfied because his wage increase since 2012 has not been substantially enough. Deschamps was amazed that Frayer knew so much.

Meanwhile, one of Deschamps' security guards slowly started to reach for his weapon; this caused Wong to begin a fight as Wong and Frayer attempted to escape the vault. Deschamps took a punch to the face.[1]



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