A collection of quotes of the lawyer Jeri Hogarth.

Jessica Jones 23


Episode 2.13: A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen


"My firm is going to need a very resourceful attorney, someone like you, who's not afraid to take on riskier, non-traditional cases."
"Cases involving vigilantes?"
"Let's call them people with complexities."
―Jeri Hogarth and Foggy Nelson[src]

Jessica Jones

Episode 1.01: AKA Ladies Night

"I need a summons served to the owner of several gentleman's clubs, his name is Gregory Spheeris. An exotic dancer fell off the stage when a pole came lose, severe concussion, some permanent brain damage. Spheeris claims she was always that stupid."
―Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.02: AKA Crush Syndrome

Spoken by Jeri Hogarth

"I'm your new attorney. You should be more excited, you stick with the public defender they assigned you and you'll end up spending your next two life times behind bars. Jessica Jones sent me, there is a possibility that your claims may be cooperated by another victim, looks like you're a mascot for an macomb club."
―Jeri Hogarth to Hope Shlottman[src]

Episode 1.03: AKA It's Called Whiskey


"Certainly if there are other people who feel they have been controlled by this Kilgrave character they are more than welcome to contact my office but it is more likely that my client experienced a psychotic breakdown."
"Hope has no history of mental illness, has shown no evidence..."
"Trish, sounds like you believe this Kilgrave is real."
―Jeri Hogarth and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.04: AKA 99 Friends

Spoken by Jeri Hogarth

"You think if you break us up that I will crawl back to you, read my face, never gonna happen."
―Jeri Hogarth to Wendy Ross-Hogarth[src]


"Kilgrave wanted a leather jacket, live chello music and a flattering smile of a pretty girl. What a waste. Could solve so many problems with his gift."
"I just meant if he was on our side."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.06: AKA You're a Winner!

Spoken by Jeri Hogarth

"Hope will not speak to me, she will not ask for isolation so Garcia's free to do it again. Expensive and exasperating, your turn."
―Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.07: AKA Top Shelf Perverts


"Super max only houses the worst criminals, top shelf perverts, cannibals, serial killers who make mosaics with their victim's fingernails."
"Well that's very specific."
"It's a living hell, with real demons."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.08: AKA WWJD?


"I like you when you aren't trying to take my livelihood."
"You don't love me anymore."
"Do you still want that? After all of this, you want that?"
―Jeri Hogarth and Wendy Ross-Hogarth[src]

Episode 1.09: AKA Sin Bin

Spoken by Jeri Hogarth

"The real world is not about happy endings. It's about taking the life you have, and fighting like hell to keep it."
―Jeri Hogarth[src]


"You are in no position to ask me to do anything, you have absolutely nothing to help me."
"Kilgrave's seen you Hogarth, you're already implicated."
"You set me up... God damn it."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]
"I am doing the best I can, what do you want from me."
"I want you to handle it, if this were any other case you would have shut down Wendy without even breaking a sweat."
"This is not a case, this is my life."
―Jeri Hogarth and Pam[src]

Episode 1.10: AKA 1,000 Cuts

Spoken about Jeri Hogarth

"You're disgusting."
"She's pragmatic."
Wendy Ross-Hogarth and Kilgrave about Jeri Hogarth[src]


"What does she want from me? That wasn't a rhetorical question, tell me!"
"She wants you to pay for what you did to her."
"I treated her better than anyone ever has."
"She wants you to pay for what you did to Hope Shlottman"
Kilgrave and Jeri Hogarth[src]
"You told me to handle it, that's what you said."
"So you turned me into a murderer?"
"I didn't do anything. You chose to pick up that thing and crush her skull, you did that."
―Jeri Hogarth and Pam[src]

Episode 1.13: AKA Smile


"I will have more than enough testimony to convince a jury that this man forced Jessica to snap his own neck."
"That's your defence? He committed suicide?"
"Guilt, the guilt was unbearable. He couldn't live with all the pain that he had caused. Either way Jessica did not have a choice."
―Jeri Hogarth and Samantha Reyes[src]

Iron Fist

Episode 1.03: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch


"Step away from me!"
"Wait, wait."
"I said step away from me."
"Hey, J-Money, it's Danny Rand. Look, you remember me, right?"
"Come on. You were an intern in the legal department in my dad's office? You called his secretary Margaret a hatchet-faced bitch. I was standing right there. You gave me five bucks to keep quiet."
"Where was my office?"
"Um, you didn't have one. They put you in the copy room."
"My desk?"
"Uh... it was a folding table. With a... with a file under one leg, because the floor, it was... it was too uneven. Yeah?"
"I went to your funeral."
―Jeri Hogarth and Danny Rand[src]
"I've been handling the estate since the crash. That includes making sure that the graves are tended."
"Thank you."
"The least I could do. Your father gave me my first job. He always wanted Rand to be something good in the world."
"I'm guessing you're not a fan of the Meachums?"
"We have a very complicated relationship."
"Well, they don't want me anywhere near there, so That's totally understandable."
"They don't play well with others. We need to dig up every shred of physical evidence we can find to prove your identity."
"Was I wrong? To turn down $100 million?"
"It may have been the smartest thing you did, other than coming to me. You are worth billions, Danny. Not millions."
"It seems like that's all anyone wants to talk about."
"Because it's the only language that they speak. And it is important that you learn to understand it if you want to win."
"They're supposed to be my friends."
"I can help you get your business back, but I cannot help you make friends."
―Jeri Hogarth and Danny Rand[src]
"Do you have any money for some new clothes? Because this homeless hipster thing isn't working for you."
"Why is everyone on at me about how I look?"
"It's New York City. It matters."
―Jeri Hogarth and Danny Rand[src]

Episode 1.04: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

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Episode 1.13: Dragon Plays with Fire

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