"It's ironic, isn't it? I've spent my whole life amassing this power and control, thinking somehow it would protect me. If I believed in God, I'd say her sense of humor is for shit."
―Jeri Hogarth[src]

Jeryn "Jeri" Hogarth is a no-nonsense and resourceful lawyer who started her legal career as an intern for Rand Enterprises. After the supposed deaths of the Rand Family, she eventually became a partner in the firm Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz. While running her own firm, she began to hire Jessica Jones to help her resolve cases in her favor. After taking on the case of suspected murderer Hope Shlottman, Hogarth became involved in the hunt for Kilgrave which soon resulted in Hogarth's personal and professional life crumbling. As a result of her dealings with Jones and Kilgrave, Hogarth decided to hire Foggy Nelson to deal with any cases involving vigilantes. Upon Danny Rand's return home, Hogarth acted as Rand's personal lawyer to reinstate him back at Rand Enterprises, winning the case for him.


Early Life


"I grew up in a trailer the size of this dining room with four siblings. You know what kids do to the poor kid whose clothes don't fit? They make sure that school is as much a living hell as home. Everything I have, I built from nothing."
―Jeri Hogarth to Inez Green[src]

Jeri Hogarth grew up in a small trailer park with four siblings. She was frequently bullied at school for being poor. Later she became estranged from her family.[1]

Intern for Rand Enterprises

"You were an intern in the legal department in my dad's office? You called his secretary Margaret a hatchet-faced bitch. I was standing right there. You gave me five bucks to keep quiet."
Danny Rand to Jeri Hogarth[src]

Hogarth was employed by Rand Enterprises as an intern for Wendell Rand. She did not have an office at Rand Enterprises Building, only a table next to the copy machine, putting files under the table leg because of the uneven floor. During her time there, Hogarth made a rivalry with Rand's secretary Margaret whom she called "hatchet-faced bitch". However, she was heard by Danny Rand what forced Hogarth to bribed him $5 to not tell anyone about that. Danny then nicknamed her as "J-Money" and they became close to each other. When Rand family was killed in a plane crash, Hogarth attended their funeral and showed her respect by taking care of their gravestones.[2]

Marrying Wendy Ross

"If she orders you the tiramisu and there is a diamond ring at the bottom, you'll think nothing could ever make you stop feeling happy. Don't choke on it."
Wendy Ross-Hogarth to Pam[src]

Hogarth asked her girlfriend Wendy Ross to marry her by putting an engagement ring at the bottom of a tiramisu dessert when they were at dinner. Ross almost choked on the ring before she discovered it.[3] During their marriage, Wendy Ross-Hogarth would sacrifice opportunities and money so that Hogarth could complete law school.[4] Ross-Hogarth took Hogarth to Paris to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, but Hogarth spent much of her time on the phone with a client.[5]

Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz

Hiring Jessica Jones

Hogarth offered Jessica Jones a job as the private investigator for Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, but Jones refused the offer, even using foul language to accentuate the point. Hogarth was disappointed because even though Jones' style was unorthodox and received various complaints, it was effective. Hogarth decided to hire someone else to be the firm's investigator.[6]

Stripper Case

Jessica Jones 15

Hogarth speaks with Jessica Jones

"I need a summons served to the owner of several gentleman's clubs, his name is Gregory Spheeris. An exotic dancer fell off the stage when a pole came lose, severe concussion, some permanent brain damage. Spheeris claims she was always that stupid."
―Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Hogarth was walking by the receptionist's desk at Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office as Jessica Jones arrived. Jones immediately asked if she had a new case Jones could investigate. Hogarth told her that someone already had that job; Jones bragged that whoever he was was not as good as she was. Hogarth agreed, reminding Jones that she was offered the position but adamantly refused it while also cursing at Hogarth and her staff; Jones asked her to excuse it by saying she was more than likely drunk before reminding Hogarth how much she needed her methods to get the work done.


Hogarth explains the Gregory Spheeris case

Knowing that Jones' methods were often effective and could also be useful, Hogarth took Jones to her office and handed her a subpoena for Gregory Spheeris, a strip-club owner who was being sued by an ex-employee from the SoHo House who had fallen when the pole she was using broke, causing her brain damage, but Spheeris believed that she was always dim-witted. Hogarth told Jones that Spheeris had too many bodyguards for anyone to serve him. Surprised that Hogarth was representing just an ordinary person, as opposed to a major company or rich client, Jones took on the case.


Hogarth is seduced by Pam

A few days later, Jones sent a picture that she had served Spheeris a subpoena; however, Spheeris' lawyer had complained that Jones had lifted Spheeris' car over her head and threatened to blast him with her laser eyes. Hogarth, looking out the window at the city at night, called Jones to ask what happened and she confirmed the confrontation. Pam quietly came behind her, kissing her and caressing her softly. Distracted, Hogarth complimented Jones on her work and told her that she would be paid soon. Then, quickly ending the conversation, Hogarth turned her attention back towards Pam.


Hogarth is asked for money by Jessica Jones

The next day, Hogarth got a phone call from Jones, requesting to get her money for the Spheeris job immediately; Hogarth told her that she knew the procedure with the payroll department. Jones asked for a loan and was quickly denied as Hogarth recommended she instead ask a friend. As Hogarth, who was leaving for the day, approached the receptionist desk, Pam walked slowly toward her, smiling. Hogarth ignored her and turned to Wendy Ross-Hogarth who kissed her and walked with her with her arm around her as they went to eat at a restaurant where they had made reservations for the night.[6]

Defending Hope Shlottman

Jessica Jones 21

Hogarth is asked to defend Hope Shlottman

"I'm your new attorney. You should be more excited, you stick with the public defender they assigned you and you'll end up spending your next two life times behind bars. Jessica Jones sent me, there is a possibility that your claims may be cooperated by another victim, looks like you're a mascot for a macomb club."
―Jeri Hogarth to Hope Shlottman[src]

Hogarth had a meeting with Jessica Jones who demanded that she take on the case of Hope Shlottman who had murdered her parents. Hogarth refused, believing the evidence showed Shlottman as guilty and Hogarth had no intention of losing, although Jones insisted that Shlottman was being controlled by Kilgrave. During the conversation, Pam interrupted, saying that Wendy Ross-Hogarth was calling, Hogarth insisted she would call her back. Jones told Hogarth that she would owe her a favor if she took the case so Hogarth told her to get proof. As Jones exited, Pam returned and told Hogarth that her wife had learned of their affair.


Hogarth introduces herself to Hope Shlottman

When Jones found David Kurata who could help prove Kilgrave's existence, Hogarth then took on the case and went to Northeastern Correctional Facility where Shlottman was now being detained. She explained that she was her new lawyer as her public defender would get her a double life sentence. Hogarth then noted that Jones still believed in her innocence and was working to find others who were abused by Kilgrave. Shlottman looked up, wondering if there were others besides Jones and her to whom this happened, then Hogarth told Shlottman to reveal all she knew.[7]


Hogarth has an argument with Jessica Jones

Hogarth decided to file for divorce from Wendy Ross-Hogarth,[8] asking Desmond Tobey to handle the case.[3] Jessica Jones abruptly entered Hogarth's office, demanding she has a press conference to defend the actions of Hope Shlottman to the public. Jones accused her cowardice; Hogarth cited that what she does is a tried-and-true strategy and she was not going to jeopardize her credibility by openly stating that she believed in mind control. Hogarth told Jones to bring her other victims of Kilgrave, starting with herself, but Jones said she was too busy trying to capture Kilgrave to do Hogarth's job for her.[8]

Talk Radio Interview


Hogarth being interviewed by Trish Walker

"Certainly, if there are other people who feel they have been controlled by this Kilgrave character they are more than welcome to contact my office but it is more likely that my client experienced a psychotic breakdown."
"Hope has no history of mental illness, has shown no evidence-"
"Trish, sounds like you believe this Kilgrave is real."
―Jeri Hogarth and Trish Walker[src]

Hogarth was called by Trish Walker, who wanted an interview with Hope Shlottman; Hogarth agreed and they scheduled it. During the interview, Hogarth held her phone to Shlottman as she described Kilgrave's power. After the interview, Hogarth told Walker that Shlottman was clearly insane. Walker defended Shlottman, all a plan of Hogarth to have Walker persuading the public that telepaths could exist with the Avengers. When Kilgrave called WNEX Station, asking why Walker was insulting him, Hogarth witnessed as Shlottman became erratic upon hearing his voice.[8]

Confronting Ross


Hogarth is questioned about Audrey Eastman

"You think if you break us up that I will crawl back to you. Read my face, never gonna happen."
―Jeri Hogarth to Wendy Ross-Hogarth[src]

While Hogarth was negotiating with Larry, who represented a company that caused puppies to be poisoned by his client's product, Jessica Jones ignored Pam and entered Hogarth's office. Jones demanded to know if Audrey Eastman was referred to her by Desmond Tobey. Irked, Hogarth confirmed that Eastman was a client of Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz and that Tobey was a trustworthy lawyer who was working on her divorce. As she exited, Hogarth told Jones to relax because she seemed even more paranoid than she usually was.


Hogarth goes on a dinner date with Pam

Hogarth chose to take Pam to a favorite restaurant for lunch. While the two walked, Pam tried to convince her that they should take a holiday to Rome, however, Hogarth was distracted looking at her phone and seeing that she had even more people arriving about their encounters with Kilgrave ever since the Trish Talk interview. Pam noted that she felt that Hogarth had been changing, now spending far too much time worrying about work, and wanted the woman with whom she fell in love to return to her again. Admitting her fault, Hogarth decided to give Pam her full attention from this moment onwards.


Hogarth is confronted by Wendy Ross-Hogarth

As they were about to enter the establishment, they saw Wendy Ross-Hogarth exiting; Wendy could not believe that Hogarth was taking Pam to the same restaurant where they had gotten engaged. Wendy told Pam, who was visibly upset, how Jeri proposed before rudely telling her not to chock on the ring. Hogarth retorted that if Wendy had hoped to break up her new relationship, it would not result in them reconciling. Wendy left speechless. Hogarth, thinking of the restaurant as common property, said that Wendy was not getting it in the divorce; however, Pam, refusing to eat there, said that Wendy was.[3]

Kilgrave Victim Support Group


Hogarth gives Jessica Jones a new task

"Kilgrave wanted a leather jacket, live chello music and a flattering smile of a pretty girl. What a waste. Could solve so many problems with his gift."
"I just meant if he was on our side."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

Hogarth returned to the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office to find it flooded with people who wanted to prove that they were victims of Kilgrave; not wanting to deal with them, she called Jessica Jones. Jones protested, saying that she had other cases, including pursuing Kilgrave, but Hogarth invoked that Jones owed her a favor. Hogarth wanted Jones to find dirt on Wendy Ross-Hogarth so she can use it during the divorce proceedings and Jones said she would try.


Hogarth listens to Kilgrave's victims

Her attention then turned to the flood of new clients and agreed to interview each of them one by one to see if they were telling the truth. In a conference room, Hogarth and Jones, with a cameraman, began listening to the testimonies of different people who blamed Kilgrave for their unusual behaviors, such as a young pregnant girl and a man who robbed a store. Often, the people were not victims of Kilgrave; however, there were a few, including Jackson and Clair who Jones knew were victims by their knowing key nuances of the telepath.


Horgarth and Jones argue about Kilgrave

After the interviews, Jones collected the people; Hogarth noted that it was a Kilgrave Victim Support Group and asked Jones if she would participate. Jones reminded Hogarth that Jones was busy as well as anti-social. Hogarth noted that Kilgrave could be someone with whom she could work with, claiming that what he was being wasteful with his gifts. Jones became extremely offended by Hogarth's comments and hit the paned glass of the conference room, cracking it before storming out. Hogarth later called Jones asking if she was trying to pay her debt; Jones told her not at that moment.[3]

Hope Shlottman's Attack


Hogarth gives Jessica Jones a late night call

"Hope will not speak to me, she will not ask for isolation so Garcia's free to do it again. Expensive and exasperating, your turn."
―Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]

Hogarth was informed that Hope Shlottman was attacked and decided to call Jessica Jones while in her car with Pam sleeping on her chest. Jones mocked Hogarth by asking if this was a booty call but Hogarth was not impressed so Jones noted she had not found any dirt on Wendy Ross-Hogarth yet. Hogarth told her to keep looking before informing her of the attack on Shlottman, causing Jones to curse in frustration.


Hogarth and Jones discuss Hope Shlottman

The next morning Hogarth met with Jones outside the Northeastern Correctional Facility and explained that Kilgrave was seemingly not involved. She went on to explain that she had been forced to bribe a guard to find out exactly what had happened as Shlottman was refusing to speak to her and had learned that Sissy Garcia was responsible. Hogarth frustratingly told Jones that this case was getting too expensive before leaving for Jones to deal with the situation herself as Shlottman was refusing to accuse Garcia who could easily attack her again.


Hogarth promises that she will marry Pam

Back in her office, Hogarth was called by Jones who was rude to Pam on the phone before asking about getting medication for Shlottman's abortion for the baby Kilgrave had fathered with her. Frustrated, Hogarth ranted about loving Pam who was being very patient with everything that was happening while also helping her with the case until Jones hung up. Hogarth then confirmed to Pam that she was serious about marrying her and Pam told her that she wanted to as well but only once Hogarth was finally divorced as Pam was catholic, leaving Hogarth alone to consider her current options.


Hogarth agrees to stay with Hope Shlottman

Hogarth met with Jones at Northeastern Correctional Facility where Jones gave Shlottman the pills for her abortion which she took without any hesitation. Jones then spoke with Hogarth and requested that she stay with Shlottman while she suffered the effects of the drugs through a likely very difficult night, promising to find dirt on Wendy Ross-Hogarth in exchange, explaining that she was willing to dangle Ross-Hogarth off a ledge to sign the divorce papers, which Hogarth did not object to due to her great frustration about Ross-Hogarth's attitude towards their rough divorce settlements.


Hogarth tries to comfort Hope Shlottman

As requested Hogarth stayed by Shlottman's bedside as she suffered from horrific pains from the medication that would kill her unborn child. Considering the possibilities that could be had by having Kilgrave's powers for herself, Hogarth spoke to the nurse in charge and requested that she give her the dead fetus from Shlottman and deliver it to ZALK labs, the nurse questioned her reasons but Hogarth refused to answer and told her to keep this deal quiet. With the deal made, Hogarth went and sat with Shlottman, comforting her by placing her hand gently on her head and massaging her.[9]

Jessica Jones' Terrible Plan

Jessica Jones and Harper

Hogarth refuses to help Jessica Jones

"Supermax only houses the worst criminals. Top shelf perverts, cannibals, serial killers who make mosaics with their victim's fingernails."
"Well that's very specific."
"It's a living hell, with real demons."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

As Hogarth and Pam made their way towards the New York State Supreme Court Building they were confronted by Jessica Jones who demanded a lawyer. When Jones revealed that a temp had given her their location, Hogarth told Pam to fire the temp. Jones promised that Wendy Ross-Hogarth would sign the divorce papers then asked Hogarth what she would need to do to get locked away in a maximum security prison by the end of the night. Although Hogarth was reluctant to discuss this matter in case Jones was planning a crime, she admitted it housed only serial killers and rapists. Jones told Hogarth to be at the 15th Precinct Police Station that night and claimed that something had already been done.


Hogarth is threatened by Wendy Ross-Hogarth

Back in the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office, Hogarth was confronted by her ex wife who handed her an envelope. While Ross-Hogarth spoke to Pam, Hogarth opened the envelope only to discover it contained their email correspondents over the years which proved that Hogarth had committed crimes during a past case and Ross-Hogarth would blackmail her with. Although Pam lied to defend her actions, Ross-Hogarth expressed her disgust at Jones' attack against her before demanding seventy five percent of her assets.


Hogarth tries and fails to defend Jessica Jones

Hogarth was informed that Jones had been arrested for allegedly murdering her neighbor Ruben by ripping off his head. Hogarth arrived furious at Jones and told Detective Oscar Clemons that she would be inciting mental incompetence for the incident. Jones however insisted that she needed to be locked in super max, when Hogarth insisted that she refused to do this Jones told Clemons that Hogarth would no longer be her lawyer, as a result Clemons told her to leave and promised to get a public defender for Jones' upcoming case to replace Hogarth instead.[10]

Dealing with Wendy Ross-Hogarth


Hogarth meets with Wendy Ross-Hogarth

"I like you when you aren't trying to take my livelihood."
"You don't love me anymore."
"Do you still want that? After all of this, you want that?"
―Jeri Hogarth and Wendy Ross-Hogarth[src]

Hogarth had a meeting with Wendy Ross-Hogarth and her lawyer at the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office where Hogarth's lawyer, Desmond Tobey insisted that the seventy-five percent she was demanded was ridiculous. Ross-Hogarth accused Hogarth of sending thugs after her before calling her a bastard before they discussed their relationship with Ross-Hogarth noting that she now had nothing and she intended now to take Hogarth's apology in the form of money.


Hogarth learns Jessica Jones is with Kilgrave

As they were speaking Pam burst into the room and called Hogarth out to answer a call, at which point Ross-Hogarth mocked Hogarth's lover for addressing her so formally. Hogarth stepped out of the room and was told that the call was from Jessica Jones, which excited Hogarth as she believed it meant that she had dug up dirt on her ex-wife, but Pam explained that Jones was sending them a message that she was currently with Kilgrave for unknown reasons.


Hogarth considers what will be her next move

That night, Hogarth got another email from Ross-Hogarth threatening to expose her corruption, frustrated Hogarth looked out over New York City and cursed. Hogarth sent a text message to Jones demanded that she stop whatever she was doing and find dirt on Ross-Hogarth that she could exploit. She quickly got a reply which answered with the words bitches right before promising to do as instructed. Hogarth, however, was unaware that Kilgrave had taken Jones' phone from her and was the one sending the messages.[11]

Manipulated by Kilgrave

Tempted by Kilgrave's Power

Jessica Jones 23

Hogarth watches the now captive Kilgrave

"You are in no position to ask me to do anything, you have absolutely nothing to help me."
"Kilgrave's seen you, Hogarth. You're already implicated."
"You set me up. God damn it."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

Hogarth was contacted by Jessica Jones who asked to meet her at a Decommissioned CDC Facility where she found Kilgrave was being held captive. Hogarth demanded that Jones free her prisoner noting that she had no proof to convict him, Jones, however, insisted that he was too dangerous and that she would record him using his powers. Hogarth explained that Hope Shlottman was being offered a plea bargain which she would be presenting to her. Jones noted that they just needed one jury member to believe Kilgrave's power and Jones went to convince Oscar Clemons to be the witness.


Hogarth argues with Wendy Ross-Hogarth

Jones left Hogarth to watch Kilgrave, noting that he had now seen his face making her a target. While waiting for Jones to return, Hogarth text with Desmond Tobey to see how her divorce case was going only to be told that she was going to have to hand over ninety percent of her assets now. Hogarth called Wendy Ross-Hogarth and reminded her that if she lost her position then Ross-Hogarth would get nothing as well before they argued about each other careers before Hogarth called her ex-wife heartless only to be hung up on as a result.


Hogarth is tempted by Kilgrave's abilities

Kilgrave took the opportunity to ask Hogarth to speak to him as he requested a good lawyer before asking about her divorce troubles, claiming to have read her lips. Kilgrave revealed that Jones had moved in with him at the Jones Residence, asking if she had told Hogarth this calling her a liar. Kilgrave claimed that Jones' stories were false and denied his powers, but he did subtly hint that if he did have these powers he could make any problem, like Ross-Hogarth, disappear. But Hogarth was not swayed and instead told him to repeat that for the camera to record his confession.


Hogarth sees Jessica Jones attack Kilgrave

Eventually, Jones returned having failed to convince Oscar Clemons to help them and Hogarth berated her for not being able to speak with Hope Shlottman. Jones explained that she planned to step into the cell and force Kilgrave to use his powers against her. While Hogarth watched and filmed, Jones entered Kilgrave's room and began mockingly seducing him before beating him half to death. Trish Walker also arrived and they watched as Kilgrave refused to use his powers until they were forced to electrocute the pair of them to save Kilgrave's life.[4]

Making Hard Choices


Hogarth is teased and seduced by Pam

"I am doing the best I can. What do you want from me?"
"I want you to handle it. If this were any other case you would have shut down Wendy without even breaking a sweat."
"This is not a case, this is my life."
―Jeri Hogarth and Pam[src]

Back at the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office, Hogarth considered what she had witnessed until Pam arrived and told her that Wendy Ross-Hogarth was sending the damning evidence around the offices which she had just stopped. Pam demanded that she stop Ross-Hogarth, calling her the best lawyer in New York City before seductively putting Hogarth's hand between her legs and explaining how she had fallen in love with her and telling her to end this divorce so they could finally marry each other.


Hogarth offers a deal to Hope Shlottman

Hogarth instead sent to the Northeastern Correctional Facility to meet with Hope Shlottman and offer her the plea deal, explaining that even after serving twenty years she would still have half her life to live as a free woman. Shlottman was confused by Hogarth's change in attitude and demanded to speak to Jessica Jones about the decision, but Hogarth told her to make her own decision as she was too young to understand that this was her one and only chance to regain control over her life again, but Shlottman insisted upon speaking to Jones.


Hogarth considers freeing Kilgrave

Hogarth returned to the Decommissioned CDC Facility to find only Trish Walker watching over Kilgrave and recommended that Walker take a break as she did not want her losing her mind as well. Once Walker was gone, however, Hogarth told Kilgrave that she was ready to talk about his idea of helping her stop Ross-Hogarth from destroying her life. Hogarth agreed to cut the wires to stop Kilgrave from being electrocuted and went to open his cell door to set him free, however before she could open the door she heard footsteps and returned to the desk.

Jessica Jones 14

Hogarth watches Kilgrave meeting his parents

Jones entered the room with Albert and Louise Thompson, Kilgrave's long lost parents who she would use to get an emotional response from her hostage. Just as the reunion began, Oscar Clemons arrived and attempted to arrest Jones, only to be threatened and handcuffed by Walker inside. While Hogarth was horrified by the many crimes that she was witnessing she was powerless to stop it and watched as the Thompson's entered their son's jail cell to confront him. Kilgrave screamed at his parents for leaving him as they argued about who was the true monster. Albert noted how Kilgrave had tortured them for years until Louise was forced to stab her own son.


Hogarth tries and fails to shoot Kilgrave

Furious at the betrayal of trust, Kilgrave ordered his mother to pick up the scissors she had dropped and stab herself repeatedly in the heart. Although Jessica Jones tried to stop this, the wire Hogarth had cut prevented her from doing so as they witnessed Louise killing herself. Jones ordered everyone to run as Hogarth stole Clemons gun and escaped.[4] However just as she reached her car, Hogarth was found by Kilgrave who had also escaped during the chaos and who put her under his control and forced her to drive him away from danger.[5]

Kilgrave's Slave


Hogarth drives Kilgrave away from danger

"What does she want from me? That wasn't a rhetorical question, tell me!"
"She wants you to pay for what you did to her."
"I treated her better than anyone ever has."
"She wants you to pay for what you did to Hope Shlottman"
Kilgrave and Jeri Hogarth[src]

Having now gotten far enough away from the Decommissioned CDC Facility, Hogarth took the chance to confront Kilgrave over murdering his own mother, however Kilgrave argued that his mother was really a barbaric monster who performed horrific experiments on her own son and vowed to kill his father as well before ordering Hogarth to take him to a doctor to treat the bullet wound he had gained from Trish Walker shooting him during his dramatic escape.


Hogarth goes to Wendy Ross-Hogarth

Instead of taking Kilgrave to Metro-General Hospital, Hogarth took the chance to end her divorce proceedings by taking him instead to the home of Wendy Ross-Hogarth who Kilgrave took control over immediately. Kilgrave questioned why Hogarth would take him to the home of the woman she had abused so badly but still promised that he would force her to sign the divorce papers if he felt like assisting her, claiming to be a man of his word. Ross-Hogarth then came back downstairs with her medical bag as ordered to help stitch up Kilgrave's injuries.


Hogarth confesses stealing Kilgrave's baby

While Ross-Hogarth treated Kilgrave's wounds, Hogarth listened as he ranted to Ross-Hogarth about everything he had done for Jessica Jones by fixing up the Jones Residence, with Kilgrave ordering Hogarth to keep quiet. When Kilgrave asked what Jones wanted Hogarth explained she wanted him to pay for what he had done to her and Hope Shlottman before confessing that Shlottman was pregnant with his child and that she had kept the child's remains for experimentation while also noting that Jones did not know anything about any of this.


Hogarth lies directly to Jessica Jones

Hogarth was then called by Jones herself and Kilgrave ordered her to allow him to listen into their conversation and to find out what happened to his father. While Hogarth claimed to be at home hiding, Jones claimed that Oscar Clemons and Kilgrave's father were gone and was most likely with Kilgrave. However, while Hogarth was trying to learn more, Ross-Hogarth saw the conversation and assumed it was with Pam, loudly interrupting and giving Jones the clue she needed about Hogarth's true whereabouts and dangerous situation.[5]

Death by 1,000 Cuts


Hogarth is attacked by Wendy Ross-Hogarth

"You told me to handle it, that's what you said."
"So you turned me into a murderer?"
"I didn't do anything. You chose to pick up that thing and crush her skull, you did that."
―Jeri Hogarth and Pam[src]

While Kilgrave considered what Jessica Jones had said on the phone had was spooked by hearing the doorbell ring and decided to run, however first he told Wendy Ross-Hogarth to reclaim her revenge by one thousand cuts that they had discussed, giving her a knife and telling her to kill Hogarth by cutting her. Hogarth was chased around the room by her ex-wife who continued cutting her skin and counting down, with Hogarth trying and failing to catch the knife with her bare hands.

1000 Cuts

Hogarth is saved from murder by Pam

As the cuts amassed over Hogarth's hands, face, arms, and legs, she tried desperately to escape by was in too much agony to get away from the blade Ross-Hogarth was swinging at her. The pair wrestled until Ross-Hogarth straddled her and continued slicing at her flesh. However Pam stormed inside and hit Ross-Hogarth across the skull, accidentally impaling her on the table side and killing her. Jessica Jones also arrived to witness the carnage and demanded to know where Kilgrave was before confronting Hogarth for her part in Louise Thompson's tragic death by her cutting the wires.


Hogarth is rejected by the disgusted Pam

Pam was taken to the 15th Precinct Police Station due to killing Ross-Hogarth and Hogarth agreed to act as her lawyer, however, Pam questioned how Kilgrave could have ever known about Ross-Hogarth, to begin with. Pam soon worked out that Hogarth had taken Kilgrave to her own ex-wife to sign the divorce papers and was mortified, however, Hogarth claimed that Pam alone had murdered Ross-Hogarth, claiming no responsibility for herself. Horrified, Pam told a detective that Hogarth was not her lawyer, claiming to not know who she even was.[5]

Defending Jessica Jones


Hogarth debates against Samantha Reyes

"I will have more than enough testimony to convince a jury that this man forced Jessica to snap his own neck."
"That's your defense? He committed suicide?"
"Guilt, the guilt was unbearable. He couldn't live with all the pain that he had caused. Either way, Jessica did not have a choice."
―Jeri Hogarth and Samantha Reyes[src]

Soon Jessica Jones caught up with Kilgrave and managed to break his neck during their final fight. Hogarth acted as Jones' lawyer and defender her against Samantha Reyes, who argued that Jones had murdered Kilgrave in cold blood. Hogarth, however, was able to convince Reyes that Kilgrave forced Jones to break his own next due to the guilt he had felt about the many crimes he had committed. Additionally, she reminded that several police officers opened fire on Jones without jurisdiction. Reyes relented and Hogarth won the case to protect Jones.[12]

Hiring Foggy Nelson


Hogarth has a meeting with Foggy Nelson

"My firm is going to need a very resourceful attorney, someone like you, who's not afraid to take on riskier, non-traditional cases."
"Cases involving vigilantes?"
"Let's call them people with complexities."
―Jeri Hogarth and Foggy Nelson[src]

Marci Stahl recommended Hogarth Foggy Nelson as a valuable attorney to recruit when his firm, Nelson and Murdock, collapsed after losing the highly publicized Frank Castle's trial. Hogarth approached Nelson, offering him a position in the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, stating that his "out-of-the-box" thinking would be a great asset for the firm, believing that the New York City will see more cases involving "vigilantes" and will need people as bold as Nelson to pursue those cases. Nelson gladly accepted the job once Hogarth showed him his fee.[13]

Danny Rand's Return

Unexpected Meeting

"We need to dig up every shred of physical evidence we can find to prove your identity."
"Was I wrong? To turn down $100 million?"
"It may have been the smartest thing you did, other than coming to me. You are worth billions, Danny. Not millions."
―Jeri Hogarth and Danny Rand[src]

Outside Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office, Hogarth was leaving her firm when a man approached her. Hogarth turned around and threatened to spray the man with pepper spray. The man tried to convince Hogarth that he was Danny Rand, her childhood friend who had apparently died 15 years earlier. He called her by a nickname that he gave her, J-Money. Hogarth is hesitant to believe Rand but he continued by trying to go into more details about their past while at Rand Enterprises. Slowly convinced, Hogarth asked Rand a few personal questions. When Rand managed to answer all of them correctly which managed to convinced Hogarth much to her surprise and joy.

Afterward, they went to the park to continue their talk. Hogarth explained that she had been handling their estate ever since the accident and took care of the Rand Memorial. Rand thanked Hogarth for her help, to which she said it was a small matter since she was grateful for Wendell Rand for giving her first job. She explained that she had a complicated relationship with Ward Meachum. Hogarth told Rand that they needed to find every possible evidence in order to prove his identity. When Rand asked how much it will cost for Hogarth's service, she gently replied that he didn't need to pay her service beside making sure that her firm will be a permanent retainer for Rand Enterprises. Hogarth offered Rand a suite to stay in, to keep a low profile, and some money to buy new clothes before leaving.[2]

Proving Rand's Identity


Hogarth and Danny Rand standing together

"We are still insisting on the full rights guaranteed as the sole heir of Rand, which includes a controlling fifty-one percent board seat and compensation, but we are now also adding a corner office, support staff, and housing allowance in the amount of one million per year."
"Your sense of humor has always been your best attribute."
―Jeri Hogarth and Ward Meachum[src]

Next morning, Hogarth met up with Danny Rand, and she informed Rand that his case turned out to be a challenge since there was no evidence about him. Hogarth suspected Joy and Ward Meachum to be behind it. She warned that if they have no definitive proof, they will lose their case. When kids passed by riding skateboards, Rand remembered a time where he was injured using a skateboard and informed Hogarth that there should be medical records and left to retrieve them.

Danny Hogarth

Hogarth legally representing Danny Rand

Hogarth and Rand met with the Meachums and the Board of Rand Enterprises. The pair managed to prove their case by showing a clay bowl that Rand once made with a fingerprint in the clay that was the exact same match as Rand's. Now with undeniable proof about Rand's identity, there was nothing else to discuss. Ward, however, threatened to bury them with motions, delays, discoveries, and depositions in order to delay Rand for ten years. Hogarth replied that they will see them in court. As Rand and Hogarth headed for the elevator, Rand saw his father's and Harold Meachum's pictures. He thanked Hogarth for her help and excused himself.[2]

After Harold Meachum insisted Rand take his rightful place in the company, Hogarth was present at the press conference announcing Rand's return, and later Hogarth was Rand's first appointment of the day. She walked him into his new office which had previously been his father's. Rand looked around the office and remembered the time he used to be there. He even found the stickers that he put under his father's old desk. Hogarth gave Rand several documents to sign, and as Rand signed the papers, he asked what his job in the company was. Hogarth explained that while he didn't have an actual position, Rand had the strongest voice on the board due to his 51% share of the company. She further clarified that Rand had access to many places in the building due to his status. Before leaving, Hogarth advised Rand to ease into things and that he had an extraordinary opportunity that shouldn't be wasted.[14]

Help for Framed Rand

"Heard anything else?"
"Yeah, I just I just got off the phone with the Agent in Charge of the New York DEA. In light of the fact that you were set up and are going to be making a very generous contribution to the DEA's Widows' and Children's Fund, they are dropping all the charges, including the assault against their officers. Congratulations."
"Now what?"
"Don't know. Up to you. You are a free man."
Danny Rand and Jeri Hogarth[src]

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Caring for Jones

"Now you and I never had this conversation, but the second she gets herself into trouble, priority one is keeping that trouble very far away from us."
"Okay. So... Sorry, just to be clear this is all just in case? She's not in trouble now?"
"I wish. With Jessica, it's just a matter of time."
―Jeri Hogarth and Foggy Nelson[src]

Having heard that she had found explosives in John Raymond's apartment, Hogarth approached Jessica Jones while the latter was searching after a mysterious corporation. Hogarth warned her to stop her investigation since the FBI and Homeland Security were involved in this case, expressing her fears that Jones might get hurt in the chase after Raymond. Jones asked her if she really cared for her or maybe for herself. Hogarth tried again to make her quit the case by telling her she had saved lives by revealing the explosives, but it did not help and Jones ignored her and left.

To ensure Jones would be out of trouble, Hogarth spoke with Foggy Nelson and told him to make sure Jones' problems would be away from Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz. Eventually, Jones was arrested by Detective Misty Knight, so as requested, Nelson had his former partner, Matt Murdock, to serve as her lawyer.[15]

Life Changes

"I have ALS. It's a progressive neuro-degenerative disease."
"I know."
"It gives my partners cause to invoke a medical disclosure clause. I'm not even showing symptoms. A cramp here or there. It's more annoying than anything. It could take eight years to kill me. Or two. No one knows."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

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Hogarth v. Chao and Benowitz

"I need your help."
"Finding leverage against my partners to prevent them pushing me out of the firm."
―Jeri Hogarth and Jessica Jones[src]

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Hiring Turk Barrett

"If it's untraceable, my hands are immaculate."
"Scrubbing 'em clean is what I do."
"You want to trade again or you want cash?"
"Trade. Have a feeling you might be right. I'm gonna be needing you again someday."
―Jeri Hogarth and Turk Barrett[src]

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Inez vs. Ryback

"He's a con artist. You were homeless, while he was using women to build his nest egg."
"No. It's not like that. He needs me."
"He needs someone damaged and desperate enough to manipulate. After all the shit you've been through at IGH and on the street... He used it to whore you out to me."
―Jeri Hogarth and Inez Green[src]

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Establishing A New Firm

"What do you want?"
"That generous severance? Double it."
"And you'll destroy this tape?"
"I'll keep it to myself. I will leave today along with all my clients, including Rand."
"That's half our billable hours!"
"Sixty-two percent, actually. You'll bounce back someday."
Steven Benowitz and Jeri Hogarth[src]

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"It's ironic, isn't it? I've spent my whole life amassing this power and control, thinking somehow it would protect me.

If I believed in God, I'd say her sense of humor is for shit."

―Jeri Hogarth to Jessica Jones[src]
What If... Coulson
"This is not okay!"
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Cold, ruthless, and seemingly amoral, Hogarth excels at manipulation. At the same time, however, Hogarth seems to know her own limits, prioritizing "winning" over idealism, in sharp contrast with the lawyers of Nelson and Murdock, for example. As such, she is susceptible to manipulation, as when she accepts Kilgrave's offer of an easy triumph over the issues in her divorce with Wendy Ross-Hogarth, on whom she cheated with her younger secretary, Pam. Hogarth's only loyalty is to herself and her own success; even after Pam saves Hogarth from Ross-Hogarth's attempt at murder, while under the control of Kilgrave, Hogarth disavows all responsibility for the violence at Ross-Hogarth's house, betraying Pam even as Hogarth attempts to act as her attorney.


"I am the best lawyer you can't afford. I win. That's what I do."
―Jeri Hogarth to Shane Ryback[src]
  • Expert Lawyer: Hogarth established the law firm Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz and specializes in criminal law, never losing a case. She has the ability to analyze how a jury will think and manipulate circumstances to her favor, exemplified by when she used Trish Walker to change public opinion on the possible existence of mind controllers. When focused, Jeri can negotiate to make other litigators settle out of court, thus continuing her reputed winning streak. However, since that is not her specialty, she allowed an attorney to handle her divorce proceedings. Nevertheless, Hogarth continued to work cases to her own benefit, including lessening Shane Ryback's sentencing and allowing him freedom from prison.


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  • In the comics, Jeryn Hogarth is a businessman who worked with the billionaire Wendell Rand and became a trusted ally of his son, Danny Rand.
  • She is the first lesbian character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • She is the first character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, with the second being the Ancient One, the third being Ghost, the fourth being Mar-Vell, and the fifth being Morgan Stark.

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