"You coward! They attack us with bows and arrows while we wield the weapons of gods!"

Doctor Jensen is a scientist who works for HYDRA.


"Impossible. I had greater power than all of you."
―Jensen to the Avengers[src]

Jensen was stationed at HYDRA base near Port Sudan in order to study Chitauri technology left behind during the Battle of New York. Jensen managed to make a breakthrough in her experiments, informing their superiors to visit the base and check it for themselves. Black Widow managed to discover the location of the base by following Jensen's superiors at Khartoum, and asked the rest of the Avengers to join her and defeat Jensen's troops. Under Jensen's orders, her HYDRA soldiers attacked the Avengers' Quinjet, but despite using Chitauri weapons, the Avengers managed to break through HYDRA's soldiers.

Jensen HYDRA

Jensen did not follow one of her soldier's advice to flee, choosing to stay and fight the Avengers, believing the weapons of the gods they were wielding were going to defeat the Avengers. Jensen was able to shoot Iron Man, Hulk and Thor with a weapon she took from one of the defeated soldiers.

Jensen was confident in her victory, insulting the Avengers for believing they were a match for power of HYDRA, but Hawkeye managed to ambush her, shooting an arrow to the back of her weapon and making it explode. Jensen did not understand why she was beaten because she had more power than all of them, though Barton believed the most important thing to have in the battlefield was friends.[1]





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