"Ellison? Listen, don't give the front page to Karen. I've got a hell of a story for tomorrow."
―Jennifer Many to Mitchell Ellison[src]

Jennifer Many is a news reporter from New York Bulletin whom agrees to an interview with Ward Meachum about the reappearance of Danny Rand and his migration into Rand Enterprises.


"Contact that reporter, Jennifer Many. Tell her I will answer all of her questions tonight in my office."
Ward Meachum to Megan[src]

After news of Danny Rand's return to New York City and swift move into Rand Enterprises, Many accepted an interview with Ward Meachum. The two drank and spoke about Rand's affairs inside the business since receiving a position. She is informed that Rand had managed to alter one business deal that would have given the Enterprise thousands of dollars. Before Meachum could continue, Many received a call and had to leave, saying she had an early morning report due.

The following day the New York Bulletin has an article written by her called ‘’Daniel Rand, Corporate Hero’’, about Rand's choice to have the leishmaniasis cure drug sold at cost. Unbeknownst to her this had been part of the Meachum's plan in order to get good press for Rand.[1]




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