"I have two kids, Miss Page, and they're all that matter to me now. If you have anyone you that care about... let it go."
―Jennifer Fisher to Karen Page[src]

Jennifer Fisher is the widow of the late Union Allied Construction employee Daniel Fisher.


She was married to Daniel Fisher and together they had two children. Daniel told her that he felt there was not something right with the numbers at his workplace in Union Allied Construction. Jennifer told him he had an obligation to do something about it if he felt something was wrong. Daniel was later murdered in Karen Page's Apartment.

She was approached by Union Allied who offered her a large sum of money if she agreed never to speak of the issues surrounding Daniel's death and she accepted to support her two children.

She was later approached by Karen Page who requested an ally when Union Allied offered her a similar deal, but Jennifer refused because she had already signed the papers. She told Page that if she has anyone she cares about she should let it go.[1]






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