"Don't be so hard on yourself. A little doubt is good for you."
―Jen to Karnak[src]

Jen is a marijuana-grower who formed a romantic bond with the Inhuman Karnak. This however caused a rift between Jen and her marijuana farming partners, even causing Reno to then attempt to assassinate both of them. Once Karnak and the Inhuman Royal Family had saved her life, Jen said her goodbyes to Karnak.


Growing Marijuana

"We've sunk all our money into this thing. It seemed like a great idea when we started, but he's worried it's all gonna blow up."
―Jen to Karnak[src]

Jen was recruited along with Ted by Reno to build a marijuana dealing business. Together, they established a farming camp on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and started growing crops they could sell to customers.[1]

Meeting Karnak

"You want my advice? You want to walk out of here, you got to start being less guarded about who you really are. Start with something easy. Like your tats."
―Jen to Karnak[src]

Jen learned about an intruder who had lost his way to the marijuana camp: Karnak, who had been captured and restrained by Reno. Jen disapproved with the capture of Karnak, fearing this was kidnapping, but Reno remained deaf to her protests. As they discussed what they ought to do with Karnak, both Jen and Ted were in favor of releasing him, but Reno preferred to kill him to make sure he would not report them to the authorities. When Karnak unsuccessfully kicked a table to make the cabin collapse, they took it for an angry outburst and Jen told Reno that Karnak might be upset by his plan.


Jen tends to Karnak's wounds

Since Karnak was wounded, Jen decided to tend to his wounds even though they had not decided what they should do with him. Jen asked Karnak where he got his tattoos in order to know more about himself. As Karnak feared that he was no use to his family since his powers were failing him, Jen tried to comfort him and told him that his family would always accept him. Nevertheless, Karnak requested to stay with Jen and the others at the camp.

Jen, Reno and Ted ultimately decided to vote on what to do with Karnak. Both Jen and Ted vote for releasing and keeping Karnak with them. Reno agreed to follow their choice, but warned Jen that he would watch over both her and Karnak.[1]

Bonding with Karnak


Karnak spend some time with Jen

"I want to be around you, like, all day."
"This despite the fact that you snore in your sleep. And the second toe on your left foot is crooked."
"Should've stopped with, "I want to be around you"."
Karnak and Jen[src]

Jen had Karnak see how the marijuana farm was organized and Karnak suggested some improvements in order to raise their yields. Jen and Karnak worked together for a while until Jen, needing a break and becoming fond of Karnak, took him to the beach so they could have some time alone. Despite Karnak's reluctance, Jen persuaded him to take off his clothes and join her into the sea. Once in the water, Jen kissed Karnak, much to his surprise.


Jen and Karnak become lovers

Jen and Karnak came back to the camp and Jen invited him to share her tent, where the two made love.[2]

Attacked by Reno

"Can't we just leave it in there till we get to a hospital?"
"Moving around with the metal inside will cause internal damage, and you'll die."
"Well, when you put it like that..."
―Jen and Karnak[src]

The morning after, as Jen and Karnak left the tent, they discovered that Reno intended to murder them. Karnak deflected the bullet when Reno shot at them, but Jen was wounded by a shard. While Reno kept shooting at them, Jen and Karnak ran into the forest. They found Ted' body, who had been assassinated by Reno as well, and managed to mislead Reno into another direction so they could escape.

Something Inhuman This Way Comes... 22

Karnak tends to Jen's wounds

However, due to her wounds, Jen briefly fainted. She regained consciousness, but she could barely walk and was forced to sit to get some rest. Karnak managed to ease her pain but warned her that she could not keep walking with the bullet in her body. Therefore, Karnak chose to remove the bullet himself. Jen told him that she trusted him and Karnak successfully extracted the bullet. After Karnak stiched the wound, they decided to return to the camp given that this would be the last place Reno would look for them.

Jen and Karnak made sure that the camp was empty before safely returning there. They noticed that someone had come to the camp in their absence, unaware that Reno had been killed by Tua and his traffickers, who were the one chasing them. When the traffickers returned, Jen and Karnak hid in the cabin, but Karnak instructed Jen to leave for her safety. Jen reluctantly agreed and left the camp, but remained close to it. When Karnak attacked the traffickers, Jen came back to assist him, threatening the criminals to burn down the crops. Karnak ordered her to do it and they both fled as the traffickers tried to save the crops. However, they were ultimately captured by Tua.[3]

Saying Goodbye

Something Inhuman This Way Comes... 17

Jen leaves Karnak

"You're sending me off before dawn's first light."
"It's not like that. We had a good time, but now we have to go our own ways. Sometimes, life is just like that."
Karnak and Jen[src]

Jen was tied up in the camp while Karnak was interrogated by Tua. As Tua threatened to torture and kill them both, Gorgon intervened and used his shockwave stomp to take down the traffickers. Gorgon released Jen and Karnak and they all fled in the forest. They were then joined by Black Bolt, Medusa and Louise Fisher, who had been searching for them thanks to Locus. As Karnak was reunited with his family, Jen decided to leave and find the police so she could properly heal her wounds. Although Karnak was saddened by her choice, Jen assured him that they had had a good time together but that they had no choice but parting ways, which Karnak reluctantly accepted. Therefore, Jen kissed Karnak goodbye and left.[3]


"You know that people who don't feel doubt are the scariest people on this planet, right?"
"Because doubt is our friend. It makes us question things, helps us find new solutions. Only crazy fanatics don't feel doubt."
―Jen and Karnak[src]

Despite taking part into illegal activities, Jen is not a real criminal and remains a benevolent young woman. As such, she strongly disapproved the capture of Karnak and was shocked when Reno suggested to kill him so he could not report them to the authorities. Instead, Jen showed immediate kindness to Karnak, cleaning his wounds and trying to know more about him. In the end, as the two became lovers, Jen comforted Karnak over his fear that his powers had faded and that he had lost the ability to move only if he was certain of the results. To Jen, those who never questioned themselves were dangerous and scary individuals. As a result, she convinced Karnak that doubting himself could be beneficial for him.

Although she had grown fond of Karnak, Jen remained aware that she could hardly have a regular relationship with him as he was in the end an extraterrestrial Inhuman. Therefore, and although she was saddened by this choice, she resolved to leave him after he reunited with his Inhuman Royal Family, calling it the only possible choice even if they had had a good time together.




  • Reno † - Colleague turned Attempted Killer
  • Tua † - Capturer


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