For the real LMD of Jemma Simmons, see Jemma Simmons

Jemma Simmons was an illusion of the original LMD of Jemma Simmons which was manifested from the Fear Dimension and tried to murder Yo-Yo Rodriguez before being destroyed by the real Jemma Simmons.


Realised Fear

Attack on Yo-Yo Rodriguez

An illusion of a LMD of Jemma Simmons was generated by the Fear Dimension out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents' minds. The illusion approached Yo-Yo Rodriguez, who was recovering in a bed after the surgery she had undergone following the loss of her arms. The illusion told that Alphonso Mackenzie, Rodriguez's boyfriend, had suffered enough and began smothering Rodriguez with a pillow.

However, Mackenzie arrived in the room and saw the illusion attempting to murder Rodriguez. He punched the android in the face, revealing its true nature. The real Jemma Simmons then joined the fight and shot the illusion, causing it to disappear.[1]




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