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"You don't remember Jazmine. How could you? She was fly. So damn fast. She used to drive Mama Mabel crazy with all her boyfriends."
Mariah Dillard[src]

Jazmine Stokes was one of the daughters of Mama Mabel Stokes and the mother of Cornell Stokes.


"Your junkie mama dropped you off at Mabel's and never looked back!"
Mariah Dillard to Cornell Stokes[src]
As a young woman, Jazmine often incurred the rage of her mother due to her numerous boyfriends. One day she started dating Malik, a Sugar Hill Records drummer, who was despised by Mama Mabel for his use of drugs. Eventually, the two conceived a son, Cornell.

However, as Malik died of a drug overdose, Jazmine decided she was not ready to be a mother, and left the baby in front of her mother's house before leaving the city.[1]




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