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"I grew up here. We had a good life before the neighborhood went down and I got myself put away. I left my son without a father. And this is what he does with his life. If I go back inside, it won't be long until he's sharin' a cell with me or worse."
―Jasper Evans[src]

Jasper Evans was a criminal who was hired by Wilson Fisk to participate in his plan to get out of Ryker's Island, which also allowed Evans to gain his freedom. However, Evans was later approached by Karen Page who had desired to use Evans' own confession to bring down Fisk's entire criminal empire. Although Evans agreed to help Page, before he could make a statement to the New York Bulletin, Fisk dispatched Benjamin Poindexter to then successfully assassinate Evans.


Early Life

"Locked up in '91 on a couple of murder two counts. Seems he walked into a convenience store, got talked to the wrong way, ended up shooting an honest cashier and a sweet old granny picking up her Sunday Powerball ticket."
Ray Nadeem[src]

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Hired by Fisk

"Fisk shanked Fisk. He bribed some lifer to stab him."
"He set the whole thing up?"
"The guy sliced him up just good enough to convince the feds."
"Of course. This guy, he's a lifer? If he was bribed, does that mean he's still alive?"
"Better than alive. Free."
Vic Jusufi and Matt Murdock[src]

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Behind the Scenes

  • Jake Eavey was a stunt double for Matt DeAngelis in the role of Jasper Evans.
  • Rapper Joe Budden was considered for the role of Jasper Evans. He spoke about it on his podcast and explained that he declined due to it not being big enough of a role.


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