"You may be the only person in this world grieving as hard as I am. Romeo's gone. Comanche's gone–"
"Don't use that name for my Darius."
Hernan Alvarez and Janis Jones[src]

Janis Jones is the mother of Darius Jones and a former friend to Hernan Alvarez.


In Mourning

"You've never been a good liar, Hernan, so don't tell me some bullshit about Darius being caught up with some sideways cop. He was a soldier, like his daddy. He'd never snitch. What happened last night?"
―Janis Jones to Hernan Alvarez[src]
Jones received a visit from her son's childhood friend Hernan Alvarez and was informed of Darius' death. She requested to know the truth from Alvarez who was interrupted with a phone call; afterwards, he left the apartment, gifting her some money as she wept at the table.[1]

During Alvarez's confession at the precinct, Jones heard as he admitted to being the killer of Darius. She entered the room and spat in his face before leaving without a word.[2]






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