"I'm still working on the cape."
"You got to get those wrinkles out in a few hours. I could literally be shaking hands with the Queen."
―Janice Lincoln and Quentin Beck[src]

Janice Lincoln is a former Stark Industries employee who left the company shortly after the death of Tony Stark. She decided to join Quentin Beck's Crew, helping in creating Mysterio and the Elementals as part of her Beck's plan to replace the deceased Stark as a hero.


Working for Stark Industries

Janice Lincoln used to work at Stark Industries, mainly as an engineer and scientist in the company, alongside Quentin Beck, William Ginter Riva, Victoria Snow and Gutes Guterman. She has often enjoyed working for the company, but shown hatred toward Tony Stark, due to his arrogance and his glory. Lincoln continued working in the company for years, until 2023, during which Stark died in the battle against Thanos.[1]

Working for Quentin Beck

"After Tony died, she was the one who discovered that E.D.I.T.H. was being handed over not to us, not to the Defense Department, but to a child."
Quentin Beck[src]

Shortly after Tony Stark's demise, Lincoln, as well as Riva, Snow and Guterman, decided to leave Stark Industries, and they went to work with Beck, helping him to create Mysterio and the Elementals to replace their deceased employer as the world's next greatest hero. Eventually, she created and developed the suit of Mysterio with Beck himself, working on it for one year before unleashing it in 2024 to allow Beck carrying out his plan.

Janice used her intelligence gathering skills to learn that Stark had left the highly powerful E.D.I.T.H. to Peter Parker, and she reported this to Beck. When Beck's plan was revealed, Lincoln, similar to her colleagues, experienced wrathful life threats from Beck upon learning his plan was revealed.[1]

Later, during the Battle of London, Janice was envolved the process of ironing Beck's cape, since Beck claimed that he has to look presentable since he might end up shaking hands with Elizabeth II. When she finished, he went off to the upper walkway of the Tower Bridge to oversee the attack.[1]


  • Master Engineer: Lincoln has uncanny skills in technology and engineering, which allowed her to assist Quentin Beck in creating Mysterio Suit.






  • In the comics, Janice Lincoln is the daughter of Tombstone, and the third person to take up the mantle of the Beetle. She was a member of the seventh incarnation of the Sinister Six, which only contained five members.



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