"Izzy's sister, Jane. Her favorite person in the world. After me, of course."
Lance Hunter to Skye[src]

Jane Hartley is the sister of Isabelle Hartley.


"Those two, when they got together, there was a lot of laughs. And bottles of wine. Izzy was good when it came to family. Which is why I'm taking this. It belonged to her mum. Died of breast cancer about five years back. Jane has it now, too."
Lance Hunter to Skye[src]
Izzy and Jane

Jane together with her sister, Isabelle

Jane was very close to her sister, Isabelle Hartley. They were also close friends of Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse. Their mother died of breast cancer, which Jane herself later contracted.

Following Isabelle's death at the hands of Carl Creel, Hunter made a deal with Glenn Talbot to ensure that she would get a proper burial and avoid having her reputation sullied, as well as two million dollars which he gave to Jane as compensation. Jane attended her sister's funeral and Hunter returned their mother's necklace to her.[1]





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