Jane was a newly turned Inhuman who lived in Hawaii and went through Terrigenesis during the Inhuman Outbreak. While on the run from a group of military troops, she met Triton who attempted to save her. Just before Triton could take her to Attilan, she was suddenly shot from behind and seemingly killed by Hunter One.


Hunted Inhuman

Triton's Rescue Attempt

"Who are you?"
"My name's Triton, I've been looking for you. You're one of us."
"What are we?"
"We are Inhumans. I don't fully know why this has happened. You've been exposed to terrigen."
―Jane and Triton[src]

Jane and Triton attempt to make their escape

Jane underwent Terrigenesis, emerging from her cocoon with enhanced senses. Her status as an Inhuman made her a target of Maximus Boltagon. He secretly ordered members of the Attilan Royal Guard to hunt down and kill any Inhumans on Earth, Jane included. While on the run from the Attilan Royal Guard, Jane encountered Triton, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family who was sent to Earth to find and save any Inhumans born on Earth. He explained her status as an Inhuman, offering her a chance to find sanctuary at Attilan. Before he could summon Lockjaw and rescue her, the Attilan Royal Guard found the two. Jane and Triton fled the scene, with a scared Jane separating from Triton in the ensuing chase. She was suddenly shot from behind and presumedly killed by Hunter One.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Jane is an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential after undergoing Terrigenesis and gained superhuman powers.

Jane's vision

Jane's vision

  • Enhanced Senses: Jane's senses are enhanced, allowing her to detect the presences of other beings like the Attilan Royal Guard.
    • Enhanced Vision: Jane's eyesight is wider than a normal human's, signified by her golden eyes. She can extend her vision further than a normal human's and detect minor details.